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Hi everyone. How is T.V. land? If you would please tie your stocking around your necks but loosely please. We don’t want to have any unfortunate accidents.

One of my names is Fritz and my biggest challenges this week was turning in my homework on time. Hahaha! Saying that makes me feel like I’m back in high school. But without parents and pretty girls. I don’t really understand why it do hard for me. I would guess because I think some of these classes are just… Not as interesting as spies and chemistry, or even sliding compound midersaws. Who can blame me?

On another note I read a very interesting article in Rolling stone. The Duke Freshman in porn, Miriam Weeks aka Belle Knox. I mean come on man. Yes she tried to keep it a secret, but when it came out she owned it. Law school, feminism, she is a modern Betty Paige (Spell check). I love and respect women in way few people can understand. And I wish I could write her fan mail. Or at least read the book she wants to write. The simple fact that she is standing her ground is really great. In my eyes she is not a slut or a whore. She is just a person, a very beautiful person, but a person just the same. Some people say it is wrong to judge others. Personally I judge everyone and at the end our day. I think she is great and will be great. She certainly has a lesson to teach. People, being what they are, won’t accept what she will have, to say. I am listening, who is with me?

I will see you next week at this time. Be ever mindful of those who seek to control you and have fun.

Yours Truly,


The weather has been pretty good.  I’ve been walking around the track, and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Guess what?  They moved all of Charlie Pod over to Alpha Pod (which used to be protective custody; they no longer have a protective custody pod at the Prison.  They did away with it.)

Things are going good and for the most part, except for some code blues and reds, people have been behaving.  I’m still writing back and fourh to my sister and she visits me from time to time.  Been reading alot and watching t.v.  There are some people in here that I talk to and to tell you the truth,  I think that I am talking a little more than I used to.  Still slowly working on my Dungeons and Dragons world, and I am still looking for some more spells from that Dragonsfoot website – mostly cantrips to 4th level spells.

Is anyone out there playing any AD&D?

Kenny “Malibu-Owl” McDonald

Well, I guess winter has come early this year.  Our first November and it’s just right before Halloween.  I have a feeling that it is going to be a long snowy winter.  Hopefully it won’t be too cold.  So how is everyone out there in the Holistic Nation?  Hopefully no one has had to shovel too much snow.  Hey, has anyone been going to any gaming conventions yet?  Hope someone goes.  Well, in honor of Halloween, I’m sending some Halloween-type D&D stuff.  Hope that everyone gets lots of trick or treaters.

Bowl of Blood: This bowl is made of some unknown black metal. When the command word is spoken, the bowl fills up with blood.  90% of these bowls fill with human blood, 10% fill up with dwarven, elf, halfling, ogre and orc blood.  Drinking from the bowl heals a vampire of five hit pointsof damage.

Cloak of the Vampire: This cloak is made from the skin of a Vampire.  This cloak gives the wearer the ability to assume gaseous form, turn into a bat, summon and control bats and wolves, and to heal 12 to 15 points of damage, twice per day.  When the wearer dies and if he is buried with the cloak, there is a 95% chance that he will turn into a vampire.

Be well,

Kenny “Malibu-Owl” McDonald

Great Collect Calls from Prison

Hey! Fans of Alex “Lex” “Rainman” Gerald! He’s the guy who drew all the haiku drawings. Look them up here at the blog!

We just found out that Lex is at the Charleston Facility! Send mail to Alex!

Alex Gerald
MDOC# 91024
Charleston Correctional Facility
1202 Dover Road
Charleston, ME 04422

Check out Lex’s pix here at the Prisoner Blog! (there are like five or so of them, might have to go back a page)

Pax. Oh, quote of the week:

“They should make us all policeman. Then there’d be no more criminals.”
– Rage

True Blue!

– Rage

Hurricane by Ryan

Lethal Dose Haiku

Monkey on my Back Haiku by Rain Man sent to Rage

Ride Haiku by Rain Man sent to Rage

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