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As I am,


Maine State Prison – Daniel Fortune, #86753

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The grass is getting even greener now.  I guess summer is on its way here.  Been watching surfing on TV this afternoon.  Tell you the truth the last time I watched surfing was back in 1979.  So it’s been a long time.  Strangest thing is, in 1979 I remember watching a surfer by the name of Kelly Slater competing.  This afternoon there was a Kelly Slater surfing and I think it’s the same one.  Kinda crazy.

Kenneth McDonald

Hey Circles, so good to finally hear from you guys.  Me and (Daniel) Fortune were actually getting worried about everyone.  Glad you guys didn’t get kidnapped by aliens.  So is everyone doing and feeling okay?  Thanks for the postcard.  Did someone actually go to Mount Desert Island to visit the park?

Well, it’s the end of October and two months more to go before it’s 2019!  Saw a little snow this week, not much, just a little dusting.  Winter is coming folks.  Bundle up and keep warm.  Now there are a few towns in British Columbia, Canada that I would like you guys to look up the populations of on the internet and sent them to me.

1 Alert Bay  2. Revelstoke  3.  Lions Bay  4, Maple Bay  5. Oak Bay  6. Qmatthiaski Cove    7.  Lady Smith  8. Sparwood  9. Flowers Cove  10.  Tahsis  11. Seal Cove  12. Vancouver  13.  Greenwood  14. Brittania Beach  15. Keladan  16. Thorn Hill

Well, folks, be well and stay healthy my friends.

Kenneth McDonald









How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend?  Did you guys do anything or go anywhere?

So what do you guys think of my write ups of the Seamaster’s and Stormhaven Island?  Forgot to tell you that Stormhaven Island is fuill of Shark worshippers and the waters aronnd the island are full of sharks.  Next thing I will be doing are writeups of the Seagrave family.

Well, I’ve been watching the weather channel and it looks like Hurricane Harvey is doing a number on Texas.  I still haven’t heard from my sister.  I did warn  her quite a while ago that she was trading Maine winters for Texas hurricanes.  Hopefully they are all right.

I’ll be getting you guys those write ups of the Seagrave family in a few weeks or so.

Kenneth McDonald

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01





Hey, people.

Just recently in our pod there was a kid by the name of Earl Huntley, who got his face and part of the side of his head, literally bashed in by his cellmate one night.  The guy wasn’t taking his psych meds and stomped on Earl.  He also cut him up pretty badly, from stem to stern.  The kid is amazingly still alive and is in Maine Medical in Portland.  Is there anyway that you guys could go and visit him and let him know that Kenneth McDonald, Trask and a few of the other guys are thinking of and praying for him.

Earl is a Wiccan, so, could you guys get him a Wiccan Bible to read?  He’s also a Dungeons and Dragons player, 5th edition, and was looking into getting a copy of “Volo’s Guide to Monsters.”  The kid has a long hard road ahead of him and he’s going to need a lot of help.  There is a lot of good inside Earl Huntley, hopefully he has no brain damage.  If you know any good looking Wiccan women, send them over to visit Earl.  If you visit him, let him know that I’m thinking of him and would like to see him again and maybe even play Dungeons and Dragons with him if he wants to and feels up to it.  Earl knows that I’m not out to hurt him.

Well, good night everyone.

Oh, also tell Earl that I’m getting bored and I miss geeking out with him.



Hello, Circle, so how are things with everyone? You know I just realized this morning that I haven’t heard from you guys in a long time. Hopefully you guys just have a bad case of procrastination and haven’t been kidnapped by aliens, or packed up and moved to Tasmania, which is probably the best place to be right now, considering what is going on in the world. How are you guys doing, anyway, is everyone okay? I haven’t heqrd from any of you in a while and I’m getting kind of worried. I know my letters have been reaching you because they haven’t come back to me. Hopefully the prison mail room hasn’t been doing anything funny with my mail.

Well, I foud out a little while ago that my sister and her husband, who moved to Corinth, Texas are living right below what is know as “Tornado Alley.” Hopefully Tornado Alley doesn’t get wider; don’t think I will be telling her that she lives near it.

So what’s up? Have you guys been playing “Dungeons and Dragons,” lately? Have you guys won the State Lottery? Are you still in Southern Maine? Write back, inquiring minds want to know. Traced my hand on the back of this letter. Well, good night.

Kenneth McDonald

PS. Could you guys send me some more of those spells from the Dragonsfoot website and could someone check the internet to see if anyone has created a Wicca and Medium class for Dungeons and Dragons? Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Hello, everyone. I haven’t heard from you guys in a while. You haven’t been snatched up by space aliens, have you? Well, here it is near the end of the first month of 2018. How was everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s? Did everything go well for you guys? What has everyone been up to these days? I just thought I’d find out what’s up with you guys. Been keeping busy, have you? Still looking for those spells from the Dragonsfoot website. Hope to here from you guys soon.

Kenneth McDonald

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