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  1.  Sometimes I generalize, packing all staffers here at (MCC) in the same sardine can… Not fair, I know that… I find some staffers (including C.O.’s) very professional and pleasant! I thought I should note that fact. Even though they be of the P&P persuasion I would not chum with them or hold long conversations with them, but I spare them from my “wish they would die”

  2. Concerning my “wish they would die” list, I want to express in no uncertain terms, my list is not a bad thing, I am wishing that certain individuals have a chance to meet whatever God they serve (and soon) and for the unbeliever(s) on my list it is simply over, no more knowledge, just like there was no knowledge before life. Hey look at it this way if your on my WTWD list, you were likely a shit-bag to me, yet I wish the most for your visit to the afterlife… [I do not have a WTWD list (or do I?)]

  3. What causes that little old man with the cane from dorm 5 or 6 nose too run in such long and gooey strains? And why does he wipe it on his jean, walls, railings food serving station?

  4. Why does that one server in the chow hall always put the oatmeal in the center slot of the food tray? Does he not know that the God-damned oatmeal goes in the FRONT LEFT (circular) SLOT???

  5. I think the kitchen staff sometimes freezes the fresh fruit? One is never to freeze one’s fresh fruit, because if one does, he winds up with the nasty, wilted, squished fruit we often get.

  6. The Holy Roman (Catholic) Church declared years ago that the faithful no longer have to eat fish every Friday. If our meal planners happen to be Catholic, could some one pass along the above message to them? If the meal planners happen to be Jewish, perhaps the every Friday fish fest is payback for the Spanish Inquisition.

Bob Wire

Douglas Moore                    M.C.C.                         "Home"

“Home.” by Bob Wire

M.C.C. never ceases to amaze me, I found out that this afternoon they closed the rec yard for the men in minimum custody. The source stated that they couldn’t go outside because there was no staff to watch the yard. What the Fuck? Those inmates are minimum custody because they have proven them selves worth of it. The other minimum custody facilities in Maine (Charleston and Bolduc.) don’t have fences! With that said why should the minimum custody inmates at MCC be treated differently? It’s down right degrading to these inmates to be treated in such a fashion, compared to their fellow minimum inmates at other facilities.

Mr. Commissioner and Mr. Superintendent, just because were a couple incidents in the rec yard in 15 years and one being recently (which would have been avoided if the officer on duty would have done their job properly,) regardless of the fact, minimum inmates should be allowed to roam the rec yard with out supervision. My opinion, Mr. Commissioner, is do not allow classification to under-classify individuals with violent tendencies; just to move them out of the pods in a timely manner. (Something I’ve heard you have allowed.)


Mr. Bob Hopeful



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Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057

17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04062

I hate the way that I’ve been feeling with all of the mixture of feelings I have had running through me. So many were going through me I was totally overcome by anxiety. I hate that feeling. Like I am not in control.

Actually I used to feel like that every day, until Rabbi Levi made me feel like there was someone who gave a fuck. He actually stopped me from attempting something incredibly stupid again. I don’t know, I guess it just feels good having someone who cares. I don’t think I have ever really had that before. I mean other than Granny, Papa.

Then I started remembering when I was 14, wishing I could’ve gotten to say goodbye to my friend Henry, people feeling some type of way, feeling guilty about leaving my cat alone. Everyone being against me, tired of dark, want sunshine. Needing to find a corner to hide in where I can feel safe and warm. Running away from all of my memories and anger even though I have to get it all out. But I feel or felt like, what’s the point of doing this. It doesn’t matter because no one cares.

I know that I shouldn’t feel like this but I do sometimes.

– Ember

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Somethings in life stymy me, other things just baffle me, yet there are still other things that befuddle and perplex me beyond my means. One such item that has me befuddled, perplexed and more is: Why in God’s green earth is Maine Correctional Center straining for accreditation and what will that accreditation mean to the quality of life for the inmates? I mean is not like the inmates get a choice as to where they will serve their time; they can’t say “don’t send me to MCC” it’s not accredited! So will accreditation bring better treatment for the inmates? Will it provide better medical care? Will it provide even moderately adequate medical care? Better Food? Will accreditation provide foul weather gear/clothing? Will it weed out the C.O.’s who’s soul mission at MCC is to fuck with the inmates? Not because the inmates have done things wrong but solely for the CO’s entertainment? Will it keep commissary open? Will it put quality books in the library? Will the school department get more and better? Will inmates get better quality foods? Will they get foods C.O.’s and staffers get? If you haven’t figured it out yet. The answer to every question above is no… What accreditation will do is paint hand rails and remove trash and wash floors that’s it…

Bob Wire




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Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057

17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04052

With Robin Rage on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Justin Rowell-Savage on lead and backing vocals (ie, Hannibal Lector,) Matt Moscillo on drums and backing vocals (“I’m not that hungry, Mrs. Steele!”) Tim “Quiet Thunder” Hawkins on bass.  Produced and recorded by Jim Svensen and, a non-profit which records incarcerated musicians.

Thanks, Jim.


In the age of Fuck-Fuck corrections, one might wonder how anything gets done, any thing at all.  What is Fuck-Fuck corrections, you ask?  I’ll tell you what Fuck-Fuck corrections are.  Fuck-Fuck corrections is the act of making things look like they are making progress or improvement.  Fuck-Fuck corrections is: the shuffling of people here, moving them there, cutting fat here, stream-lining the system from top to bottom.  Now, Fuck-Fuck corrections might not be such a bad thing, except is is absolutely nothing more than the ILLUSION of progress.  In reality Fuck-Fuck corrections is nothing more than slight-of-hand with a marked deck of cards.  Fuck-Fuck corrections don’t make things better, they move one incompetent person after another into some new job, they don’t understand , nor could they accomplish it if they did understand it.

Maine Correctional Center (M.C.C.) has been going through it’s own phase of Fuck-Fuck corrections of late, C.O.’s sent here, C.O.’s sent there; back and forth and on and on and on and up and down and inside out and not a god-damn thing gets better!  Not one god-damn thing!  Same incompetent people performing someone else’s job or something like that.  DON’T BELIEVE ME?  Then tell me how a competent staff person, in a competently run facility could forget to process the paperwork, or forgets to pass it along to the right person for inmates getting out of jail.  YES!  In the last two months at M.C.C., the staff has FAILED to properly process or handle the paperwork of two inmates who had “done their time;”  HONEST.  How the hell does that happen?  How the hell can you let an inmate languish in anxiety to go home after he has served month after year in prison?  How the hell does that happen?  I’ll tell you how it happens:




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Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057
17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04062

Sometimes sitting and writing for a blog can be stressful I’ve tried to remain on target as much as I can. Sometimes my point of view may be way off, but I do care? NO! The corruption, and bull shit at MCC must stop! This so-called correctional facility is a joke! To say the least. Being in corrections for years has taught me nothing! My co workers sometimes piss off inmates for no reason, just to get a kick out of it. The administration is diving the place into the abyss, at one time in the past this place once showed compassion for it’s inmates, we corrected behavior, now its just a sit and wait for them to fuck up. Most interactions between staff and inmates are negative nature, so naturally staff and inmate animosity is on the rise and moral for both is down. MCC does have policies and procedures but are only followed when my bosses see fit. I joined corrections to help people not baby sit! There are a lot of fine gentlemen in this facility but many people are hopeless, programs are lacking, and there’s no positives for many of these inmates to look forward to. The administration keeps cutting services for inmates, they’ve cut commissary and it will soon be privatized. The kitchen will soon be next and why? Because the man in charge of those departments doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. He should be terminated and replaced by someone who will do the job! Industries will be and some have already had their coffee taken away, those gentlemen who work hard for either free (school, laundry, grounds crews, ect.) Deserve it, for they earn nothing. Garments, upholstery, woodshop, etc work hard and make pennies on the dollar. This place is turning into a major disappointment, to the MDOC and itself. It’s shameful that the inmates have to suffer being away from their loved ones and are subjected to such pathetic treatment. Wake Up Commissioner Ponte, these inmates are just as human as you and I! Pull your head out of your ass and realize that! Lets make cuts across the board not just burden the inmates. We do nothing to help than better themselves.


Bob Hopeful


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