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I am the invincible dragon,

who is plated with gold sheets,

and red rubies,

and a breath of fiery hearts.

I feel my challenges in full force and with empty mind.

I must be falling in love with every moment of my life.


Because I am positive of it.


I hate to be so mercenary, but C.R.E.A.M. – “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.” After the J-Man, Rage and Marley, money is the one thing I think I can depend on, because I know it’s power and can handle the problems it brings. (Again, control.) Plus, it seems like there should be some kind of monetary compensation for such a quick trip to hell.
Yeah, the J-Man’s been working overtime. I just have to make sure I take the time to hear/look for Him. He is giving me everything I need to do everything I want to do. I just have to believe and reach or reach and believe, ya dig? That’s gonna be my new motto. Yeah, I like that a lot. Hey, did I tell y’all that I’ve been working out, hardbody. Plus, I’ve been hitting the heavy bag, speed bag and all that, getting my Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on. I’ma come home a healthy temple of the Holy Spirit.
Reach and believe,
As I am.

My name is Steve Allen. I’ve been at York County for six months on a domestic & its the worst jail to be at.

We have to pay $1.00 for pencils. We don’t have any exercise area, just a 20 x 20 pen with a roof, where we can walk in circles. We pay for our cups, our sporks.

I just went to my little brother’s funeral (with only 3 days left to serve & no trouble my whole time here) and I had to pay York County $250 just to go!

So, I’m outta here tomorrow.

Love to my bro Bobby Sheehan.

Oh, thanks for all the drug & alcohol counseling (not!).

When I get out tomorrow, I’m gonna smoke a fatty!

– Steve Allen

My name is Wayne Johnson and I am currently incarcerated in York County Jail and Alfred, ME.

I just want to express my anger and disgust about how we as inmates here are paying through the nose for commissary here versus the same product on the outside. Seems to be almost double the cost in here, compared to the price on the street.

And I’m annoyed about how much we have to pay for phone calls out of the Jail. Our friends and loved ones are truly the ones who suffer here, because they have to pay such astronomical notes.

I think something should definitely be done about this unjust crime against us inmates.

– Wayne Johnson

We pay as much as $1 for one soup! I’m talking like Ramen. In other counties its as much as $1.50.

It costs $1.30 just to connect, $0.29 the first minute, $0.21 each additional. And whenever a friend or family member sends in money, the system takes 25% right off the top!

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