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I’ve been here in the C.R.A. For 6 – months + 2 – days. Today we went out behind pedophile isle for a hour and a half. I walked 3 or 4 – laps around the little walking track and one of the guys from here started walking with me. Ron Crocker, we walked and talked. Rec was almost over and he says, I’ve gotta goin and get ready for a visit from my mom and my girlfriend. So I said, what’s her name? Bedina, I knew that I knew her. Bedina is Bedouin for Bedouin – princess. I know that because her mother explained it to me 30 – years ago. So I said, does she have any sisters? He said yes, I said, two? He said, yes, I said, Christina, Bedina, Marina.  Right? He said, I met them in Florida 7 – years ago. He said, there’s no fuckin way you can know them. I said, I named them, their last names are Lewis, Christina is a redhead, Bedina is black haired, and Marina is the youngest with brown hair. He said, how old are they? I said, Marina 43, Bedina 45, Christina 46 or 47. It really blew his mind, when someone tells me something I’ve never heard before, and take the time to explain it to me it sticks. Bedina isn’t a “name” It’s a word. It means Bedouin Princess. He asked her about Chris Hamilton from Green Lake, she said, oh is he here, me and my sister really loved him back when we were kids. Funny, when she left visits I got a good look at her out my window. All of the visitors have to walk under it, going and coming, she’s tall, thin, long hair, smokin’ bod too.

Went down to the ball field behind the skinner dorms for 1.5 hours. Kind of boring, all I did was walk around. There’s still no volleyball. It sucks because that’s what I usually watch. The wipeouts and arguments are funny as hell.

Called my mother to wish her a happy B-day today. She’s 87, she told me that on friday morning she gave my cousin the address here and he mailed me a P.M.O for $80.00. Very Cool. My ex hasn’t sent the alimony yet. Holiday, she’s the one buying my jeep off me. She owes until december, I think then I’m broke. I am now.


Here comes another holiday in prison. Oh Joy, where I don’t even have a woman now they really don’t seem to mean much to me, for one day the might get a little better big deal. On the outside I eat good – healthy food. The crap in here is something to keep me alive. I really try not to pay much attention to it. I still keep thinking about the chili I make. I’d love to have a kettle of that and some cold Heinekens to go with it, that would be a real treat.


Lost another idiot to seg… There are three for the C.R.A. Guys there under suspension now. Mike Steadman, Wayne Niski, and Vaughn Scott. Vaughn was on the top bunk with the light on jerking off at 2:00 a.m. When the guard Nancy made her rounds. She told him to knock it off. She went around at 3:00 a.m. And he was still doing it, she screamed “Knock That Off” and woke everyone up. He’s inbred anyway, strange as hell. The only write I got in 15 – months was for screaming at him to mind his own business and get the hell away from me. Shit bag.


Well, this should annoy you enough for awhile. Need to write to a lawyer today too. I wish the guy would hurry up and let know what’s going on out there. Soon, don’t know any lawyer good at lawsuits do you? I desperately need one. My Bangor attorney wants me to find a Southern Maine Lawyer to get into it. Says it’s too inconvenient for him way up there. Shit it’s all electronic or by snail-mail anyways. This shit is all stressing me out way too much.


Take Care,




Chadhad to go into the Children of the Corn chanting program (CRA) to get the door open for the meeting.  We tried to bring me,Chad,Wayneand longshoreman guy.  Like I knew, Mango flipped out and mad two of the dorm three lackeys go home.  I would like to keep going, but I have a hard time working with others, another thing I never learned in Kindergarten.  Jail, man.  This place is strange.  Thirty people in very close quarters.  Can only imagine what it used to be like.  A.A.’s moving forward, Rage-less.  One of the speakers said that Rage contacted them and that he’s alive and sober.  I got into an argument with this guy in my dorm who said that Rage only goes by “Robin”.  I don’t get along with him.

Maybe I’ll get my tarot card reading done.


I think it was Chesterton who said he “never met a comma he could trust.” I say: “If you can’t write a comprehensive tome, peace-meal the shit out of it.” I have decided that because I can’t come up with a one-theme bitch. I would just write random thoughts about life here at MCC in general and things that irk, annoy and piss me off in particular. Like life itself, there is no particular Rhyme or Reason to the ordering or level of annoyance here in express; just random pissing & moaning.

1) The old bastard who lives in my room and feels the need to chew fucking hard candy at six in the morning! Really? He has to chew hard candy at six? Personally I would like to strangle him to death, but that could be perceived as a threat from me should it be found out that my name is not really Bob Wire! So, the best I can hope for is that he dies, yes dies! Preferably by choking to death! Which brings me to my next Bitch.

2) This is a bigger bitch than my first bitch and the bitch is this: that this facility has classes to help inmates relearn how to live outside the prison in the real world. Help inmates to live in the real world? Is anyone seeing what I see? The system would not have to teach inmates how to live on the outside, if they did not (by cruel intention) strip inmates of any sense of normalcy of outside life. Ok?! People have to be locked up (really?)! Why the fuck can’t the prison system work as society works but just separate from the outside? The fact is MCC uses Techniques & Designs that intentionally strip inmates of every sense of normal life, only to train them over so they won’t fail when they are released. They will fail or have often failed because the system really, really, really trains them to Fail.

3) The last bitch is really a philosophical query. The query is what is the goal or mission statement of a correction center? What does corrections mean? What is to be corrected? Behavior? Help inmates learn to do things different? Teach them not to get caught again? The reader of this last bitch may be thinking Bob Wire ( me) has lost his nut, it is simple really. Help people change!!! On the surface, the helping inmates change makes sense, but not at MCC… see, at MCC there are plenty of programs IOP, CRA, AA/NA, thinking for a change. The problem is that only 20% of the inmates or so are chosen for programs, and by inference chosen to succeed. Stay with me here… there are mass numbers of people who come & go without ever touching a program.

Does that mean that the DOC & MCC don’t want to “correct” some inmates? Why do some persons here on sex offences get the “nationally renowned treatment program,” but not others? Does MCC want to correct some & not others? Why doesn’t every inmate here on drug charges get drug correction? Why doesn’t the arsonist get a fire correction program? Let me tell you why!! The reason is this:

The DOC & MCC do not give a shit about correcting inmates, for to do so would help reduce the population, it would further reduce Federal Funding on & on and on. The only reason MCC has programs is to give someone a job, get state & federal funding, & provide the public with the “illusion” that they give two shits about the inmates.

– Bob Wire
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