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There’s to many things that I want to do

In this life with only you

There’s too many sights and too many sounds

Too many starving people just hanging around

We will do our best to feed the needy

Then lie awake knowing that our souls won’t bleed

There’s so many things that I need to know

In this life that only you can show

There’s too many soldiers fighting in the sand

Dying for reasons they don’t understand

Time to cut our losses and just pull out

Does anyone remember what we’ve fighting about

There’s too many things that I’ve got to see

In this life so will you follow me

There’s too many disgraces on our faces

There’s no more pride not even traces

Too much is wrong it’s been far too long

It’s time to stand up and be strong

There’s too many things that I want to be

In this life yet for the world to see

I want to be proud able to stand tall

want to be accused of dropping the ball

In this life what I need to be

is a decent man for our society.

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