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Thanks for getting right back to me.  It’s 6:12am and I’m waiting for count.  I just finished my readings that I do every morning: Daily Bread, Daily reflections, as Bill Sees It.  This morning there is a big book meeting that just started where an outsider comes in.

We don’t get the new catalog for the care package until the end of next month, and then I’d have to fill it out and Circle would have to call it in.  But, you guys would need a credit card.  But we do have a very good commissary.  And no, I don’t have any fines or restitution.

The reason why I didn’t want Kennebec County time is because the food was awful, the guards were cocky, the place was filthy.  As far as Pete , he’s go about a year and a half and he can retire.

I’m taking eight different classes.

Hey, you guys told me that Rage’s birthday was happening, but you didn’t say when.  I turned 54 in November.

If you don’t mind, could you guys send me some money for commissary, plus, we can smoke.  $5.84 for 1839s.  I have to bum cigarettes and it’s so hard to find one.

What ever happened to Isaac on Sunday mornings at WMPG?  You guys turned me on to him and he was great, but now he’s gone.


Miss Linda



I’m almost done this bid.  112 days left.

Boy, there’s a lot of bullying and saving seats in here.  It’s like kindergarten with these people.  I’m still going to meetings and groups.  I started a writing class; it’s alright.  A little boring.  The one I really enjoyed which we graduated from about two weeks ago was Houses of Healing, a very intense group where you try to find your inner self.  I’ve got about three more classes in Moving oOn, I’ll be graduating the GEAR group.  I’ve got about six more classes in codependency group.  “They” put me in the 18th, I’ll be starting “Seeking Safety”.  I’m in

Sarssm group untill May.  That’s a really good group about trauma.  I’ve got a really great sponsor; she’s got 35 years of sobriety.  She’s taking through this book called “the steps we took.”  She also comes in on Sundays and she’s taking everyone through the Big Book.  April 13th will be my big first year of Sobriety.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Miss Linda


I got written up, so I'[m now on cell restriction.  I had my D-board yesterday, and I got four days cell restriction, no loss of good time, plus, I can go to my groups, and meetings.  I got it for passing and recieving.

There’s nothing that i like about Augusta and Kennebec County Jail.  Officer Morrisette was my favorite officer.  All the other guards I really didn’t know.  They hired some.  Officer Cote was alright.  She did the female trustees.  She put me in laundry.  they were good to me when I got my good time.  I had five months in and they gave me 165 days.

I get out, I’m hoping, the first week of June.


Miss Linda

Today’s my birthday. I’m 32. Q.T. gave me an awesome card. Sux cause there’s a build-up before holiday events and then in a second they’re over and done with.

I’m in the gym right now; I’m pumping iron. Pushing my bench way up. Just took a minute to lay down and listen to CSN and reflect on life. My IOP lady is Sue. She’s written some unsavory things about me in my reviews which I didn’t appreciate.

I’ll expect the worse.

Things here are monotunis, chow, meds, chow, meds, chow, meds, bed. I box a couple days a weeks. I have yet to completely pic up jogging again. Maybe with the changing season. I love fall. Harvest time. Cooler outside. Smudged today. I love it. Beat a big drum last week, w/Jessie. Sux my Heritage has little to do with being Native to America. Maybe back when it was Pangoa. I’m english and Phillipono, ¼ to be exact. There is Indian’s tribal on that part. But it’s not American. I have been made fun of my whole life for how I look. Time to start embracing my Heritage. I’m not sub par, I’m above and beyond, anyway. I don’t fit in anywhere I guess. Good. Stealing cucumbers from our garden. To bad it’s consider stealing. Howe has done most of the work. I’m so scared of probation. I love pot to much. Sux. Hopefully, it all works out for the best.

Just cut up contraband veggie’s. Sad I have to hid out in the bathroom to do it. Like I’m shooting up or something a little Judas priest anyone. Awesome death metal, the bone, sun’s almost set. It’s 7:30, No more nite rec pretty soon. So A.A.’s been good. Couple of the guys from talk so that’s cool. So many movies I wanna see. So many times I wanna buy second hand at bull moose. Can’t wait to shop at Goodwill. Quarterroys and t-shirts. Good stuff.

“Freedom what will you make of it”

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. Aldous Huxley

All government are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed. I.F. Stone

Before the government tries to convict someone they try first to demonize him. Gerry Spence

The chickens are coming home to roost, Malcolm X

There’s some quotes. There’s many more in the book I’m reading, the Oklahoma City bombing and the politics of terror. Good read, it’s from the Portland Library to.

Went to A.A. Twice now. Got a white chip. Larry says I should not have there for some other purpose. Pissed me off. He always says “Drunk O Log” are a waste of time kind of undermining the outside speakers, whatever he’s Mr. A.A. So who am I.

Chadhad to go into the Children of the Corn chanting program (CRA) to get the door open for the meeting.  We tried to bring me,Chad,Wayneand longshoreman guy.  Like I knew, Mango flipped out and mad two of the dorm three lackeys go home.  I would like to keep going, but I have a hard time working with others, another thing I never learned in Kindergarten.  Jail, man.  This place is strange.  Thirty people in very close quarters.  Can only imagine what it used to be like.  A.A.’s moving forward, Rage-less.  One of the speakers said that Rage contacted them and that he’s alive and sober.  I got into an argument with this guy in my dorm who said that Rage only goes by “Robin”.  I don’t get along with him.

Maybe I’ll get my tarot card reading done.


In case you couldn’t guess by the writing tool and paper, I’m in seg.  It’s not bad, lots of time to think, which I found out, slowly drives me insane.  Not wanting to do a high-risk bid, if you know what I mean.  I just want, like an hour to get my pencil sharpened.  Having peanut butter as opposed to fish, this fine evening. Got a new crop of guys in here today, late teens.  Each one tougher than the last.  I spend a lot of time thinking about the outside, which I have no control over.  I have to learn to accept the things I cannot change.  I’ve never done that, and I need to learn to do it.


My release plan is as simple as I can make it (when I’m free).  A roof over my head.  Ride the bus, walk or ride my bike.  Find an AA group, a paying job, fill my off time volunteering or doing anything positive I can to keep me off the streets.  I can’t be left to my own devices.  I’d like to do substance abuse counseling and meds, but only time will tell.  They work best for the worst (me.)


I wish we do get this Project up and moving.  I’ll do what I can just let me know.





I think it was Chesterton who said he “never met a comma he could trust.” I say: “If you can’t write a comprehensive tome, peace-meal the shit out of it.” I have decided that because I can’t come up with a one-theme bitch. I would just write random thoughts about life here at MCC in general and things that irk, annoy and piss me off in particular. Like life itself, there is no particular Rhyme or Reason to the ordering or level of annoyance here in express; just random pissing & moaning.

1) The old bastard who lives in my room and feels the need to chew fucking hard candy at six in the morning! Really? He has to chew hard candy at six? Personally I would like to strangle him to death, but that could be perceived as a threat from me should it be found out that my name is not really Bob Wire! So, the best I can hope for is that he dies, yes dies! Preferably by choking to death! Which brings me to my next Bitch.

2) This is a bigger bitch than my first bitch and the bitch is this: that this facility has classes to help inmates relearn how to live outside the prison in the real world. Help inmates to live in the real world? Is anyone seeing what I see? The system would not have to teach inmates how to live on the outside, if they did not (by cruel intention) strip inmates of any sense of normalcy of outside life. Ok?! People have to be locked up (really?)! Why the fuck can’t the prison system work as society works but just separate from the outside? The fact is MCC uses Techniques & Designs that intentionally strip inmates of every sense of normal life, only to train them over so they won’t fail when they are released. They will fail or have often failed because the system really, really, really trains them to Fail.

3) The last bitch is really a philosophical query. The query is what is the goal or mission statement of a correction center? What does corrections mean? What is to be corrected? Behavior? Help inmates learn to do things different? Teach them not to get caught again? The reader of this last bitch may be thinking Bob Wire ( me) has lost his nut, it is simple really. Help people change!!! On the surface, the helping inmates change makes sense, but not at MCC… see, at MCC there are plenty of programs IOP, CRA, AA/NA, thinking for a change. The problem is that only 20% of the inmates or so are chosen for programs, and by inference chosen to succeed. Stay with me here… there are mass numbers of people who come & go without ever touching a program.

Does that mean that the DOC & MCC don’t want to “correct” some inmates? Why do some persons here on sex offences get the “nationally renowned treatment program,” but not others? Does MCC want to correct some & not others? Why doesn’t every inmate here on drug charges get drug correction? Why doesn’t the arsonist get a fire correction program? Let me tell you why!! The reason is this:

The DOC & MCC do not give a shit about correcting inmates, for to do so would help reduce the population, it would further reduce Federal Funding on & on and on. The only reason MCC has programs is to give someone a job, get state & federal funding, & provide the public with the “illusion” that they give two shits about the inmates.

– Bob Wire
MDOC# not provided

Don “Grendal” Williams again, a prisoner at the MCC in Windham, with two labels which should be a plus here but which aren’t.

1) I’m a gulf coast veteran. (How come there are so many vets in here?) So, where is the love & support from the citizenry I fought for? (Sent me off to Afganistan, to go and kill the taliban) Nope. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have seen unspeakable things committed with .50 calibers which haunt my dreams & shouldn’t have gotten hooked on self-medication when I returned to “Opaitopia” (Maine).

2) I’m a long term member of AA. Now, I wrote something recently about a former sponsor of mine, whose ample girth is still capably supported by a Harley (constructed well, apparently) sold to him by LA Harleys (Never trust sponsors who tell you that doing odd jobs for them is part of recovery!)

I don’t remember what I wrote, but Ben F. “Dover” is no longer my sponsor. I was going to write about how AA people (sorry, not just district 12) react when members go to jail (they say, “Fuck you! Bye bye!” gossip about you, & if they can, they divide your garments by casting lots. AA NEVER writes or visits.) But — my current sponsor Mike K, does write me, actually sent me a recovery bible.

Hey – know why I love AA meetings in Maine, cause I can gamble at the meetings! In Maine, gambling isn’t considered a compulsion by Ben F. and AA so there’s a 50/50 raffle at nearly every meeting! Yay!


Don Williams
MDOC# 99212

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