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Hey, Circle, so how’s it going? What did you guys do memorial weekend? Did you have a good day? I haven’t actually written any poems in a long time.

Have you guys managed to get a Dungeons and Dragons game going yet? As for the weather, I guess it’s going to be warming up.

Well, this June 18th, I shall be tuning fifty years old; I don’t really feel that old. Does tuening fifty mean that I’m a half century old? Did you ever get a hold of a copy of the Golem Plate Spell form the dragonsfoot website, along with a few other spells?

Well, goodnight, and I hope that you guys have a great summer. Don’t get sunburned too much.

Kenneth McDonald


How are you ? I guess you could say I have seen a lot better days – I still have not heard from Lori and the kids but of course, who knows.

Sorry I have not written for a little bit, I have had some medical problems in the past few months. I have been having some really bad, light headed dizzy spells. Medical here really don’t know what they are doing for all they keep saying is “drink more water” but of course you know how doctors in prison are for fuck, I just wish I could stop being dizzy for some days I can’t even get out of bed.

I guess you could say I still feel lost, for I don’t really hear from anyone but you guys, or I should say “you” for you’re it.

So have you heard from Dark Star, for yes, it would be great to hear from her. But, if you guys want she can send me more pictures just like you guys can as well.

I guess I will let you go for now, for I need to work on what I’m doing in class tomorrow, so if you need it I can give you my second copy, when it comes to class for yes, I have two weeks left of my defy class I took. You should look up I know their site sucks but yes that is a program I took here. I will write you guys more later, for yes, I know you enjoy hearing from me (LOL.)

Father Dudley





Well, it’s May and I am seeing lots of green grass now and lots of flowers.  Plus a bunch of birds other than seagulls.

Have you read any comic books lately?  I heard that Peter Parker, aka Spiderman got killed by Doctor Octopus in issue 700 of the Amazing Spiderman.  I wonder if they brought him back to life or if someone else stepped into his webs as the new Spiderman.

Remember – it’s Friday the thirteenth.  Anything weird or unusual happen that day?  Well, I’m going to  chill out now and watch some of the Friday the 13th movies.

Good night.

Kenneth McDonald


Hi, everyone.

This place is really great.

Every Wednesday we get clean sheets, pillow case, blankets.  You don’t know how happy I am that I made it here!  The earliest I get released is June.

The deserts are out of this world.  Tonight we had a strawberry short-cake cupcake with strawberries in the middle of the cupcake.

Talk to you soon.

Miss Linda

Hi everyone. One of my names is Poley and my biggest challenge this week is being around people. As it turns out I fucking hate people in general. I don’t mind some people but even those people I prefer small doses. At the shelter one must be around people often especially at night. Don’t get me wrong that’s rough but pretty much anywhere but jail one has the chance to get away. Here I absolutely do not. Sometimes like lately it has really ground my gears.

In happier news I’ve started the cleaning crew. 50 cents and hour but better than nothing people have not been sending money from the outs. Gotta love family right? That’s all this time.JU



I wrote back faster this time.

Every night here, I walk two miles on the treadmill.  I’m not rolling out of here!  I’m doing about 14 months on 18 months.

They have a clothes closet so you can wear regular clothes.  Feels so good.  We even get commissary between 7 to 730am.  When I first came here, a very nice woman crocheted me a blanket for my bed.  You’re never in your room, though.  The longest time we’re in our rooms is during visits (4hours.)  They even have a yarn bank (scrap) where you can get yarn to crochet whatever you want.

Next Monday I’ll be celebrating six months sober!  They’re gonna mention it at the town meeting on Wednesday.  I’m flying right by these women.  I go to four AA meetings a week, doing classes, working with mental health, bible study.  There’s still some classes I”m still waiting to take.  I signed up for four more classes.  I”m so happy and I like where I am.  Today, and every morning, I read “My Daily Bread” and daily reflection.

Hope to hear from more of you guys.


Miss Linda

Sorry that it took so long for me to write back.  Thank you for the list of books, but I asked the officer about sending in for the books you rfedcommended and she said she wasn’t sure abourt having those books sent in.

Well, I’ve got a lot of time, hanging. Nine years with four years probation.  I was at the prison for three weeks bgeroer I came to pre-release.  I”m so mucdh happier here 0 akit if freedinm smoke ciggarettes, food is so much better.

I’m going to four A.A. meetings (in=house) a week, and I”m starting to take classes.  I’m truing to get on Mark’s crew to the animal shelter, and I’m going to start working with mental health.

This place is so spotless.  Windham Prison is so bad with Val.  She says it’s her prison and she’ll run it her way.  And the level system really sucked.  The officers here treat you sooooo good (respect.)

Well, I’d really love to hear back from you soon.

Miss LInda

What’s killing your heart?  I sit, filled with love, hope, peace, silence, prayer?  Or is your heart filled with fears, obsessions, worries, dissatisfaction?  Is your heart filled with addictive thinking or behaviour?  Whether you are a person in jail or new to the concept of peace, I hope you will find time to examine your own heart and identify your own challenges.

There are empty places that I cannot fill.  Deep pains that still haunt me.  So, I fill my self with things that don’t satisfy.  Things to soften the ache inside.  It is an endless cycle of stuffing down the truth of my heart – instead of letting it soar freely.  For only in truth can I find release.   But when I face the reality of the darkness, the truth of all things that hold me, the chains can be broken and the path to healing can begin.

Truly loving the self involves willingly befriending what emerges into the light of conciouslness.  Befriending doesn’t mean always agreeing or cooperating.  It  means, in a way, treating the different aspects of ourselves as “others” the same way we might tyreat them if they appeared in other people.  We listen respectfully, cooperated and cherish or forgive, as called for.  Should some aspect of the self prove difficult or an enemy, we practice the difficult art of blessing it and praying for it, seeking out the heart of its disturbance rather that hating it, cursing it, and seeking to destroy it – even while we restrain ourselves from acting it out.

Growth is not always about getting through terrible pain.  Most often it involves change, perhaps only a small shift in awareness or embracing a good part of you that got lost.

Ust the things of this world as nature needs them, but not with excessive attachment.  For people become like what they love.

Frankie McNiece

I have been wondering.  Brothers, all I know, when I get out in August, sometime.

I can still remember being in Windham.  When Jason, Rage and I were lifting weights, we had some fun and got big.  What’s been going on with Father Dudley?  I don’t hear from him anymore.  We had a lot of fun in Windham, even when we went to the pow wows in Windham.

Well, brothers, I will sign off for now and write me.

I haven’t forgot about Spain, and I still want to go over there and I want to go somewhere else also like Hong Kong or Asia or even go to Alaska, so I can drive truck, make a lot of money, you know.

Brothers, I’m gonna wrap this up.  Everyone have a good day.  Peace brothers.  Aho my red brothers.

John Redcorn

The weather has been pretty good.  I’ve been walking around the track, and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Guess what?  They moved all of Charlie Pod over to Alpha Pod (which used to be protective custody; they no longer have a protective custody pod at the Prison.  They did away with it.)

Things are going good and for the most part, except for some code blues and reds, people have been behaving.  I’m still writing back and fourh to my sister and she visits me from time to time.  Been reading alot and watching t.v.  There are some people in here that I talk to and to tell you the truth,  I think that I am talking a little more than I used to.  Still slowly working on my Dungeons and Dragons world, and I am still looking for some more spells from that Dragonsfoot website – mostly cantrips to 4th level spells.

Is anyone out there playing any AD&D?

Kenny “Malibu-Owl” McDonald

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