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I’m almost done this bid.  112 days left.

Boy, there’s a lot of bullying and saving seats in here.  It’s like kindergarten with these people.  I’m still going to meetings and groups.  I started a writing class; it’s alright.  A little boring.  The one I really enjoyed which we graduated from about two weeks ago was Houses of Healing, a very intense group where you try to find your inner self.  I’ve got about three more classes in Moving oOn, I’ll be graduating the GEAR group.  I’ve got about six more classes in codependency group.  “They” put me in the 18th, I’ll be starting “Seeking Safety”.  I’m in

Sarssm group untill May.  That’s a really good group about trauma.  I’ve got a really great sponsor; she’s got 35 years of sobriety.  She’s taking through this book called “the steps we took.”  She also comes in on Sundays and she’s taking everyone through the Big Book.  April 13th will be my big first year of Sobriety.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Miss Linda

Joe Vereen, again, MDOC# 111925.

I forgot some things last time & we have to change things, right? I went to jail in 9/09 on a domestic. It was just an argument & we would have been fine, but, since OJ Simpson, the State of Maine won’t let women drop domestic charges. So here I am. Anyway. I have 3 children, 2 girls & a son (born this February!) On Christmas Eve, the COs told me to call my sister. (I can’t call my kid’s mom, still, cause of my charges.) So I called my sister: my 3 year old daughter, Mackenzie, was diagnosed with cancer. It was in 90% of her spleen. What a mess. She’s okay now, but it was touch & go for a while. I went to court in Bath, my lawyer swore I’d be granted bail (wasn’t). My lawyer urged me to accept a deal, help for me to work things out so that I could contact my kid’s mom – didn’t happen.

The worse piece – I begged my court-appointed lawyer, John Handleman, to help me. My daughter could die! I said. He replied, “If she dies, she dies. You’ll just have to deal with it.” (Remember that, and him, whoever reads this!)

So I took a deal this March: I’m out in 9 months, with 3 years probation. Mackenzie will be getting treatment for the next 2 1/2 years. If my wife is okay with me, loves me, &c? Does anyone know how we can be allowed contact again? Please pray for my daughter & my wife.


– Joe
MDOC# 111925.

Dear Amber,

Hey girl, what’s going on? How have you been doing lately? It’s been a long time since I talked to you. As you can probably figure, I fucked up pretty good. I am just finishing up a 2-year prison sentence. I got 36 days left. I spanked my stepdaughter a little too hard one day. I left a dark red handprint on her butt. So I got charged with assault. Me, Cyndy and the girls left the state. We went to North Carolina and tried to start over. Cyndy was pregnant with my daughter Cyara May Wood. What a beautiful little girl, Amber. Well, the police issued a warrant. They tracked us to our place in NC. Well, I got extradited back to Maine. They gave me 2 years for the charge. Well, I lost Cyndy, the state made us go our own ways! So here I am. I come out yesterday and I see Robin. We were talking and your name came up. Only in a good way though! So I decided to write a letter to you. I am having him send the letter because I don’t know your address. I have thought about you from time to time. I really enjoyed chillin’ together. And that’s not all I enjoyed. But I won’t go there, I’ll be good! :) I guess I’ll let you go. I would love to hear from you if you want to write back. Let me know how Sassy and Saber are doing? And of course, let me know how you are. All right girl, I hope to hear from you.


– Ryan Wood,  L. L. :)
MDOC# 13511

My name is Steve Allen. I’ve been at York County for six months on a domestic & its the worst jail to be at.

We have to pay $1.00 for pencils. We don’t have any exercise area, just a 20 x 20 pen with a roof, where we can walk in circles. We pay for our cups, our sporks.

I just went to my little brother’s funeral (with only 3 days left to serve & no trouble my whole time here) and I had to pay York County $250 just to go!

So, I’m outta here tomorrow.

Love to my bro Bobby Sheehan.

Oh, thanks for all the drug & alcohol counseling (not!).

When I get out tomorrow, I’m gonna smoke a fatty!

– Steve Allen

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