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Write to Arline via:

Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057

17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04062




Write to Arline via:

Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057

17 Mallison Falls Road – Windham, Maine 04062

Hey people.

Holy fuck. Done thought you died!  I hear that, about “Horror shows.”  Bout time you guys wrote to me.  Beginning to think you forgot all of the conversations we’ve all had.  I never heard from anyone.

Everything is going okay here, I mean, as good as it can be, right?  Nope.  Not that I know about the strike situation, but I could be wrong there.

I would still like to crochet hats for the homeless.

I mean, I am as well as I can be.  I felt like I was forgotten by everyone.  I wrote to Fuzzybear and Sarah a while ago.  I was waiting for a response from them.  I assumed that they didn’t want to write me anymore, either.  I will send them a line.  I would like to talk to all of you guys over the phone, but lack of funds there.  Hopefully whenever I get some money I can set up a time to call and talk with you guys.  It’s cool bout being a long time.

Give me a shout back.






We have all of our friends suffering in corrections to trace their hands for us, the symbol of the Project.  If this is you, let us know!  Be well!

I was having a sex dream.  Don’t know who he was but he was slowly sliding his cock into me.  I was slowly getting wetter.  In fact when I woke up I had wet undies.  I was right on the verge of orgasm when I hear a knocking on the door.  Fuck.

Now, I am sitting ere in my 8′ by 10′ two-person cell at 1:00 a.m.  I am writing letters to people who never write back.  So, I might as well stop writing to them for they have forgotten about me.  Nobody cares.  Feel like nobody loves me on the outside, like they don’t have time for me.

There is a lot of shit going on in here.  There are guards who play favoritism to inmates or as we prefer to be called “residents.”  To top it all off they took all of our crocheting and knitting stuff and anything that we had in progress.  Pisses me off something wicked.

I really want some guys to write me.  I can skype, and I love writing and recieving the dirtiest letters.  My ultimate fantasy is to have one cock in all three of my holes and to have both of my nipples being sucked on at the same time.  What’s yours?





Dear viewers:

Many apologies from those of us responsible for receiving and posting the words of our prisoners here on the P.P. blog.  Suffice it to say – it has been a challenging year for many of us on the outside.  Due to unexpected changes in workspace and personel, many letters sent to us months ago, are only being posted now.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your support, not of us, the free and fumbling, but of our prisoners.


The Editors of the Political Prisoner Blog

As of this writing, 1% of the United States population is incarcerated, and 25% of the world’s prisoners are being held in U.S. jails.

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