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I am doing okay, but for the last few days my parents called the cops on Erin. Cause she barrowed my t.v. And they fucking thought she was stealing it. Get that shit.

I am lifting again but it’s hard to keep in the mood. I will probly write miss chunky at some point. I am not working. I am doing the school thing.

I an lifting with this kid named Ennis he is kinda weird



Yesterday me and another guy were going to the gym. When we got to Sallyport, the other guy (which was Rage) wanted to pray to get good hoodoo going. We got in the stairwell & we were away from the other guys and we prayed quickly.

But when we went upstairs Officer Mango in Sallyport control held us back. He’d seen u s on camera & was asking us what we had been doing. Praying, said Rage. Mango told us not to do it again that it wasn’t chapel. Definitely the last time he said. I thought it was stupid. I guess he doesn’t like praying. Maybe he’s a Satanist. Rage said that since we got shit for praying it was like persecution & that made it worth even more hoodoo. It’s stupid that Mango hates Christians. If he prayed, maybe Jesus would help him lose weight.

I love you, Erin! Pick up the phone!

– Bruce Holt
MDOC# 69031

Hi. This is Bruce Holt, MDOC# 69031.

Know what sucks? When your fiancee is taking it the hard way from your best friend, and you’re receiving letters, but no money from this 4x4x4 chunky ex-girlfriend who’s gotten married, and you call her when she tells you to call her, but she won’t even answer.

It also sucks when you think you’re gonna be at Windham for your stay & find out you’re gonna be shipped to the farm instead. I don’t like that at all.

Miss you Erin. Miss you Abby.


– Bruce “The Bruce” Holt
MDOC# 69031

The only contact I have with you outside people while I’m in here for the next few years is mail & phone. In both cases, I’m completely at your mercy. I can write letters (if I have money sent by you) or I can call you (if I have money put on the phone by you) but you don’t have to write me or take my call. When I write or call you, I always have to be nice to you & I usually can’t disagree with you, ’cause if I do you sometimes won’t write back or take my phone calls. You, on the other hand, can pretty much say and do whatever. I’ll still call & I’ll still write, ’cause I need you.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, Erin, since Wednesday (though she’s gone a month 1/2 without taking my calls before. Why?) I’m in prison, by Moses! I’d answer your calls! I’d even write you! (I’ve been on the mailing list for political prisoners since march for Holistics and am I still on it, ’cause I thought I was supposed to get cards?)

So if your man’s a prisoner & calls you, answer it.

Answer the phone, Erin. Please?

– Bruce “The Juice” Holt
MDOC# not provided

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