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I caught Rage on the radio again on WMPG today during the Locals Show with Issac.  I missed most of them last week because I like to eat.  We do not get back from chow until close to 11 am?

Leggo my ego.  I have not been playing at all. I go outside during night rec. and that’s the only time we can play.  Hopefully I will be done soon.  One more July!!

I recently scraped, laid out and repainted the whole medicine wheel on the gazebo.  It looks very nice.  I took a lot of time on it.  The evil sister wanted me to complete the frist info booklet we worked on for the Native American Group, but it is not on disc.  So I recommended using Rage’s three booklets (“Getting Started on the Red Path,” “Visions on the Red Path,” and “Smoke Signals on the Red Path.“) which are on disc, and compiling them into one.

I would go nuts without a project around here.

The corn is chest level now, around the gazebo.  It’s growing very nice.

Every day when the news comes on, it seems to be another dead body found or another shooting in Portland, and I think of you guys out there.  What is that town coming to lately?

Words of wisdom?  Create some beauty and share the love.


We had a sweat lodge yesterday – my fourth, and my fourth four-day fast!  That’s rough!  I got the spirit name of “Sleeping Bear” – dreamtime is where I can get the answers to my questions in life.  Very nice!

We only had 13 people, counting Brian, there this time, so it was much more spacious (the evil sister has decided that only active members can participate.)  Rocky stayed inside through all four rounds, also.

A very spiritual experience for all.

I played the drum and sang.  We also have a Micmac from Canada who also sang two songs.  He’s very good and knows a lot of them.

Good times!

I have planted the native garden with corn, beans and squash, with a perimeter of marigolds encircling the whole thing.  I am going to put some sunflowers along the fence behind the gazebo.  I hope to have lots of corn this season!

I have that assigned to me as a dorm job this year, which makes it nice.  No ironing shirts for me, just water and weed the corn.

Has anyone seen Willow-Owl, or Michael Fralich in their travels?

I hope that everyone takes care of themselves out there.  Let some of that music out of your souls and into the world!


We pray for all of the men who have passed through our circle on their journey to the free world.

I’m not chief of the group; far from it.  I play the drum and sing.  I will not conduct a smudge because the evil sister insists on mixing the bowl.  I will instruct the guys on how to do it, but I will only burn a bowl that I mix mix myself.  It’s all good; they all want to do it anyway.

The librarian thing is the least I can do to protect Two Thunder’s and Rolling Thunder’s books.

We will be having a sweat lodge in mid-April.  “Quiet Thunder” is Cikte Petak in Passamaquoddy, pronounced “Cha-gid Bed-ag”; very  cool.  This will be my fourth sweat lodge, so I am getting a spirit name.  This will also be my last four day fast (4×4).

We have no crafts, now.  None.  The sister claims to have no time and no money for it (?)  That sucks for the new guys, but, it keeps the bead thieves at bay.


Quiet Thunder ~

Thanks for the shout-out on MPG.  That was cool.  Isaac really gave us quite a bit of airplay.  Last week it was announced that he will be out until January, which sucks.  The Bollywood India music show is taking his slot until then.  I have been playing guitar again now that night rec is over.  In D-2 we cannot play in our rooms, or outside, only out back if we have four people. I’ve got three or four original things I’ve been working on.  It’s a lot different without Jo-Joe La Beau here. He’s doing good.

The sweat lodge was postponed; we have no date as of yet.  I gave the Spidermoon volunteers sacks of native corn from our garden.  A small token of our appreciation.  All of the feathers and beads that were around the gazebo were getting ratty.  The cornstalks got composted and mixed into the soil.  The feathers did too.  I separated the beads into their colors and buried them in the directions around the gazebo.  We expanded the garden 1 & ½ feet, added vegetative matter and compost and turned the soil to loosen it up some.  The beads are mixed in the soil.  A clean start above ground, and the thoughts and intentions will feed next years corn.  I have all the seed corn safely stashed in my drum bag in the chaplain’s office.

I am in really good shape lately.  I run a lot, eat healthy, do yoga and a medium intensity weight room routine.  I feel really good.  I’ve got abs again!  And very little body fat.  I just want to look good naked.

Lot’s of changes around here.  The new commissioner is shaking things up.  I will adjust eventually, but I am not good with change.

Take care, my friends, and create beauty in this world.  That is our true purpose.

Love ya,


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