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Hello  Circles,

How is everyone doing?  So did everyone have a good Thanksgiving?  We had a pretty good feast.  Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way,  Christmas and New Years is coming up, so get your shopping done early this year.

Well, last Monday I got my books that I ordered from the Bargain Books catalog, all four books from the Forgotten Realms Sundering series.  I got the sixth book from the Books and Things catalog.  Would’ve gotten more from them but with each book you do buy, the shipping fee goes up and up; with Bargain Books it stays a constant $3.50.  Just need one more book to complete the series and I’ll have to get that one from Books and Things.  Got a copy of the New Arrivals Bargain Books catalog a few days ago, looking through the graphic novels they have.  I will probably get some of those after Christmas.  They have a couple called “Superior Spiderman” with Otto Octavius as Peter Parker.  Doctor Octavius used to be a villian called “Dr. Octopus” now he’s impersonating Peter Parker?  Last time I knew, I was reading an interview in Playboy with Stan Lee that Dr. Octopus killed Peter Parker, now he’s impersonating him?  I am rather  confused.  Guess I will have to find out and buy the Marvel Encyclopedia, the Definative Guide to the Charactars of the Marvel Universe.  Course, the X-Men and Avengers have changed a bit too.  Have you guys been reading any comics whatsoever?

I have a few ideas for my campain world.  One is a Spring-heeled Jack-type of character You guys might want to look him up on the internet.  He used to terrorize Victorian London and he used to jump around a lot and a few people claimed that he breathed fire into their faces.  The other idea involves a book called “The Haunting of Asylum 49: Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors and the Secret of Room 666” by R. Estepa and C. Anderson sounds like something that you guys might want to read.  That hospital is supposed to have a maze in it which is home to an entity known as “the Guardian.” It is supposed to be rather malicious.  The place is considered to be one of the world’s most haunted hospitals.

Now, do any of the  gamers out there have any gaming magazines like “the Dragon,” “Dungeon,” or any other miscellaneous magazines and if they do would they be willing to send me photocopies of certain articles to me?  I am looking for the following things:

  • Dragon #89:  Creature Catalog – Six Very Special Shields
  • Dragon #163:  Hedge Wizards

Also looking for certain articles in Gygax Magazine, The Crusader, Star Wars Gamer, Level Up Magazine, and Kobold Quarterly.

Well, gotta go and watch “the Walking Dead.”  Good night.

Kenneth McDonald

          Write to Kenny via:  Bolduc Correctional Facility                      – Kenneth McDonald, MDOC #114427 – 516 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Hey, Circle, so how’s it going? What did you guys do memorial weekend? Did you have a good day? I haven’t actually written any poems in a long time.

Have you guys managed to get a Dungeons and Dragons game going yet? As for the weather, I guess it’s going to be warming up.

Well, this June 18th, I shall be tuning fifty years old; I don’t really feel that old. Does tuening fifty mean that I’m a half century old? Did you ever get a hold of a copy of the Golem Plate Spell form the dragonsfoot website, along with a few other spells?

Well, goodnight, and I hope that you guys have a great summer. Don’t get sunburned too much.

Kenneth McDonald

Hello, Rage.

So, how are you doing?  How are the cats?  Meow.  Say hello to them for me.  The idea about publishing gaming material sounds pretty good to me.  I’m thinking tha I should get my stuff published by a company called Kenzer and Company.  They publish fantasy games like “Hackmaster” and “Kingdoms of Kalamar,” a western game called “Aces and Eights,” “Shattered Frontiers,” various roleplay resources and a comic called “Knights of the Dinner Table that is also part magazine for gamers and an e-zine called “Hack Journal.”  I could send my gaming stuff in and when they publish it, they’ll send me the money (checks sometimes take 10-15 days to clear.  Maybe you could put some of my stuff on the blog, or start a new gaming blog.  You could check to see if Wizards of the Coast still publishes Gygax Magaizine, a company called “Open Design” was publishing “Kobold Quarterly” and you could check to see if Goodman Games is still publishing “Level Up” magazine.  I have some ideas that I’ll be sending you guys.

Kenneth McDonald


Well, Happy January.  Have you had a good January?  Last night, for chow, we had ha and potatoes, breen beans, candied sweet potatoes, apple crisp and icecream.  Plus chocolate milk.  A good meal.

It’s 2016 now.  Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?  Have you been to L.L. Beans, yet?

As for Tor Strawbetty, I inform him that he is in luck.  I am to be meeting a group of dwarven windthrowers that have a ship that can get him where he needs to go; they are delivering me a couple of crates of Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale and afterwards they are heading to the moon.  They weill take Tor as a passenger.  As for climbing the mountain, there is a small outpost near the mountain called the “Aerie” that belongs to the Shi’ar; they can get him where he wants to go.

Well, it looks like the country’s gotten a lot of snow.  Well, good night and stay healthy.

Kenneth McDonald

(Editors Note: “As for Tor Strawberry…” Kenneth plays long-distance Dungeons and Dragons with a group in southern Maine.)



Well, Rage,

I’m glad that you are feeling better.  Be careful and wear lots of warm clothing this winter.  Did you get a flu shot yet?  At the very least keep some tea and honey on hand in cse you get sick again.  It’s too bad you got evicted, at least you will be in Freeport, the home of L.L. Bean, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Heck, you could go shop there at two or three in the morning.  All they did for us on Christmas was at chow they gave us some cake with orange frosting.

So, you named one of your cats after a crazy old woman in an old wedding dress?  Yes, Rage, I remember reading “Great Expectations” years ago and remember that character.  Which fictional character did you name the other cat after?  Well, next month is going to be Valentine’s day.  Do you have any plans for that day?  Hope you’ve got a nice place to stay in Freeport.  You know, I ust remembered a gaming company called “Green Ronin Publishing,” published a gaming book called “Freeport, City of Adventure.”  You might want to check that out.  Well, here it is, the new year and no snow, darn it.  It must be driving the skiers, snowboarders and snowplows crazy.

Kenneth McDonald



I got a note from the librarian saying that the books from the Bangor library that I ordered are in.  I”ll be going up Monday afternoon and picking them up.  One of the is “the Last Threshhold” by R.A.Salvatore,  It’s one of his AD&D Forgotten Realms novels.  Have you ever read his books?  They are excellent.  Especially the ones about the Drow Elf known as ‘DRizzt Du’urden (hopefully I have spelled the last name right)  He’s a good Drow Elf ranger.  Being a pseudo npc in your campaign sounds cool, and I’m sending you guys a write-up of the character.

Kenneth McDonald

March 13th, 2015

Hello, folks.  Well, today is friday the 13th and nothing unlucky is happening.  I guess the unluckiness of friday the 13th has  been greatly over-hyped.  WEll, I heard tomorrow we are supposed to be getting about a foot of snow mixed in with rain.  Oh, well.  Spring will be here soon.  I think this Tuesday is Saint Patrick’s day, isn’t it.  So how did yo like that character write-up?  I kind of tried to make him unique.  So how did you guys like the map of the University and the adventure ideas?  The dorm buildings are circular and each dorm room holds two students each and the dorms are co-ed.  Each dorm holds up to fifty students.

March 14th, 2015

Well, it’s raining down here, so it must be snowing there?  Hey, you guys remember the old Transformers series from years ago?  Well, the Cartoon Network has a new Transformers series.  They are going to be on at 6:30pm on Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network.  The original Transformers bumble bee is on it.  But, Optimus Prime is supposedly dead.  Well, I cam up with an idea for a secret society for your campaign.  I hope you guys like it.

The Blood-Shark Society.

The Blood-Shark Society is a group of fanatical shark worshippers.  There are 250 members and fifty of them can turn into were-sharks.  They seek out people to capture and feed to a species of red skinned sharks.  They believe that each sacrifice prevents the flooding of the World.   It is the sharks themselves that have implanted this idea into their heads.

Kenneth MacDonald



Could someone send me more information on Saba Islet?  Is hellsgate some sort of prison?  Search any of the news information involving both Bottom and Windwardside that could be used as adventure ideas.  Has any treasure been found on the island?  In the old days I believe it used to be a buccaneer’s strong hold.  Also wondering if someone could send me some more spells from the Dragonsfoot website.  Looking for Voltaic Thread and Pollen Ball, plus some magic user spells like eye parasite and a few of their illusion phantasm spells.


Kenneth McDonald


Here’s more on the module.  I hope that everyone interested enjoys.

The City of Oceanmorn takes great pride in the University and students are known as “anchormen”

By virtue of an agreement struck by representatives of the local Whore’s UnionBeggars Guild, Thieves Guild, Assassins Guild, Sorcerers Guild, the Knights of the Anchor and the Boosters, Wealthy supporters of the school, Black Anchor University and it’s students have been declared off-limits for any kind of criminal activity. No student is to be harmed or robbed in,  way, shape or form.  Any one who does any of the previous incurs the wrath of not only law enforcement, but also the wrath of the multitudinous members of the dark guilds listed above, not to mention thee wrath of all the students, ex-students, teachers lots of whores and anyone else who is even remotely connected to to the school/whorehouse.

Students and graduates of the University have a tattoo in the palm of each hand and adventurers who have graduated from the University have a tattoo placed on their foreheads, of a black anchor, encoiled with a serpant eating a tiny naked woman with the words “INTO VAGINUS CUM PENIUS MAXIMUS” benearth.  The tattoos ward off all aquatic undead and all other forms of undead will leave the wearer of the tattoo alone when they see it.

The University has its own security department, made up of well paid high level (seven +) fighting men, known as “the Knights of the Anchor.”  The dress exactly like Maine State Prison Guards, but with helmets, shields and swords.  Unfortunately, their security license gives any of the guards power over any student or teacher at the school, regardless of class or level.  Any new student, male or female, can expect to be raped and gang-banged, until these uncontrollable rakes are reigned in.

The University has a large and well-stocked library that includes a large number of journals, spell books, scrolls and diaries written by the ancient mages and bards.  Special permission must be given to anyone who wants access to the spellbooks and scrolls.  The School of Magic is a five-year school and the students go to school year round with two – three-week vacations a year. There is a Courtesan Department, where women learn how to suck dick, make pies and knit sweaters. The College of Music is first class, and has a large number of students with a passion for the musical arts.  It has a large selection of musical instruments, including, according to rumor, magical instruments that are occasionally given to the most gifted students. The Math Department is also wonderful, and with the Astronomy Department are constructing a telescope which will be able to see the surface of Mars.  The Chemistry Department is not good at all.  It is full of whores.

More to come.

Malibu Owl

For Circle of the Skies Dungeons and Dragons campaign:

The Black Anchor is the first business started in the city of Ocean Morn. It was originally a house of pleasure, but over the centuries it has been a tavern, and a home for elderly sailors, a thieves guild, assassin’s guild, fighter school, a temple of worship and many other uses have been found for the Black Anchor. Just recently as 20 years ago all the buildings around the Black Anchor have been torn down and replaced by new buildings. The Black Anchor itself has been turned into a student center. It is now known as Black Anchor University. Fighters, rangers, bards, thieves, assassins, priests and mages come to this university to study and train. Civilians also come her to study mathematics, history, music, archaeology, alchemy and to learn how to sail and work on ships. The Black Anchor gets its funding from merchants, adventurers and ex-adventurers who have graduated from the University. The teachers are all ex-adventurers, retired ship captains and sailors and sages. The Black Anchor , no matter what it was used for has stayed in the hands of the Ravenclaw family. The name has always stayed the same, no matter what it was used for. The student center has a large Black Anchor stationed outside and was placed there after the opening of a pleasure house centuries ago. It’s function is to ward off aquatic undead from entering the city.

More to come.

Malibu Owl.

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