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Hello everyone.

One of my names is Fritz, and my biggest challenge has been not smoking.  My whole bid, so far I haven’t really thought about smoking.  The thing is on the outs, when I do research and read a lot, I like to smoke.  A couple times this week, I was doing some reading and found myself wishing for a cigarette.  It’s crazy how close those two habits are at least for me.

Other than that, I’ve been doing well.  I’m on the cleanup crew now.  It’s $.50 an hour, buy it’s better than nothing.  I don’t have programs now, so work makes the time go by.  I keep strange hours – 3am to 11am.  No complaints, just an adjustment to sleeping habits.

I haven’t gotten any postcards from Circle of the Stars lately; don’t forget about me, bitches!  I’m in prison, but I’m not dead.

Until next time, humans,


Greetings, fleshlings.

I think we hate Emilie Autumn for the same reason she hates herself:  Emilie is starving for attention .  We think Emilie is a whore.  On the opposite end, Emilie is very honest.  I think she may have an ingrained dislike of that as well.  Emilie does what she wants; no one can tell her what is best to wear, or how to , out in public.  For Emilie, there is no difference between public and private.  I think the “the” would not enjoy life anymore if such were true for her.

Why, oh, why did I ever stop doing what the aged Empress wants?

Hope everyone’s having a happy new year.


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