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How is everyone?

I guess you could say I have had a lot going on for the past few days but of course you could say I will make it for I have a lot more good going on.  As I said it is nice to hear from you guys.  I have tomorrow off but I was asked if I could come in for just a few hours.

Sorry for printing but my wrist is really killing me lately.  I guess you could say I will need to wear my brace here soon if I want to get better.  Fuck, it takes so much time when it comes to printing out letters.

I wish they would turn down the hear here for it feels as if it is set on 100 degrees but I guess my fan will come in handy for the time being.  I will write some  more later, for I should head for bed for 4:00am comes early and here it is 11:30pm.  I will be out of work at 11am but before I can get back to writing I have a few appointments I need to get done, but always keep in mind that I love and miss everyone.

I guess I close in saying this:  always keep in mind in all you do praise the Lord, give God the glory and worship.  God will bless you and help you.

In the name of God,

Bishop Joel Dudley

Christ Mission Prison Outreach Program


Write to Joel via:

FCI Otisville – Joel Dudley, Reg. #07499-036 – PO Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963
















Image: Danny and Samantha at the Gardiner High School Prom, way back.

Contact Danny via: Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune, #86753 – 807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Editor’s note:  All of the prisoners featured in our blog will one day be free.  Daniel Fortune (a Haitian-American) was convicted of a home invasion (of a white, former state legislator) during which his co-conspirator committed some very bad violence, but no deaths.  Danny is serving two concurrent life sentences.  His co-conspirator (who talked) got 50.  All of the other murderers (a couple rather grotty) will be free while Danny is earning his 17th PhD. 


Danny Fortune is a good man.  And prisons are businesses.  And there’s something wrong here.  Isn’t there? – Robin Rage




Image: Arline Lawless, Halloween 2018

Write Arline via: Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless, MDOC #60057 – 17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04062






Write to Dirty via:

Maine State Prison – Michael McQuade, MDOC #82448 – 807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Circles and Citizens,

How is everyone?  I guess you could say I am doing good.  I just wish April would get here already but of course it will get here soon.  I would say if some of you could be in Portland on April 10th that would be cool for yes, I would love to see some of my friends when I get off the bus.

I had a friend send D.S. an email, but of course I was told she asked as if she didn’t know who I was but I guess I should have known (LOL.)

As you can see, I enclosed a letter to Arline (Lawless.) Keep in mind to send it as “Homer Noodleman”  I just hope it goes through, but of course who knows.  I hope I can work it all out once I get out of the half-way house.

So how is my church going?  Is my congregation still holding “Love Feasts?”  Am I still “the Bishop.”

I guess I am going to say goodnight for now, and I am going to bed for as I have said before, long day at work tomorrow.  Keep in touch.  Whatever you guys – Cedra,  Amber, Fusion – do, you better not fall off the face of the Earth again.  You guys had me worried; you’re my only friends, at least the ones who have stood by me through this.

God bless,

Father Dudley


Write Joel via: Joel Dudley , #07499-036 – Federal Correctional Institution – P.O. Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963


Monmouth Death

Write Kenny via: Maine State Prison – Kenneth McDonald, MDOC #114427 –  516 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

There’s a heavy weight that becomes heavy in the silence.

It comes from the absence of me and the discernment from around the room.

Here it goes.  The pairing of new things together.

The matching game.

Coffee avalanche stare from a bleak overture of some sun in the face of a grandkid I maybe once had.

How you do.  And get through lovingly on the back of a female dragon.

Toothless bandit, holding air in his hands asking me, “What can I do?”

Lumberjack wack!

Well, I’ll be… you old drunk I love you, you cocksucking son of a bitch whore bastard.

As I am,

As I will be today

As I will live each day


– ~ G.Raff



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