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Hey, Circle.

What’s poppin’?

As far as me ever getting out, I’m currently waiting on the judge to make a post-conviction ruling.  Well, God will let me out when he wants to and not a second before.  I’m okay with that.  Don’t get it fucked up: I want to be out, a.s.a.p., but I trust God.  He has a perfect plan for me.

As I am,





Kimberly Caldwell.

Why don’t you end it with me?

Cause all’s well that ends well.


What will be, will be, and girl you’re a bombshell.

It’s elementary.

It’s like bangin’ a cowbell.


Mystery, be with me, Miss Kimberly Caldwell.

Be with me, Kimberly…


Mother fuckin’, cock-suckin’, peter-puffin


Kimberly Caldwell.

Let’s put out a CD.

We can record it in Hallowell.


Mystery, be with me, Kimberly Caldwell.

Be with me,





What’s poppin’?

I’m tired of wondering if everyone that I care about out there is okay, or strung out, or overdosed.

My man just got shot a couple of months ago.  Another is fighting a body (murder.)

I am tired of hearing bad news from people.

As I am,


So, I’ve had an eventful couple of months. The biggest news was my direct appeal was shot down, and the State Supreme Court affirmed my life sentences. That sucked. I found out from watching the news. Unpleasant surprise to say the least. It’s a’ight, tho. I’m not sure if it’s a setback b/c I was anticipating that to happen. I know that I’m not gonna get any relief on the state level. So, as you can imagine that had me fucked up for a li’l while. But, I’m better now. What doesn’t kill you and all that. It has definitely made me realize that I need to be doing even more to better myself, and make sure I’m in the law library. I go twice a week now and I start a college prep class on Tuesday,. I’m re-educating myself and it feels good. My mind feels uncloudy and I’m working on and for my future.

Why are our jails & prisons so overcrowded up here in Maine? Let’s ask Daniel Fortune, who’s doing two life sentences! Course, I always thought the idea was a life for a life! Who did he kill? Nobody! Wait – he almost killed someone? No! He wasnt’ the one with the machete – that was Leo. Leo already copped to that & he got 50 years. Danny got two life sentences! Only in Maine! Big business kills lots of people, shit – do you think the executives of BP will do any jail time? Course not! And they’ve done more damage than dumbass Fortune! Yeah, Maine!

– From “Trik”
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