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Please help:  ● Spread the word.  ● Testify in person or online.  ● Contact members of the Committee directly. Your stories are important and legislators need to hear them.

·        CCI07022017_0003 LD 1941, An Act To Reform Corrections Officer Compensation in Maine. CJPS. An attempt by Rep Pluecker of Warren to address the inadequacy of CO compensation. We are strongly in favor of this effort, initiated by incarcerated citizens at MSP. Public hearing Feb 10, 10 am Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in Room 436 of the State House.

Change: LD 1421 An Act To Amend the Maine Bail Code, has been moved to the Judiciary Committee and no public hearing has been scheduled yet.  Remember that this bill was carried over without public hearing and may also be used as a vehicle for recommendation from the Pre Trial Task Force Report. The original bill, which we strongly support, calls for less use of cash bail, considering the impact of cash bail and increasing alternative dispositions.

So far as I know, LD 2987Ban the Box on employment applications, is still scheduled for Public Hearing on Feb 19, 9 am. Labor and Housing Committee in room 202 of the Cross Building, next to the State House.

You can testify on these in person or by submitting written testimony online, which is printed and distributed to the committee members. If you testify in person try to bring 20 copies of your testimony to be distributed to the Committee. You can submit testimony online at any time after the Public Hearing has been announced. To submit testimony and read some guidelines, go to

At the beginning of your verbal and written testimony, clearly note your name and town of residence. At the beginning of your written testimony clearly note which bill you are testifying about and your position on the bill (support, oppose or neither).

Your stories are important and legislators need to hear them. Have you or someone you know had trouble finding employment with a criminal record? Have you or someone you know had trouble with bail even before conviction? Have you or someone you know witnessed the underappreciated and underpaid work of Corrections Officers?

If you would like to talk about participating or would like assistance, please feel free to call or send me an email.

I am trying to keep our legislative agenda list up to date so click here to view it and bookmark the file to check back later.

Yours in Love and Service,


PS: Clicking the LD numbers above links you to the legislative site where you can read the text of the bills, read the list of sponsors, see changes in schedule, and follow their progress. 

Peter Lehman

Legislative Coordinator

Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition

Thomaston, Maine

(207) 542-1496

Committed to ethical, positive, and humane changes in Maine’s prison system

OH!  My dear minions!  It was with heart felt sadness that I find out this very day that you (the Faithful followers of Bob wire) were left to languish in darkness, not hearing form your Wire these many weeks now.  How my heart sunk to find out that the one I chose to be heir to the Bob wire throne, my very own minister plenipotentiary was not writing you, the masses, in my stead!  Fear not, my dear minions, your Bob is back and with a vengeance…

Well, to say to you today that Maine Correctional Center (MCC) has been a-buzz would be an understatement.  Rumors of a new commissioner and what he was going to do to us poor inmates are flying around like spring pollen (itchy/runny eyes and all). Personally, I thought this whole new commissioner thing was just another spook story, until his very real slash and hack budget cuts ran over the rank and file… it seems that us/some inmates would no longer need/get the stipend to buy used clothing upon our release from prison.  I guess our commissioner also feels that inmates no longer need a stipend for participation in a “program” dorm either.. really?  Really?  This his how the wise and all powerful commissioner “of Ponte” wants to save money?  Really?  How about this, you corrections master, how about you stop feeding C. O.s and other staffers, one, two, or three meals a day?  How about that?  Stay with me here folks.  I admit, I have no clue how many C. O.s/staffers work here per twenty four hour shift.  Let me just grab a nice round number out of the sky.  I’ll say there are 131 staffers (nice, round #) per half day.  Out of these 131, let me say 2/3 of them work twelve hour shifts, that is about $86.46 per 12 hours x 2 = 172.92.  The remainder is about 44.54 staffers x 3 (three eight hour shifts) or 133 per 24 hour period.  The actual number of C. O.s/staffers works out to about 305 per 24 hour period.  The 12 hour staffers have three meals a day, or 519 meals.  The eight hour staffer get two meals a day or 266 meals per 24 hours.  The total meal consumption at this rate, equals about 286,000 +/- meals per year…

Now cut 280,000 meals a year out of the budget and this shit-hole could not only save money, inmates could buy used clothing…

To be candid with all of you, ole’ Bob Wire does not believe the new commissioner is really looking to save money.  Nope.  The new commissioner is looking for, or is creating the “illusion of saving money”.  His goal is to impress his bosses (governor, etc.) at the expense of the ones who need the funds the most (the inmates!)

An inmate leaves here broke and cannot get a dime to buy used clothing, but MCC and the DOC can feed (and clothe) hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of C. O.s and other staffers???

Let ole’ Bob Wire spell it out for you.  It ain’t about cost cutting, it is only about grinding, grinding and grinding… who is this commissioner grinding his ace against?  If you have to ask that question, you are likely a C.O. Or other staffer.


Bob Wire


Hello again, it’s X-Ray and it has been another exciting few weeks here at the Windham Resort Correctional Center for Panzies. I am ready to spill my guts out, ya know. Like the oil spill down south, only not so messy. Brace yourselves.

I had to get through Independence Day incarcerated behind Fences with Razors sticking out all over the place. Oh, yes, lucky lucky me to have missed all the festivities. No one wants to BBQ, swim, hang out with family. Not on the 4th of July. I was in Jail eating steak and potato salad. Yummo – not so much the jail part though. I keep wishing someone around here would put a pool in but it hasn’t happened.

Worst than all that stuff I was locked in a dorm with eighteen other guys there was no sex. None. Party poopers! Instead I’m surrounded by Rats! No, not the rodents, the lying bastards running up to the COs to tattle on you to get brownie points. It’s like really aren’t you Cocoon guys just a little to old for that shit? Their still acting like Caddy girls gossiping. Every chance they get. Quit foaming out the mouth fuckers and move on to bigger problems. Like the swimming pool for instance. Doesn’t anyone have a brain anymore? Stop ratting on each other it’s not cool and whoever said it was cool to rat was seriously disturbed. Fuckin brownie points. So sick of these Sally’s.

Sallys you ask, why I’ll tell you that. Last night I caught four straighties without shirts on shaving up each others eyebrows. Or the shaving of the whole body. Um, great hygiene for the outs but for a bunch of straight guys who gives a fuck? Then they tell me I wouldn’t last very long in a “Real Prison.” I said you’re absolutely right. I would have spent the 40 cents, gotten the fruit punch koolaid from commissary, smudged it on your cheeks “both ends” and had a field day of my own. Who are they to tell me I wouldn’t be accepted into a Federal Prison? I also said I would take their filthy word for it and I wouldn’t find out. No thanks.

Ok, back to my list of Crazies. The correctional officers. COs.

1. Sergeant Lesbian Bitchface. When an inmate such as myself comes to you about harassment especially being fellow family yourself, you don’t tell them they HAVE to deal with it or go to seg. WHAT A BITCH with a capital C.

2. Next is my favorite CO: Smith. He would be a psycho male mother fucker who locked me up for seven days in my room for receiving fat cakes from an old man. Fucking disgusting. He has the creepiest eyes I’ve ever seen. Scury, scury what a mess he is. Lol. Commissary fuckin’ Nazi. What ever happened to real crimes and contrabands. This pedi bull shit is for the birds! EGO CHECK SUCKA!!!

Some days are better than others and by the time you will be reading this I will be out of room restriction. YEAH ME! And back to tending the Luscious Gardens!

I’m happy nobody thinks I’m too crazy. I need a penpal. I have a friend named Vito who is getting out in less than a month after an eight year bid. I wrote to him ONLY like seven times. I know SHAME on me! Karma man. Sorry Vito. Someone pick  up a pen and write to me.

Until next blog,

Peace & love,

– X-Ray
Raymond D. Munson
MDOC# 83366

P.S. I just would like to say thank you to Rage’s daughter for forwarding these blogs to the computer! Much love! Xoxo – X-Ray

What does the abbreviation “C/O” mean? Well, there is many meanings. I have not found Correction Officer to be one, yet I like to use this on. C/O, also know as, conscientious objector.

The reason for this is because it makes sense to me.

In the dictionary, Conscientious Objector means: “A person who refuses to serve in the armed forces on moral grounds.

Now the word “Conscientious” means: “A person guided by one’s own sense of right or wrong.

The word “Objector” means: “A person who disapproves.” Now the word, “disapprove” means: “to pass unfavorable judgement on.

In my opinion, Conscientious Objector stands for the abbreviation “C/O” one-hundred percent (100%).

Not all 40s are like this, yet the majority are. And this is my reason for choosing this meaning of the abbreviation “C/O.”

To be continue…


– Kevin Lawlor, MCC

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