Hello  Circles,

How is everyone doing?  So did everyone have a good Thanksgiving?  We had a pretty good feast.  Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way,  Christmas and New Years is coming up, so get your shopping done early this year.

Well, last Monday I got my books that I ordered from the Bargain Books catalog, all four books from the Forgotten Realms Sundering series.  I got the sixth book from the Books and Things catalog.  Would’ve gotten more from them but with each book you do buy, the shipping fee goes up and up; with Bargain Books it stays a constant $3.50.  Just need one more book to complete the series and I’ll have to get that one from Books and Things.  Got a copy of the New Arrivals Bargain Books catalog a few days ago, looking through the graphic novels they have.  I will probably get some of those after Christmas.  They have a couple called “Superior Spiderman” with Otto Octavius as Peter Parker.  Doctor Octavius used to be a villian called “Dr. Octopus” now he’s impersonating Peter Parker?  Last time I knew, I was reading an interview in Playboy with Stan Lee that Dr. Octopus killed Peter Parker, now he’s impersonating him?  I am rather  confused.  Guess I will have to find out and buy the Marvel Encyclopedia, the Definative Guide to the Charactars of the Marvel Universe.  Course, the X-Men and Avengers have changed a bit too.  Have you guys been reading any comics whatsoever?

I have a few ideas for my campain world.  One is a Spring-heeled Jack-type of character You guys might want to look him up on the internet.  He used to terrorize Victorian London and he used to jump around a lot and a few people claimed that he breathed fire into their faces.  The other idea involves a book called “The Haunting of Asylum 49: Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors and the Secret of Room 666” by R. Estepa and C. Anderson sounds like something that you guys might want to read.  That hospital is supposed to have a maze in it which is home to an entity known as “the Guardian.” It is supposed to be rather malicious.  The place is considered to be one of the world’s most haunted hospitals.

Now, do any of the  gamers out there have any gaming magazines like “the Dragon,” “Dungeon,” or any other miscellaneous magazines and if they do would they be willing to send me photocopies of certain articles to me?  I am looking for the following things:

  • Dragon #89:  Creature Catalog – Six Very Special Shields
  • Dragon #163:  Hedge Wizards

Also looking for certain articles in Gygax Magazine, The Crusader, Star Wars Gamer, Level Up Magazine, and Kobold Quarterly.

Well, gotta go and watch “the Walking Dead.”  Good night.

Kenneth McDonald

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