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Hey, Circle,

Well, it looks like we’re going to have a  pretty good winter after all.  Getting lots of snow now.  Haven’t seen any yeti running around, although some of the guys are large enough to qualify as yeti.  I guess we are going to get more snow this Wednesday and Thursday.  My New Years is going good.  Heck, no, I wouldn’t mind if anyone out there wanted to write me.

My sister is doing qiuite well.

Good night.

Kenneth McDonald



Well, I thought I would send you a new idea for Dungeons and Dragons.  It’s a dwarven race called “the Overdwarves.”

Going to be watching the Superbowl this afternoon.  Hope New England does win.

So how are things going with you guys?  I am still in contact with my sister and she and her husband are doing well, although their dog has diabetes and has to take medication for it.  Brady the labradoodle turned twelve years old this year.

So how are the cats anyway?  Do they try to wake Rage up at three in the morning?

Yes, the Patriots won.

Good night.

Kenneth McDonald


Hey, it’s great to hear from you.  Yes, I have seen the Watchmen recently and I still remember the owl.  Yes, I am getting some sun and what I miss most about the outside is surfing on the internet.  I could go for hours looking up various stuff on their land.  I miss comic books, too, although I do have a book and things catalog and they do have graphic novels from both marvel and DC comics and I may get some of them  As for Judges guild being still around you could always check the internet.  If you are looking for any of the old gaming material or brand new stuff you can always checkout a game store  on the internet.  The old stuff can be pretty cheap[.  It has just about everything except the kitchen sink.  Noble Knight Games.

Let’s see, Danny (Fortune) is doing alright.  As for my birthday, I’ll just be chilling out.  Right now, I’m watching family guy and they are playing a song called “She’s Just a Devil Woman.”  Who sang that song anyways?  Well good night and have fun.

Kenneth McDonald

(also known as Malibu Owl.)


Hey, Circle, so how’s it going? What did you guys do memorial weekend? Did you have a good day? I haven’t actually written any poems in a long time.

Have you guys managed to get a Dungeons and Dragons game going yet? As for the weather, I guess it’s going to be warming up.

Well, this June 18th, I shall be tuning fifty years old; I don’t really feel that old. Does tuening fifty mean that I’m a half century old? Did you ever get a hold of a copy of the Golem Plate Spell form the dragonsfoot website, along with a few other spells?

Well, goodnight, and I hope that you guys have a great summer. Don’t get sunburned too much.

Kenneth McDonald

Hello, Rage.

So, how are you doing?  How are the cats?  Meow.  Say hello to them for me.  The idea about publishing gaming material sounds pretty good to me.  I’m thinking tha I should get my stuff published by a company called Kenzer and Company.  They publish fantasy games like “Hackmaster” and “Kingdoms of Kalamar,” a western game called “Aces and Eights,” “Shattered Frontiers,” various roleplay resources and a comic called “Knights of the Dinner Table that is also part magazine for gamers and an e-zine called “Hack Journal.”  I could send my gaming stuff in and when they publish it, they’ll send me the money (checks sometimes take 10-15 days to clear.  Maybe you could put some of my stuff on the blog, or start a new gaming blog.  You could check to see if Wizards of the Coast still publishes Gygax Magaizine, a company called “Open Design” was publishing “Kobold Quarterly” and you could check to see if Goodman Games is still publishing “Level Up” magazine.  I have some ideas that I’ll be sending you guys.

Kenneth McDonald


Hello Rage,

So how is everything going?  Haven’t heard from you in a while.. you alright?

Here it is, the beginning of May and I am seeing green grass, Robins and other birds.  Lots of worms crawling around when it’s wet.  So what have you guys been watching on t.v.?  Have you been watching the flash, the Arrow, Supergirl and Fear the Walking Dead?  They are all good shows.  So have you been to any gaming conventions yet?

Well, good night, Rage.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Kenneth McDonald


Hey, what’s up?

How are things going, anyway?  Thanks for the postcard of the Old Port.  Looking at it makes me wonder if the place is haunted or not.  It would be pretty cool if it was.

So what’s going on with the game?  Have you guys had time to play it lately?  I’m still working on a few gaming ideas here and there, will be sending you a few new things, sometime near the end of the month.

Well, I guess the winter is finally over, no more snow, I guess.  The weather is kind of nice out.  Well, on June 18th of this year, I will be tuning fifty.   Well, this afternoon, I’m watching a vampire movie called “Queen of the Damned.”

Hoped to hear from you guys soon.

Kenneth McDonald


Well, Happy January.  Have you had a good January?  Last night, for chow, we had ha and potatoes, breen beans, candied sweet potatoes, apple crisp and icecream.  Plus chocolate milk.  A good meal.

It’s 2016 now.  Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?  Have you been to L.L. Beans, yet?

As for Tor Strawbetty, I inform him that he is in luck.  I am to be meeting a group of dwarven windthrowers that have a ship that can get him where he needs to go; they are delivering me a couple of crates of Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale and afterwards they are heading to the moon.  They weill take Tor as a passenger.  As for climbing the mountain, there is a small outpost near the mountain called the “Aerie” that belongs to the Shi’ar; they can get him where he wants to go.

Well, it looks like the country’s gotten a lot of snow.  Well, good night and stay healthy.

Kenneth McDonald

(Editors Note: “As for Tor Strawberry…” Kenneth plays long-distance Dungeons and Dragons with a group in southern Maine.)



Well, Rage,

I’m glad that you are feeling better.  Be careful and wear lots of warm clothing this winter.  Did you get a flu shot yet?  At the very least keep some tea and honey on hand in cse you get sick again.  It’s too bad you got evicted, at least you will be in Freeport, the home of L.L. Bean, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Heck, you could go shop there at two or three in the morning.  All they did for us on Christmas was at chow they gave us some cake with orange frosting.

So, you named one of your cats after a crazy old woman in an old wedding dress?  Yes, Rage, I remember reading “Great Expectations” years ago and remember that character.  Which fictional character did you name the other cat after?  Well, next month is going to be Valentine’s day.  Do you have any plans for that day?  Hope you’ve got a nice place to stay in Freeport.  You know, I ust remembered a gaming company called “Green Ronin Publishing,” published a gaming book called “Freeport, City of Adventure.”  You might want to check that out.  Well, here it is, the new year and no snow, darn it.  It must be driving the skiers, snowboarders and snowplows crazy.

Kenneth McDonald


Well, Rage, here it is.

Well, I was in the library this Monday afternoon and read the Quoddy Tides Newspaper.  It seems that Eastport, Maine is having it’s 10th annual [irate festival .  Plus, this weekend they are having a salmon and seafood festival.  Have you ever been to either one?  They sound pretty fun.  During the pirate festival in Eastport, the Chowder House is having a Pirate Ball and a Scalawags and Wenches party.  Sounds very cool.  You know what?  I am  seriously thinking of moving up  to Eastport after I get out of here.  It does seem a rather interesting place to live.  Even if they did get ten inches of snow last year.

Got a letter from my sister this evening; she’s doing well, although she had to share the cucumbers and squash with three ravens. Have you ever heard of ravens going after vegetables?

I made another (Dungeons and Dragons) dungeon for you.  It’s a two level abandoned dwarf stronghold

Well, I have to wrap this up.  Peace be with you, Rage.

Kenneth McDonald



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