How is everyone?  I got your letter today.  As far as letters go you can send whatever you have crazy or not.

I guess when it comes to the pictures you guys have if you would like you can put up to 20 in one envelope at a time to me.  For Hell, you guys are the only ones who send me letters or pictures.  Feel free to give these guys my info so you don need to worry about sending all these letters they can send it right to me.

Hey, tell D.S. I need to speak to her about this dream she had.  I guess you could say a name she said kinda jumped out at me.  But I will write her a letter as well.

Oh someone made a comment in a letter back when you guys went insane.  You still are insane (LOL)  How is Minh?  Is she still seeing someone?

When I get out of the halfway house I wouldn’t be able to stay with Brent for he has his daughter and if I can maybe mom and Cherokee.  I guess you could say we will see.

I guess you could say it is cool to hear from you guys again.  I guess you could ask Darkstar this for me, for I know I will never hear from her because of Mark.

So I try to  call you guys at least once a day but get nothing from you.  Is there a number you guys can recieve texts at or an email address where I could send emails or text it?  I ask this so that I can write you guys if I need to.  But I will close, so yes I want to get this in the mail.

Love, Father Joel


Write Joel via: Joel Dudley Register Number 07499-036                                                    Federal Correctional Institute – P.O. Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963