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Hey, Circle,

How is everyone?  I could be better for hell, I don’t know just how this will ll end.  As for Lori and I, we are good from what I know.

If you guys could send me a copy of the Prisoner Free List, that would be great, for yes, it was just thinking of it the other day.  And of course, you could say ULC of CC would be great working hard with a few good brothers here.  As of right now, I am at work for, fuck man, I got a job here.  I work in the school here, yeah, as of now I am out of here, 08/09/2019, for fuck, who knows, I am still working my appeal.

God, I could go for a smoke if they let me I would smoke on (LOL) sorry, my writing sucks.  Been up for three days working on lesion plans (LOL.)  As you guys found out, I am in New York for now.  I should be back in Maine in no time.  Yes, of course now I need to fight for it.  I need to put the true perp away for this crap.

God bless,

Father Dudley

Ordained Minister and Universal Priest, ULC



“He, who is attached to much, will suffer much.” I love this quote. I am a somebody who is attached to many things. I also hate to make mistakes. I am rarely satisfied with an A when it is possible for me to get an A+. I have never thought about giving myself permission to make mistakes. I generally go about the thought process of making mistakes like this. I try to avoid making them but I know that they are inevitable. I am a firm believer in if you are not making mistakes then you are not trying hard enough. Having the courage to try something eight times is a remarkable story of strength. I will have to work on giving myself permission to be gentle on myself.

Good evening humans.  One of my names is Poley and my biggest challenge this week is self-disciplining myself to stop biting my nails.  I know how silly it sounds but I’ve done it my whole live and it is a really bad habit.  Self-motivating is something I always need to work on.  Working out, reading non-fiction stuff = learning and various other stuff.

So, I went to meditation, which happens about once a month.  Started playing basketball on a regular basis.  Read “A Man Thinketh” by James Allen.  Lastly, watched the new “Godzilla.”  Horrible disappointment.  They didn’t even get the roar right.

Well, that’s all from me.  Until next time,

drive safe.


Hi, everyone.

This place is really great.

Every Wednesday we get clean sheets, pillow case, blankets.  You don’t know how happy I am that I made it here!  The earliest I get released is June.

The deserts are out of this world.  Tonight we had a strawberry short-cake cupcake with strawberries in the middle of the cupcake.

Talk to you soon.

Miss Linda

Hello free world how is everyone? I’m swell thanks for asking. One of my names Janos Lurunoi and my biggest challenge this week is making the transition between doing absolutely nothing to be busy five days a week. It’s not a bad thing, sounds so negative. What I’m doing is just shifting gears. Very positive I had a chance to be a guinea pig for a new program at Mountain View in Charleston. It’s a program for 18-26 year olds who are spending their first sentence in a state correctional facility. it’s a last chance kind of deal. The program is designed to keep us from catching state bid. This includes developing pro social skills, awareness of consequences of poor decisions, adaptive thinking and problem solving. There is also the Work ready program. Learn how to get a job and stay employed. Sorry if this news harsh your mellow but I don’t think these guys aren’t down with Holistic‘s. I’m not giving up but the future for inside meets is looking dim. The biggest things for me is vocational training. I’m taking wood shop first, and then maybe culinary arts. Overall this place is nice. It’s clean and the stuff treats us like we’re humans. It’s a good environment to modify one’s behavior.

I miss you guys and gals, keep the revolution alive.


Greetings fellow organics. One of my names is M.I.A. and one of my biggest challenges this week is finally getting used to the new routine. For the last couple week it has been not being in the swing of things. Yet now that I’m here I have all the usual stuff to deal with. The honeymoon is over. Hahaha!

I’m still upset I don’t have as much reading time. I haven’t really decided if that’s a good thing or bad. I spend any free time I have between classes either eating or sleeping, and sadly I watch T.V. at the end of the day. Oh and I go to be around 2100-2200 everyday.

One new development is that I have started talking to one of the psychologists. Speaking to her is not part of my program. I like talking to people who are doctors of things esp. fields pertaining to the mind and behavior. The pretense is informal but she is studying me but I’m the one who started the study. The transference will be very interesting.

I’ve also started to fight my writer’s block. I just don’t think for some reason, that if I’m not on the street then I don’t have the right material to work with. Or rather to write about. Yes I know what your about to say. Write about being locked up. Thing is; that’s not my style. It’s hard to explain. What I write about is personal stuff but I just don’t want to think about being here anymore than necessary. Then again I might change my mind, who knows.

That’s enough ranting out of me though. Ladies and scoundrels until next week.

Yours Truly,

M.I.A. (Mustafa Poley Whispers)

Dear Holistic Peeps:

Mama-love always told me that nothing worth having is ever easy, and while that makes a lot of sense, it has also lead to a lot of spurned gifts.  Who knows how many blessings that I have undeserved or cheapened because I didn’t have to work for them, not knowing that if they were given to me by the grace of God, then I could never earn them?

Hmm.  Food for thought.

No wonder why I usually fuck up my relationships with women.  It has always been so easy to get women.  So I work a little to make them fall in love with me.  I mind-fuck them ’til they love me.  Plus, my dick game (excuse the vulgarity) is something else – HaHaHa!

But then, when I have their love, two things happen:  I get bored because the challenge is gone and my inner insecurities start to emerge so I drive the women away so I don’t get hurt when they leave.  Pretty stupid, huh?

I have my close male friends and then I couldn’t care less about the rest of the guys in the world.  But women are a different story.  It seems like every woman I am close to, I try to seduce.  I need their love and to me, the ultimate proof of that is them giving me their bodies.  I make it worth it.  I’ve slept with 95 women and every one has come back for more.  Making love is a gift and a talent which through hard work (HaHaHa!) and lots of reading upon and practice I have become quite good.  Yet, to me, it can be and is most of the time as casual as shaking hands.  I’ll fuck a woman before I kiss her – for some reason kissing implies more intimacy.  Anywayz, though, I’m starting to ramble.  I was starting this to tell you about my own problems with women so that maybe y’all could find something to help you.

I remain,


The weather has been pretty good.  I’ve been walking around the track, and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Guess what?  They moved all of Charlie Pod over to Alpha Pod (which used to be protective custody; they no longer have a protective custody pod at the Prison.  They did away with it.)

Things are going good and for the most part, except for some code blues and reds, people have been behaving.  I’m still writing back and fourh to my sister and she visits me from time to time.  Been reading alot and watching t.v.  There are some people in here that I talk to and to tell you the truth,  I think that I am talking a little more than I used to.  Still slowly working on my Dungeons and Dragons world, and I am still looking for some more spells from that Dragonsfoot website – mostly cantrips to 4th level spells.

Is anyone out there playing any AD&D?

Kenny “Malibu-Owl” McDonald

We had a sweat lodge yesterday – my fourth, and my fourth four-day fast!  That’s rough!  I got the spirit name of “Sleeping Bear” – dreamtime is where I can get the answers to my questions in life.  Very nice!

We only had 13 people, counting Brian, there this time, so it was much more spacious (the evil sister has decided that only active members can participate.)  Rocky stayed inside through all four rounds, also.

A very spiritual experience for all.

I played the drum and sang.  We also have a Micmac from Canada who also sang two songs.  He’s very good and knows a lot of them.

Good times!

I have planted the native garden with corn, beans and squash, with a perimeter of marigolds encircling the whole thing.  I am going to put some sunflowers along the fence behind the gazebo.  I hope to have lots of corn this season!

I have that assigned to me as a dorm job this year, which makes it nice.  No ironing shirts for me, just water and weed the corn.

Has anyone seen Willow-Owl, or Michael Fralich in their travels?

I hope that everyone takes care of themselves out there.  Let some of that music out of your souls and into the world!


I get out in July, with no more good time coming back to me.  So least I have a basic idea.  Time’s flying right by.  I think the Indian Spring made it feel like summer.  Not much happening.  Taking IOP ’till I get out.  With Sue.  She’s something else.  We’re trying to get an extra day a week so we end sooner.  going m-t and friday.  Me and QT are still working out.  Just weight training.  I haven’t done cardia in a while.  You can tell.  I’m grossly outta shape.  Kinda round.  But my extremities are nice and solid.  Thinkin’ how it’s gonna go when I get out.  I still got some time left.  Hopi ng when one of my cellmates  gets out, he and I can move in together.  He gets out, like, nine months after me.  I’d need a roommate if I want to get out of those damn boarding house.

Listening to Cinderella from the ‘xander show.  Any who.  Will talk to y’all soon.  Hopefully someone will read this.


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