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I’ve been here in the C.R.A. For 6 – months + 2 – days. Today we went out behind pedophile isle for a hour and a half. I walked 3 or 4 – laps around the little walking track and one of the guys from here started walking with me. Ron Crocker, we walked and talked. Rec was almost over and he says, I’ve gotta goin and get ready for a visit from my mom and my girlfriend. So I said, what’s her name? Bedina, I knew that I knew her. Bedina is Bedouin for Bedouin – princess. I know that because her mother explained it to me 30 – years ago. So I said, does she have any sisters? He said yes, I said, two? He said, yes, I said, Christina, Bedina, Marina.  Right? He said, I met them in Florida 7 – years ago. He said, there’s no fuckin way you can know them. I said, I named them, their last names are Lewis, Christina is a redhead, Bedina is black haired, and Marina is the youngest with brown hair. He said, how old are they? I said, Marina 43, Bedina 45, Christina 46 or 47. It really blew his mind, when someone tells me something I’ve never heard before, and take the time to explain it to me it sticks. Bedina isn’t a “name” It’s a word. It means Bedouin Princess. He asked her about Chris Hamilton from Green Lake, she said, oh is he here, me and my sister really loved him back when we were kids. Funny, when she left visits I got a good look at her out my window. All of the visitors have to walk under it, going and coming, she’s tall, thin, long hair, smokin’ bod too.


My name is John Redcorn & I want to achieve total fitness. I work out every day & I exercise my mind with my case manager, Kristen, going over things with the packet with what I have to achieve. Also I wanna get back in touch with my native heritage, which is Cherokee. I’m going to go to the native pow-wows. They do it their way, I do it mine. I stand in for any colors. Jesus gave me a second chance to live for, pretty much smarten up. My favorite color is blue. My favorite guards are Deb, Florida & Duddly. (I don’t mean to single anyone out.) My cellmates are Uncle Dok and my brother Rage. I like Reece Witherspoon, too. He’s a good guy. And my ex-roommate Chad Nazer, & Jeff “Sparky” Tyler is cool too. And Cody over there at sermon. Eric Munson’s crazy. He’s a good guy. I wanna say “Hi” to my folks. Frank & his situation – man – I feel for him. When I get out I wanna send a special prayer to each & every prisoner & to everyone a special thanks. I’ve learned a lot. Amen.

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