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Hey all, it’s Sundog reporting on the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m stayin inside MCC A-POD. I first gotta let you know the most important. If you plan on being here, plan on plan on being stuck here for a couple of months. It’s taking them so long to place us. I know that everywhere you look it’s over full. You’ll see for yourself. I am working on my fourth week so far. I can’t stand A-POD. And to think another five to eight weeks before I get to where I’m going sucks. The longer you stay in A-POD is when you start POD Jumping, because they need to circulate us.

The reason behind being so full: First us Drivers! Third of us in here are for driving. One way or another we get the most time. I could have robbed a store at gun point and gotten the same amount of time. I drove a mile and a half down the street delivering christmas presents and got robbed. They are throwing the fuckin book at me. It was all fun and games till I got classed medium for a driving offense. I’m waiting to hear back from an appeal. I’ve never been medium. This means I can either stay here OR go to MSP. I will choose to stay here if need be. I’m hoping I get to go to Charleston. Fingers crossed. There is a ton of people here for either Drugs, Driving, or Skinning. That’s been the majority of the crimes.

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When I was in Apod back in June, my cell mate was this old man named Tardiff. He had just had back surgery & was all messed up. He was with me in the cell & after a day he just stopped talking. He was in so much pain he couldn’t move. I called the COs in & they called a code blue & dragged him out of there like a dead deer on a sheet! He was back a day later! He was all gnarled up & wasn’t making no noise! When he fell off his bed, they just put his mattress on the floor, said he’d be more comfortable there! He wouldn’t talk & I was bringing food to him. Finally they took him away again. He just showed up again in the dorms so you can interview him. He says he don’t remember nothing, though…

– Archie Maloon
MDOC# 50919

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