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With Robin Rage on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Justin Rowell-Savage on lead and backing vocals (ie, Hannibal Lector,) Matt Moscillo on drums and backing vocals (“I’m not that hungry, Mrs. Steele!”) Tim “Quiet Thunder” Hawkins on bass.  Produced and recorded by Jim Svensen and, a non-profit which records incarcerated musicians.

Thanks, Jim.





Write to Arline via:

Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057

17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, ME 04062








Write to Danny via:

Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune, MDOC #86753

– 807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

I need to find a darkened corner,

A boundless corner,

Where I feel safe.

Where I’ll feel warmer.


I’m crawling away.

Away from the hate, away from the storm.

I’m running away.

Away from the pain, away from the rage.

I’m flying away.

Away from the games, away from the dark,

The circumstances of a world so cold.

– Ember McLain


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Sometimes sitting and writing for a blog can be stressful I’ve tried to remain on target as much as I can. Sometimes my point of view may be way off, but I do care? NO! The corruption, and bull shit at MCC must stop! This so-called correctional facility is a joke! To say the least. Being in corrections for years has taught me nothing! My co workers sometimes piss off inmates for no reason, just to get a kick out of it. The administration is diving the place into the abyss, at one time in the past this place once showed compassion for it’s inmates, we corrected behavior, now its just a sit and wait for them to fuck up. Most interactions between staff and inmates are negative nature, so naturally staff and inmate animosity is on the rise and moral for both is down. MCC does have policies and procedures but are only followed when my bosses see fit. I joined corrections to help people not baby sit! There are a lot of fine gentlemen in this facility but many people are hopeless, programs are lacking, and there’s no positives for many of these inmates to look forward to. The administration keeps cutting services for inmates, they’ve cut commissary and it will soon be privatized. The kitchen will soon be next and why? Because the man in charge of those departments doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. He should be terminated and replaced by someone who will do the job! Industries will be and some have already had their coffee taken away, those gentlemen who work hard for either free (school, laundry, grounds crews, ect.) Deserve it, for they earn nothing. Garments, upholstery, woodshop, etc work hard and make pennies on the dollar. This place is turning into a major disappointment, to the MDOC and itself. It’s shameful that the inmates have to suffer being away from their loved ones and are subjected to such pathetic treatment. Wake Up Commissioner Ponte, these inmates are just as human as you and I! Pull your head out of your ass and realize that! Lets make cuts across the board not just burden the inmates. We do nothing to help than better themselves.


Bob Hopeful



Hey, true believers: as I let Kenny know, I’m not going to be able to send him any of these books anytime in the near future.  If anyone out there would like to help him out, contact the website listed above, and have the book delivered to Kenny at the address below. Thanks for your support.

– Robin Rage


Kenneth McDonald

Write to Kenny via:

Maine State Prison – Kenneth McDonald – MDOC #114428

807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600




LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Write to Arline via:

Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057

17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04062

















cci11042018_0017-e1544082003955.jpg~ Rudyard Kipling

As I am,



Write to Danny via: Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune,          MDOC #86753 – 807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

When passions are lost

And all my trust is gone

For way too far

For way too long

Then children are crying

They’re cast out and neglected

But only in a world so cold

Only in a world this cold


I tried to hold the hand of my best friend and look into his eyes,

Then watch him drift away

Some might say I’ve done the wrong thing

For way too long

For way too long

Their burning whispers remind me of the days  when I was left alone

In a world so cold


I’m guilty of the same thing

My child’s been left alone

Only in a world this cold

Only in a world this cold


Why does everyone feel like my enemy?

I’ve had enough depression and darkness

I want apart

I’m sick and tired

Bring the sun.

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Write to Dirty via:

Maine State Prison – Michael McQuade – MDOC #82448

807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

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