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How’s Circle? It’s always good to hear from y’all.

These last couple of months have been hard. I lost everything that I had worked for in one hour. I’m starting over at the bottom It’s been a crazy couple months. The Warden came down to see me. He told me that if I didn’t behave I was getting in a lot of trouble. They (I.P.S.) had been fucking with me for 2+ years, with no write-ups or charges. I was removed from the L.T.R. Board, placed in a disciplinary pod. I can’t go to Rec. It’s crazy. They kept treating me like I was acting up, so I started acting up. The Warden noticed and we had a hard talk. Now I’m starting from the bottom, but I’m in a way better place mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I had lost my way but I’m better now.

I want y’all to be better, because I’m doing better.

As I am,


Your brother, Prince.


Write to Danny via:

Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune – MDOC #86753

807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600


So, as I’m sure you can tell by the paper and the pen, I’m in the Box again.

So, yeah, Friday the 13th.  So it was a regular day and I was supposed to take my college readiness final.  Actually, I was supposed to take it last Tuesday, but I wasn’t ready, so I pushed it back to Friday.

So, I’m up at the yard, and I see somebody who had done something he shouldn’t have the last time I’d seen him.  So I looked at him.  He saw me.  I walked over to him, and we started shaking.  (When you shake, it’s a really good fight.  If it’s just so-so, it’s just a fight.)  So,  mind you, this is right out in the middle of the gym.  He was standing 15-20 feet from a c/o, but he, the inmate, wasn’t gonna move away from the c/o, so we got it on right there.  It was bloody.  He gave me my first-ever bloody nose (those are a bitch.  It bleeds a lot.)  and I split his eye, nose and lips.  Plus, his tooth got in the way of my hand, and split my knuckle to the bone.  It took stitches to close it.  Should’ve been more, but the doctor just pulled until it closed.  His eye got ten stitches.

We got maced with the big riot-fog cans.  They are about the size of a can of tennis balls.  That was unpleasant, to say the least.  I felt like I was on fire.

So, as you can imagine, I got lugged.  Now, they’re saying I can go back to population sometime next week, but I have to be on a behavior plan.  I can’t go to the yard for 30 days, except for school or religious purposes.  I have to have a room by the c/o’s desk.

Just some juvenile bullshit.  It is  what it is, though.  I bought it, and I’ma pay for it.  It was something I felt I had to do, so I did it.  I’m not saying I’m right, but it’s over now, and time only moves in one direction.

To change the subject, I just had the MOST AMAZING conversation I’ve ever had since I’ve been up here.  The person I was talking to was X.  He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  I could write pages on him, but I won’t.  I’ma just give you just one point of the convo.  He asks: What is a human, and what separates us from the animals.  Me, I don’t know.  Answer:  the ability to dream.  Then we talked about the difference between dreams and ambitions.  Ambitions are something you want to do, have, and see (and get this, b/c it’s mind-boggling.)  A dream is God talking to you.

A dream is God talking to you.

As I am,


Fortune, Daniel

Write to Prince via:

Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune – MDOC #86753

807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Wayne Lapierre died at a hospital three days after the home invasion, and his wife survived her injuries.

BANGOR, Maine — A man who was charged along with two others in a fatal home invasion in Maine has pleaded guilty.

44-year-old Tony Locklear entered his plea Tuesday to intentional or knowing murder, aggravated assault and robbery.

His sentencing hasn’t been scheduled.

Prosecutors say Locklear, his 22-year-old daughter, Alexis Locklear, and her boyfriend, 39-year-old Christopher Murray, shot Wayne Lapierre and his wife, Diem, at their home in Millinocket in December 2017.

RELATED: State police confirm identity of victims, seek suspect in ‘targeted home invasion’

Wayne Lapierre died at a hospital three days later, and his wife survived her injuries.

Authorities say Wayne Lapierre was targeted because he was a licensed medical marijuana grower who owned multiple businesses.

Alexis Locklear is expected to change her plea Jan. 22. Murray’s trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 28.

[Daniel Fortune, a black kid, got two 50 year sentences for the home invasion of a former state senator, and no one was killed.  What do you think these white folks will get? Danny got two consecutive 50 year bids; injuries in the home invasion were inflicted by Leo Hylton, his partner.  He got only 50 years, because he talked, and Danny wouldn’t.

IS THIS FAIR?  This isn’t North Carolina, the last time I checked.  This is MAINE!














Image: Danny and Samantha at the Gardiner High School Prom, way back.

Contact Danny via: Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune, #86753 – 807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Editor’s note:  All of the prisoners featured in our blog will one day be free.  Daniel Fortune (a Haitian-American) was convicted of a home invasion (of a white, former state legislator) during which his co-conspirator committed some very bad violence, but no deaths.  Danny is serving two concurrent life sentences.  His co-conspirator (who talked) got 50.  All of the other murderers (a couple rather grotty) will be free while Danny is earning his 17th PhD. 


Danny Fortune is a good man.  And prisons are businesses.  And there’s something wrong here.  Isn’t there? – Robin Rage

















cci11042018_0017-e1544082003955.jpg~ Rudyard Kipling

As I am,



Write to Danny via: Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune,          MDOC #86753 – 807 Cushing Road – Warren, Maine 04864-4600

E + Empirical Recall.

It is the conversations that we have had in philosophy class here at M.S.P., that have shown me why hope and faith are so important to a philosopher.  The class that we have here is big, so there are a lot of diverse opinions.  We have several different religions represented as well as atheists. Surprisingly, it is the conversation with the atheists that has shown me the value of belief.

To a believer, God is all-powerful and the ultimate owner of the Heavens and Earth, yet, we Muslims believe that Allah has given us free will so that we can choose whether or not we want to follow His mandates (the Quran) or if we even believe in Him.  The firm foundation of this belief allows for the belief in miracles.

There are several conversations that stand out as reinforcement for my argument.  The first was that when we were talking about hope, several of my classmates have said that hope is a painful subject that they don’t believe in.  They referred to the myth of Pandora. opening the box and all of the greatest evils escaping except love.  They have used the fact that it was included as an “evil.” To them hope is a double edged sword, because as great as it is when it comes to fruition, it can be just as devastating when it fails.  To my classmates it is better not to have hope then to take the chance that you will be disappointed in this belief.

As a Muslim, I do no suffer from these views.  When talking about the future, I always add Insha’Allah, which means, “God willing.”  If my hope does “come true,” then it is not God’s will.  While I may be disappointed that what I wanted did not happen, I am not unduly emotional.  So, I look at hope as a vital important part of my life.  This does not mean that I still don’t strive to do the best of my ability to achieve whatever goal I have in mind, but if it is not in Allah’s plans for me, who am I to complain?

The second discussion was trees.  For example, were trees designed to give us oxygen, or was that just a useful by-product of their function?  Those that don’t believe a God believe it is just a coincidence.  I wonder if they are even aware of what they are missing.  Far be it for me to tell another person what to believe, but it strikes me as trying to explain colors to somebody who is blind.

As I am,



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