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Hey, Circle.

How are you guys?  I guess you could say I am doing okay for now.  But of course I do my best to keep busy around here, except now it’s 11:30pm and I can’t sleep.

So, how is Bella?  You need to send some pictures of her to me. That would be great.  So, yeah, I spoke to my wife and I was told to give you guys her cell number.  It’s in the other letter.

Yeah, I don’t know.  As for the cab company, my mom works for Darksummer Taxi; you should be able to find her number in the book.

So you guys are all doing good, I see from your letter.  Hey – write me anytime you want to.  Yeah, it’d be great.  I get mail now, but it’s always prison mail, as Lori, my wife is too busy, but I love her.

As soon as you guys can get me the “Prisoner Free List.” I will start passing it out, and what I can do to help my brothers here.  I know that it will get me out of my slump, cuz when I help others, I kinda forget about me.  And working in the school, photocopies are no problem.

Hey, heading to bed, but I will write more tomorrow.

Talk later, my friends, and may God’s grace be upon you all.

Father Joel Dudley, ULC


I’m doing alright can’t wait to get out, so, I can go & see my brothers.

Brother, I don’t want no fat woman, no dumb chick, I want a woman, that, will want me back, so, she’s gotta be Blonde or redhead or brunette, if she’s black. A good church going girl, on a fine woman will do, bro. Remember, women, don’t come between brothers.

The times when you feel you’re going to fall flat on your face.

I worked for months on end trying to put stuff together. I worked night and day. The day came. My nerves were jumping all around; I didn’t know how I got myself in this. Everyone is telling me, “I can do this” Then it is over and everything went off without a hitch.

This is how things went this week when I had to preach. My first time with a group full of men. I have always preached to teens and young kids. (No, I am not an offender.) The youth is the future of this world so that is why I work with them more than adults.

But I thank all those who supported me on this matter. I feel with everyone’s help, we as a church family here at MCC can grow and make it through this time of trial.

– Rev. Joel Ryan Dudley
MDOC# 17574
17 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, ME 04062

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