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No way –

Such a magic day..

With your hand in my hand, how I love your face.

Your so

beautiful, so lovely, so wild and sexy,

Outside of lust insight of love –

(Did you just text me?)


Euphoria… I assure you

Adoria… I want more of you..



My eyes met your eyes while I played little wing.

That I’d be yours and you’d be mine,

Some simple special thing


Euphoria… I adore you, (I do)

Euphoria… I want more of you..



Cumberland County Jail, 2/10/15

For Tessa



I have a clean slate and I want to stay that way.  I also have a sponsor and I”m doing the steps.  This place is only what you make it.  Me, I want to leave a better person with no baggage.

A while back my roommate and I  made peanut butter balls.  We’re gonna make popcorn balls.

I had five months county and Pete held me up.  He really wanted me to do county time, but I wanted out.  The kennebec county jail was really bad.  Thank God I worked in laundry.  They have me on the shoveling crew, but I’m trying to get a medical slip where I have screw in my right foot.  Remember that I broke it and you guys saw me wearing an air boot?


Miss Linda

And I like kidney pie

and the birds in the sky,

and the heat of July,

and that look in your eye.


That I don’t see right now,

and I wouldn’t have taken the vow,

but now I don’t see how

now that you’ve taken your bow.


I love you and me,

I just wish you could see,

that I love you and me,

and the things we’ve been through.


And I love you in red,

and the things that you’ve said,

and I love you today,

and now you’ve run away,

with me heart.


For Robin Egan

You know what’s messed up here at Windham Prison (M.C.C.)? The new commissioner is now banning all electric guitars and cd players. And they aren’t selling any more playstations. That’s what’s fucked up.


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