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Write to Joel via:

Otisville FCI – Joel Dudley – Reg. #07499-036

PO Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963





Write to Bishop Joel via:

Joel Dudley – Reg. #07499-036

FCI Otisville – PO Box 1000, Otisville,  NY 10963



Write Joel via: FCI Otisville – Joel Dudley – Register #07499-036 – PO Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963


How is everyone?  I know you guys should have gotten my last letter by now.  As I said in my last letter, life goes on as God wants it.

Is Bella still alive?  Sadly, for me, Lori got rid of Charger a while ago, and it could be some time before I get another one.  Again, life goes on as God wants it.

I’m sorry this is so short, but I am going to say goodnight for now.  I need to work at 4am and it’s 10pm already.  I guess you could say: pray for me, as I pray for all of you.

God bless and love always,

Bishop Joel Dudley


Write to Joel via:

Joel Dudley – Reg. #07499-036 – FCI Otisville – PO Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963

How is everyone?

I guess you could say I have had a lot going on for the past few days but of course you could say I will make it for I have a lot more good going on.  As I said it is nice to hear from you guys.  I have tomorrow off but I was asked if I could come in for just a few hours.

Sorry for printing but my wrist is really killing me lately.  I guess you could say I will need to wear my brace here soon if I want to get better.  Fuck, it takes so much time when it comes to printing out letters.

I wish they would turn down the hear here for it feels as if it is set on 100 degrees but I guess my fan will come in handy for the time being.  I will write some  more later, for I should head for bed for 4:00am comes early and here it is 11:30pm.  I will be out of work at 11am but before I can get back to writing I have a few appointments I need to get done, but always keep in mind that I love and miss everyone.

I guess I close in saying this:  always keep in mind in all you do praise the Lord, give God the glory and worship.  God will bless you and help you.

In the name of God,

Father Joel Dudley

Christ Mission Prison Outreach Program


Write to Father Joel via:

FCI Otisville – Joel Dudley, Reg. #07499-036 – PO Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963

Circles and Citizens,

How is everyone?  I guess you could say I am doing good.  I just wish April would get here already but of course it will get here soon.  I would say if some of you could be in Portland on April 10th that would be cool for yes, I would love to see some of my friends when I get off the bus.

I had a friend send D.S. an email, but of course I was told she asked as if she didn’t know who I was but I guess I should have known (LOL.)

As you can see, I enclosed a letter to Arline (Lawless.) Keep in mind to send it as “Homer Noodleman”  I just hope it goes through, but of course who knows.  I hope I can work it all out once I get out of the half-way house.

So how is my church going?  Is my congregation still holding “Love Feasts?”  Am I still “the Bishop.”

I guess I am going to say goodnight for now, and I am going to bed for as I have said before, long day at work tomorrow.  Keep in touch.  Whatever you guys – Cedra,  Amber, Fusion – do, you better not fall off the face of the Earth again.  You guys had me worried; you’re my only friends, at least the ones who have stood by me through this.

God bless,

Father Dudley


Write Joel via: Joel Dudley , #07499-036 – Federal Correctional Institution – P.O. Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963

How is everyone?  I got your letter today.  As far as letters go you can send whatever you have crazy or not.

I guess when it comes to the pictures you guys have if you would like you can put up to 20 in one envelope at a time to me.  For Hell, you guys are the only ones who send me letters or pictures.  Feel free to give these guys my info so you don need to worry about sending all these letters they can send it right to me.

Hey, tell D.S. I need to speak to her about this dream she had.  I guess you could say a name she said kinda jumped out at me.  But I will write her a letter as well.

Oh someone made a comment in a letter back when you guys went insane.  You still are insane (LOL)  How is Minh?  Is she still seeing someone?

When I get out of the halfway house I wouldn’t be able to stay with Brent for he has his daughter and if I can maybe mom and Cherokee.  I guess you could say we will see.

I guess you could say it is cool to hear from you guys again.  I guess you could ask Darkstar this for me, for I know I will never hear from her because of Mark.

So I try to  call you guys at least once a day but get nothing from you.  Is there a number you guys can recieve texts at or an email address where I could send emails or text it?  I ask this so that I can write you guys if I need to.  But I will close, so yes I want to get this in the mail.

Love, Father Joel


Write Joel via: Joel Dudley Register Number 07499-036                                                    Federal Correctional Institute – P.O. Box 1000 – Otisville, NY 10963



Circles and the general public,

How is everyone?  I am doing okay.  Let me start out and say that as far as I know I do not need to register and yes if they try to make me I plan on dealing with it in court.

I guess you could say after April I will know more on this fact of registering so as soon as I can find a place to live and get out of the halfway house I plan on calling a church meeting.

I mean when all of my supporters can  get together we should put a board together.  I know me, but I need to put the board together for us to get the church off the ground.

I know I told you . guys, but as far as I am concerned you can tell people my address so you don’t always need to forward my letters.  I know Amber said her address was on the envelope but of course you guys sent it so I don’t have her address. but if it does

I will pray over the scripture that Father Morgen asked me to look over (Revelations 2:17) for yes if I need to it will come in handy for sure.  I hope it won’t come down to it does, Morgen and I can work it out there.

And yes, my mom says she will send my letters to Arline (Lawless); it just seems that she does not ever get them, plus I can’t even call mom anymore, for she doesn’t have a phone right now and yes I keep trying to call you guys but of course no one ever picks up for my calls.

I can tell you guys April 10th I will be heading for the halfway house on Grant Street; I will still have four months to serve for my time so yes, August 9th is when I will be out for good but yes on paper.  I could get home confinement maybe from the halfway house if I have a place I could live so yes I am doing my best to work all that out.

I can say I hope to get one of you on the phone so yes we can talk for you know it is easier for us to speak on the phone but I guess we will see.

If any one would like let them know that I could call them if they just send me their number and I will put it on my phone account here.

I will let you guys go for now.  I have enclosed; I wait to hear back from you all.

God bless,

Father Dudley


How is everyone?  I guess you could say I am good.  Be a lot better when I am back in Maine.

I have been doing a lot of work on the Ministry.  I guess you could say when I get out of the halfway house Paster McFeeley and I will need to get together for about a week straight and see where we stand.  I know that I will get together with a lawyer friend and file for non-profit status but as you see I go under “Christ Mission.”  I thought for Christ Mission because I feel it is my mission from Christ to spread his Word through prisons and ex-inmates.

I know we also need to put a board of directors together plus our by-laws for the board; you can trust me this is a night and day thing.  I guess once I find a place to live in August I will start my work on that.

So how has life been for everyone out there?  Arline (Lawless) and I have not really spoken much only because we have not had anyone who could forward our mail.  I guess you could say my mom did her best.

I am going to let you guys go for now but I will write you more later.  I just hope I can find the money for more stamps tomorrow.

Joel Dudley


How is everyone?  Sorry to hear all that is going on.  Yes, Arline (Lawless) and Mom had something.  I spoke to Mom and she said it was just a lot of stuff going on plus the fact that I lost my phone for four months.

I can say I have spoken to Mom about it and Arline can call her.  It is not a problem; Mom didn’t even remember saying not to call.  I am still here in New York, only ’til April 10, then I will be on Grant Street in Portland.

Yes, April I get half-way house.  I will need to find a place to live when I get out of there (LOL.)  You guys know how that is.

I am going to enclose a letter for Arline.  If you could send it that would be great.  I really miss her.

I hope you guys find those pictures, for yes, that would be cool, plus, check the email and see if D.S. has sent anything.  Fuck.  No one writes me anymore.  Plus I would call, but I have no number for you guys.

I have a full time job here so I have not had much time to write the news letter, but trust me, I will get Christ Mission in line.

As you see I do my best putting stuff together so keep me updated and don’t scare me like that again.  Man, you are like my family.

I’m still awaiting pictures of my girls from Lori, but I don’t hold my breath.  So don’t forget when you send Arline’s letter it’s from Todd.  Todd LerFondler.

Your Friend in Christ,

Joel Dudley

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