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How is everyone?  I guess you could say I am good.  Be a lot better when I am back in Maine.

I have been doing a lot of work on the Ministry.  I guess you could say when I get out of the halfway house Paster McFeeley and I will need to get together for about a week straight and see where we stand.  I know that I will get together with a lawyer friend and file for non-profit status but as you see I go under “Christ Mission.”  I thought for Christ Mission because I feel it is my mission from Christ to spread his Word through prisons and ex-inmates.

I know we also need to put a board of directors together plus our by-laws for the board; you can trust me this is a night and day thing.  I guess once I find a place to live in August I will start my work on that.

So how has life been for everyone out there?  Arline (Lawless) and I have not really spoken much only because we have not had anyone who could forward our mail.  I guess you could say my mom did her best.

I am going to let you guys go for now but I will write you more later.  I just hope I can find the money for more stamps tomorrow.

Joel Dudley



How is everyone?  Sorry to hear all that is going on.  Yes, Arline (Lawless) and Mom had something.  I spoke to Mom and she said it was just a lot of stuff going on plus the fact that I lost my phone for four months.

I can say I have spoken to Mom about it and Arline can call her.  It is not a problem; Mom didn’t even remember saying not to call.  I am still here in New York, only ’til April 10, then I will be on Grant Street in Portland.

Yes, April I get half-way house.  I will need to find a place to live when I get out of there (LOL.)  You guys know how that is.

I am going to enclose a letter for Arline.  If you could send it that would be great.  I really miss her.

I hope you guys find those pictures, for yes, that would be cool, plus, check the email and see if D.S. has sent anything.  Fuck.  No one writes me anymore.  Plus I would call, but I have no number for you guys.

I have a full time job here so I have not had much time to write the news letter, but trust me, I will get Christ Mission in line.

As you see I do my best putting stuff together so keep me updated and don’t scare me like that again.  Man, you are like my family.

I’m still awaiting pictures of my girls from Lori, but I don’t hold my breath.  So don’t forget when you send Arline’s letter it’s from Todd.  Todd LerFondler.

Your Friend in Christ,

Joel Dudley


How is everyone?  I guess you could say I am good, for April I should be back in Portland and in a half-way house.

I can say, yes, I would still write Dark Star but of course I don’t have an address or phone number for her and so I don’t whow where that is going, for unless she emailed you for me I don’t know.  I thought that you guys had pictures of her for me, at least that is what somebody said the last time I heard from you guys.

I get a letter from Arline (Lawless) here and there, for I had no one who would send our letters for us.  (LOL.)  I guess you could say if you could forward it for me.  For you guys already have my date of April 10.

So hey, write me back and yes, please check your email and send me whatever you have from D.S.



How are you? I guess you guys are home? How is everyone doing?

Will you guys write me and send me the pictures and stuff you had for me from D.S. plus you guys said you had pictures of others for me (LOL) I see you guys never said anything about the notepad (LOL.) I hope you guys like it for I thought it came out good.

As you guys should have already read the newsletter for February. Please let me know just what you guys think, for yes, you are my partners in “Christ Mission”.

I am including a letter for Krysta, for yes, I want you to know that I really do like her and yes I plan on keeping up with her even after I get out of here. For, Hell, it is something. I can do, for I am also in talks with a couple of attorneys I know in Maine to use what we can to help her get out of prison, even if it was to mean she might end up on probation.

I just hope she is not mad at me, but you know me, guys, if I can help her I would like to.

So how are you guys at Holistix doing? You guys doing any Circles yet, for yes, I know just how it helps everyone. Oh don’t forget me my b-day is 3/3. Yes, I say that for it would be great to hear from you guys. (LOL.) Hey, I guess I will let you guys go for now, but I will do my best to write you guys again real soon.

Love always,

Your friend in Christ,






How are you guys?  I did get your letter today; I guess you could say I am great for now.  I will write you a news letter soon, plus another blog entry for you guys (I guess you could say this one’s just ho hum.)  Sorry.  Had a lot going on around here.

As I told Dark Star in my letter to her, if I had a number I could call her, but, I guess if she really wants nothing to do with me then whatever, I just lost a lot of friends.  I just thought she was at least a little different.

I did try to call you guys a few times today.  As you know if takes alot to get stamps for anything, unless you guys have money.  So I will send you this letter, but I will finish my newsletter-blog and see what I can about getting it copied and sent out.

I still don’t know yet if I can see or even speak to my kids yet.  I should know after tomorrow, for if all works out I should be on the phone for court at 3 pm.

Lori still does not send me pictures and mom has to fix her printer first before she can.  I guess you could say same old same old, right?

I guess you could say any pictures of Dark Star, Arline, my kids,  or anything else you want to send.

I’ll write again real soon.

Father Dudley




How are you?  I guess you could say I am okay, but I want  you guys to know you are a really hard bunch to get a hold of on the phone.

I got your letter on Thursday, plus the ones from Arline (Lawless) but no, I never got one from Robyn (aka Snax), but I guess you could say that is Kool (LOL.)

Yes, my ministry is going good, but of course it is still hard when you are broke.  As you know, now, Lori and I don’t speak so I don’t have help when it comes to money.  Why do you think it is hard to get stamps and other stuff?  Well, the Lord will provide; He always does, you know.

I guess I should tell you guys that the Feds are not like State.  You don’t get free anything.  You are on the hook for it all here, so yes, I spend the $5.00 I get a month from my job here on hygiene and a few dollars on the phone for my mom, and if I can, my kids, for Lori is doing her best to keep them from me.

But, yes, I do try to call  you guys, for yes, it would be great to hear a voice from a friend or two.  For you guys are my only friends on the outside.  I guess you could say that D.S. is also a friend, but as you know, I don’t hear from her like I hear from you.  As you know, I only heard from her once in my five years in.  If anyone hears from her, tell her that I am still waiting for her next letter.  She can’t say she is all that busy.  She can write me.

Well, I will let you folks go for now.  I hope that everyone is having a blessed summer.

your friend,

Father Dudley


Hey, Circle.
I guess you could say I’ve been spending alot of time meditating on the words of Christ lately. I’ve notice that most preachers always quote Saint Paul, and I’ve done the same. But, I thought that it would be best to forget about Paul for a while, and return to the source.
I guess you could say I started off trying to find out what Jesus thought about homosexuality. I mean, most so called Christians seem to believe that Jesus hated homosexuals and that they’re all going to Hell. I learned that this wasn’t true.
Paul had his issues with women and slaves and homosexuals, but not Jesus. Jesus himself says nothing about homosexuality, so I guess you could say that it wasn’t a big button issue for him. He doesn’t say anything about abortion either, so I guess you could say that it wasn’t really big on his mind either.
Jesus had a problem with two groups of people: the rich, and people who fuck with children, and even then he’s all about love. “Forgive your enemies.” “Love one another.” “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
I guess you could say that you really can’t use the name of Jesus in any message of hate. No matter who you or I hate, even if we hate them because they’re bad, we can’t attach the name of Jesus to it. Jesus was about love and humility. He said that it was easy to forgive your friends, to pray for people who are good to you. He said pray for the bad ones. Forgive the bad ones. Anyone that you could name that you hate, Jesus would say, “Love them.”
I guess you could say that that’s it. Jesus doesn’t say anything bad about homosexuals. In fact Jesus doesn’t tell us to hate anyone. Jesus tells us to love one another, so, I guess you could say that if two people of the same sex love one another, then they’re doing what Jesus told us to do. I guess you could say that’s all I can think of for now. I’m going to go to bed. It’s late.
God bless us. Everyone.
God’s blessings, gifts, graces and love,
Father Dudley


‘Father’ Dudley, 2016


Hey, how are you all doing?  I guess you could say you have me worried a little, for I wrote you guys back on 5-23-2017 and have not heard from you or Arline since then.

Sorry, I have had a lot going on, for I had court about Lori and I on the 15th, and now again on July 19th, so I guess you could say after the 19th I am free in one way at least, from Lori.

I hope I hear fro you guys soon.  I will try to call after I get more money on my account again, but if it is the last time I still won’t get you (lol!)

Lori is doing her best to take the kids from me.  As of the 15th, I was told i couldn’t even call my kids until further notice, but I guess it is all part of God’s plan for me, right?

I guess I will say bye for no, so I can get this in the mail, but I hope to hear from you guys soon, for right now, you are my only friends I have.

Father Dudley



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