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My name is John Redcorn & I want to achieve total fitness. I work out every day & I exercise my mind with my case manager, Kristen, going over things with the packet with what I have to achieve. Also I wanna get back in touch with my native heritage, which is Cherokee. I’m going to go to the native pow-wows. They do it their way, I do it mine. I stand in for any colors. Jesus gave me a second chance to live for, pretty much smarten up. My favorite color is blue. My favorite guards are Deb, Florida & Duddly. (I don’t mean to single anyone out.) My cellmates are Uncle Dok and my brother Rage. I like Reece Witherspoon, too. He’s a good guy. And my ex-roommate Chad Nazer, & Jeff “Sparky” Tyler is cool too. And Cody over there at sermon. Eric Munson’s crazy. He’s a good guy. I wanna say “Hi” to my folks. Frank & his situation – man – I feel for him. When I get out I wanna send a special prayer to each & every prisoner & to everyone a special thanks. I’ve learned a lot. Amen.

In a few months, I’m leaving Windham after around two years in the system. I did about a year in county, & so I haven’t had enough time here at MCC to take courses that prepare you for re-entry. Since I’ve been in here I’ve lost my girlfriend. I suffer from paranoid scizophrenia, PTSD & ADHD, for which Dr. Marbles has me on Celexa. I went to my case manager to find out about a discharge plan & he told me to stay with my grandparents for a few days till I figured stuff out. I told him I couldn’t stay there and he told me he couldn’t help me. I live in the country & shelters don’t take felons. I asked the case manager about Maine Care to keep getting my meds 7 he told me to check with DHS when I got out. So I’m fucked, right?

I’m a homeless schizo on medication I won’t be able to afford, and I have probation for two years. So I’m fucked. I did talk to one helpful Guy – Eric Munson, the mental health worker. He agreed – that I’m fucked.

– R. B.
MDOC# not provided

Note: We are happy to report that R.B. was able to reconnect with a great supporter shortly after his release from Windham, and that together, they had a great holiday season. Keep up the love! Be well… – Lyssarian Joy, IT

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