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Sorry that I haven’t written this sooner. It really sucks looking for work as a pro-wrestler while living with your parents. Not as badly as it does living with Daddy Jake and the institution, though! Instead of work, looking for a fucking stamp. Right?

I’m depressed. I just need a break, someone to give me a job. I’ll do anything for money – well, I won’t ever sell knives door to door again.

I wanna say hi to Lyssarian & Kitchen Dann & Eric Munson. I didn’t know Sweetz – didn’t know what to say about that one. Oh, and a big shout out to my former fiance Danessa Moon. One day I’m gonna win you back, you handsome non-slut!

I’m just trying to find a cool, fucking picture of Duke U. Go Duke!

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Sunny D.

Get comfy, it’s a long one!

Hi everyone, it’s sundog coming to you from MCC Happy Camp. It’s my last blog and only twelve more days for me. My stay here is coming to an end. So I really just wanted to recall the year I spent in jail at MCC in Windham, ME.

Although it’s not a real “prison” it’s been close enough for me. You would think I would have seen more fights with eight hundred inmates. Surprisingly, fighting is at a low right now. In the past year I haven’t seen one fight. That’s right. I’ve only heard the fights. Probably around half a dozen or so. Some good but mostly just one or two hits a piece. Last summer that was a shank fight. Slice & dice. That was a little messy, lol. All in all, I have grown stronger both in my physical and emotional state of my well being. I’ve grown tolerances to different foods I’ve had to eat. The menu here is deff better than Cuny County has to offer. And there’s commisary. Thank God we still have outside food. It deff didn’t help with my wasteline but I’m still glad. Keeps the betting going and the trade offs. Some normalcy.

We had wooden doors on our four-person bedroom. It’s about 7ft x 8ft room. A desk and two bunk beds. It’s comfortable with only three. Four’s a crowd. The room’s come with lockers for all four people and Big Blue Bags to put clothes in. It works. I’ve had no complaints in this dorm. I’ve only complained about some of the shitty workers that work here. Well, maybe some even shittier roommates. I can say that the cellmates I’ve had here are just disgusting. Most of them put together would maybe make a set of teeth. You know what comes out of your infested mouth when you have all rotted teeth. Yes, bad fucking breath. Holitosis is a problem. I’ve done good. I’ve let it go except one guy. He really needed to know. You know, he was shocked, he had no idea he had ferocious breath. He also had a problem scratching himself all over until he bled.  Just plain gross. I’ve had some really interesting roommates. If you were schizophrenick you were my roommate. It was a mess if you came to MCC you had to be my roomate and share your crazy mind with me. I’ve had twenty eight ignorant cellmates. The only sane one was Mr. Anderson. He is my current roomie and is actually normal. Thank god or the great Spirit for ending  my time here with a descent guy. I’ve got stories coming at my ears about what I’ve gone through in the year I’ve been here. First. Mr. G. Woz. Great guy. Has a drinking and driving problem like me. 2nd roomie was my good friend, “Rage.” Met him in York County. He lifted my Spirits and taught me how to make flowers. He will be one of two good people I keep in contact with. Great guy.

Then we had the horrible experience in Dorm 3 where everyone hated me and made my life miserable. That only lasted for two months. Long enough. I wish bad things to those who went out of their way to make me uncomfortable. RIP Dorm 3. I won’t be back. Dorm 3 actually had the best showers here on the compound. Nice & Private. Next in line was your first Schizo Mr. Wade (I had sex with my daughter in-law) McAlpine. Remember he was the one with eight feet of hair? Blah, talk about gross. Send Schizo was Larry Rollins. He was a complete mess who couldn’t stay out of his own way. Good luck with the lawsuit Larry. I didn’t like you but you have a good case. I’ve had the priveledge of having a belimick kid in my room. Actually taught me to like myself again. I could have been worse. I could have an eating disorder like him. I feel bad for him and the life he has to deal with on a daily basis. Next group of soldiers I had the great pleasure of meeting was A. Walsh, Z. Clark, and G. Lemire. They put me in with a bunch of pillheads. They were posterboard pillheads. No thanks. I didn’t do any. Only two schizo’s in that one. The other one had a tattoo on his face. Although I’m a huge fan of tattoos I don’t think the face is the perfect place. Yuck! Second group after that, was psycho Archie Maloon and bigot Roman Mank. I was in a bad room with even worse roomies. One day I came home from work to find a “Hate Faggots” waiting for me on the desk from the Lonely Loser. Roman Bigot Mank. Had you both left life with Anderson is awesome. What a class act. Something you know nothing about. To Ernie Androse, Joe Tripp and Joel Cashing, you’re a bunch of Skinners and I hope nothing good ever goes your way! Thanks for calling me faggot and to Ernie who wanted to beat my ass because I was clean. Pusshead.

I wish all of my roomates Karma. What comes around, goes around. Be ready for your horrible lives. Xoxo – muah – from yours truly.

Now onto the staff. The MCC fans will not be pleased but I could care less. Obviously I will not be bustling the nice ones. To the bad COs, you just suck!! Only Kitchen COs Dawn, Rob and Sloan and Tom: You Rock. Thank you for everything. Thank you for treating me like a normal friend. MUAH. Also, two thumbs up was Ms. Rose. My fav. You rock girl. Love that strength. Next who gets an honorable mention definitely McCloud and Liibby. You’re good at your jobs too. Good luck. To the best nurse ever Elaine – great good at what you do too! To the best med nurse – LINDA. Thank you for being great at your job as well! I still miss Bevan. To Debbie, you’re cool too. To everyone else, find a different job because you’re useless. Bigots should not be allowed to work here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Crawl back under the rocks you came from. I deff wish you the most bad luck. Names will not make this list because of retaliations. Just know that there’s a long ass list.

To all the wonderful Authors. I have enjoyed reading your books. Maine squeeze by Catherine Clark. Sharing  Sam by Katherine Applegate. All my love to Ms. Chelsea Handler. Thanks for the laughs. You rock. James Patterson also left his mark in me.. Will Cross ever make time with his family? Will Kyle Craig ever get caught? Every time I read a book I expected it to happen and it’s always been continued. To my all time favorite Stephanie Meyer. I love you and the series. MUAH. A weird read “The Man who Ate the 747” by Ben Sherwood. He really did eat a plane (for love). John Grisham. Can’t go wrong with him. Thank you for making me a real love for books person.

Thank you to the Native American Program. I’ve learned so much. And met a couple cool dudes. Thank you for the sweat lodge and all the visitors. AHO. Special thanks too Sister Maryann, you’re an angel. She chooses to work with inmates every day. Great gal. Great job.

To: Mr. Merrill, thanks for nothing. You made my stay here a litlte worse too. Ba-BYE!

Yes, I have learned my lesson for drinking & driving. Never again. I’m sorry I put you through this mom. I love you and I’ll be home very soon!

A great big yummy THANK YOU to all my penpals who have written me.


Love you, see you on the outs,


– Sundog

Raymond Munson
MDOC# 83366

Read more about it on Rage’s blog: heres-a-little-behind-the-music-of-three-more-julys-for-you

“MCC for me (perhaps for all of us)  has been, productively, much akin to what India was for the Beatles. Being chem free (and free in many ways aside from the obvious sense), we’ve all written tons of tunes in just the last six months, probably at least fifty or so songs altogether. What appears on “Three More Julys” is really just a splash.”

P-6 and the Windham Philharmonics, "Three More Julys"

Note: The CD “Three More Julys” by P-6 & the Windham can be found at

With constant rhythmatic voices always playing tricks on my subconscious, not to leave out the cell of what is to be called my room and board for another fourteen months. I sit idle, sometimes, and ask myself questions like: what will I do with myself tomorrow? Is all this really behind me? What did I take and keep with me so far and will continue to do when the time comes for me to go? I’ve participated in multiple programs and classes. But, for me, as one who is very musically inclined, I concur to myself “the 12-Bar Blues Project” was the one thing that sticks to my soul the most.

“The 12-Bar Blues Project” is one that lets the incarcerated inmates, who are really into music of any kind (unlike the name of it, anyways) a chance to show, give and release how they feel emotionally at the present time, or in the past through playing music, whether it’s writing songs, playing guitar or bss in one, or singing one as well. It’s also a blast to hear and learn other people’s styles of playing or ideas. The songs don’t have to be emotional at all, either, but can be comical for a good laugh or right-out-there too.

What did the program mean to me? Well…

The program meant to me, not only an opportunity to see where I stood next to really good musicians, but also, if my music was liked by not just me. Plus the fact that I got to experience the real act of recording a real CD was astonishing, to be part of something positive, some learning and therapeautic on top of FREE was and still is, to me, one of my life’s personally proud moments. For once I was sober and clean, playing my own as well as contributing to other’s music. I can honestly say that didn’t only make me happy, and lose focus on my surroundings, but also my family’s approval and respect. And not just theirs, but the staff at MCC too, noticed the changes I’ve made since I first started my bid. And the full come-around I’ve done.

For me to finally be able to say I wrote a song without being drunk or high, or for that matter to remember what I wrote and how I played it was a huge thing for me. I was homeless for three years on and off, with my family always trying to help me out but I took everything for granted and never saw the whole picture, prior to my incarceration. Since then (2008) I’ve come to understand the true meaning of trust and respect. Also that even the smallest thing out of the ordinary every day, every week, every month redundancy is a gift and not to be taken for granted. This program and the people in it and involved behind the inside of it have my most utmost respect and thanks for allowing me to participate in it and for their guidance and corrective criticism and suggestions.

Thank you all.

Special thanks to Grendal and Rage and to #1 (Lyssarian), also to my imperfections that help make me who I am as I yet continue or to change myself for a better person I know I can be.

– Matt Moscillo, AKA “Irish”
MDOC# 82613

This is Jimmy “Gunny” Clark, one more time. First I was sorry to hear about Dr. Bevin getting fired here at MDOC. Dr. Bevin – I hear you read this & I just wanted you to know that I feel better than I have (mentally) in forever. This is all thanks to you & your patience & the way you worked with us. Thank you! You were just too good for this place. Take care. You’re the best.

And I’m outta here real soon, and I haven’t gotten any kind of card from anyone in Holistix. Well, Rage gave me a  card, but he’s another prisoner. I planned on getting involved when I get out, but I guess it will wait until Rage is free.

Thanks Lyssarian for posting our stuff. Do you have Circles in Carolina?

– Gunny
James Clark
MDOC# 7493

The Admiral: I wore my wedding ring for a year after my wife died outta respect.
Rage: I wore my wife’s combat boot up my ass for like 5 years. But not outta respect. It just wouldn’t come out.

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