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My mother taught me many things:one of the most important things was how to cook.Cooking is very special. I grew up in a large household, so food, the preparation, and the gathering together to eat food, was always an event. I was one of four boys that my parents adopted, and we were never without at least one foster child. As you can imagine, my house was seldom silent. Most times Mama Love would have been happy with quiet, but one of us boys was always doing something, and rarely was that something done quiet. Our kitchen was the hub of our household; in fact,we (boys) spent so much time there that Mama love ended up putting a TV by the table in the hopes that we would direct our attentions toward the TV rather then each other. When you walked into my house and heard a commotion it was good odds at least two of us were in the kitchen.

Mama Love insisted that if we were home the boys would eat together. Glimpse in the life of foster care. Will continue next week….

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