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So this is it! this is where we end this abundance of methamphetamine methodical, metaphorical provendidems! my tongue flaps around with the gift of gab as it spits out riddles through my finger tips and into this pen, which they hold, and acts as if it were a scalpel in the hands of a lyrical surgeon… as ink bleeds from the words that are cut into the paper, like it were skin, done so with such lucidity, that if you don’t know what it is you’re looking for, you’ll be lucky to see the swelling around the few words that have become agall from constant picking and scratching at, like verbal scabs. I can dance around in my head with the others who reside there, while looking out these two glossy eyes of mine, that glare at themselves in the liquid reflection down at the bottom of the bottle. So I figure the best way to end my never ending is to tell you this last nothing!: “though they try to say and convince you that we live in the same world as they do, what they don’t understand is that they only exist in our world because we allow them to!! without our blessing, they would become undone back to nothing!!”

The times when you feel you’re going to fall flat on your face.

I worked for months on end trying to put stuff together. I worked night and day. The day came. My nerves were jumping all around; I didn’t know how I got myself in this. Everyone is telling me, “I can do this” Then it is over and everything went off without a hitch.

This is how things went this week when I had to preach. My first time with a group full of men. I have always preached to teens and young kids. (No, I am not an offender.) The youth is the future of this world so that is why I work with them more than adults.

But I thank all those who supported me on this matter. I feel with everyone’s help, we as a church family here at MCC can grow and make it through this time of trial.

– Rev. Joel Ryan Dudley
MDOC# 17574
17 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, ME 04062

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