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I am the invincible dragon,

who is plated with gold sheets,

and red rubies,

and a breath of fiery hearts.

I feel my challenges in full force and with empty mind.

I must be falling in love with every moment of my life.


Because I am positive of it.

Tractors, beer and women,

and a bar fight is a given.

Some cowboy boots, some bathing suits

in cornfields in the sky.


Bull riding in heaven,

knuckling back some 7&7,

going to the rodeo with tassels on my boots,

long-sleeve shirt and a world of hurt,

skin-tight jeans and midnite reams,

cowboy boots and cowboy screams:

Mama, come see me ride that bull in heaven.

Good evening humans.  One of my names is Poley and my biggest challenge this week is self-disciplining myself to stop biting my nails.  I know how silly it sounds but I’ve done it my whole live and it is a really bad habit.  Self-motivating is something I always need to work on.  Working out, reading non-fiction stuff = learning and various other stuff.

So, I went to meditation, which happens about once a month.  Started playing basketball on a regular basis.  Read “A Man Thinketh” by James Allen.  Lastly, watched the new “Godzilla.”  Horrible disappointment.  They didn’t even get the roar right.

Well, that’s all from me.  Until next time,

drive safe.


Girl, you are on fire, girl, you burn me with desire.

Girl, I want to get you cool, girl, I want to hold you, you’re my jewel.

Each day I see in your angel eyes, each day I see a new surprise.

Now that you’re all cooled down, let’s get a frosty in our town.

Let’s go find all our buds, we can drink a few suds.

If we start to slur our speech, we can run naked on the beach.

Do not have any worry, I’ll get you home in a hurry.

Later on in the night, I will turn off the light.

Then we both will be on fire, with all our desire.

Careful with our butts in bed, we don’t want cuts in the head.

Don’t worry, we won’t do it wrong, making love together is like a song.

I like the way you move your hips, even more better when I kiss your lips.

In the summer when you get so tanny, especially on your awesome fanny.

You are my special girl, I am your special boy.

You are my girl pearl, and you fill my life with joy.

Hello everyone!

One of my names is Alex Coolidge and my biggest challenge is writing poetry again.  It took me awhile to get around to it but I finally did.  I even managed to get some of my old stuff.  I think a lot of it is just silly, looking over it.  MOt to mention I’d started writing in an unstructured, non-modernist style.  Generally I try to rhyme now, first line with the third, second with the fourth, and on and on.

I also had to really self-motivate to get this blog out.  Hopefully someone can translate my handwriting.  Ha ha ha.  Well, lover, that’s all the time I have until next week.


To my friends in Christ:

I thought I would let you know Lori’s not really speaking to anyone right now for we are still awaiting fo find out who could have done this crap to me.

I don’t know if you heard what is going on but the feds raided the house looking for child porn and they are trying to get me for it.

They found a coup[le of DVD’s in my office that had a mix of all types of porn.  don’t ask me how it got there but it was in a mixture of shit.

Rob is telling the feds it was all me for he said he never used my laptop and that he didn’t use Ares on the computer.  But both Lori and I feel with all of the crap I read and the fact Rob told Lori’s brother ‘s girl friend that he almost go busted for the same thing in Florida.

M lawyer is looking for him, but can’t find him, I guess.  Don’t understand why they can’t for people I know see him.

Tried to call Seth but this jail phone sucks so I will pass on his number to wifely.

I guess I could really use the Lord a lot more but for some how someway I reel I am turning away from him and I really don’t want to.

I love and miss you alot, and all of the church stuff is safe with Lori.  She has most of it but other than that I don’t know.

Fuck man, I just wish I know or should say knew who it is who was looking up child porn, but I don’t really know or have a way to prove it for I wiped all computers but my laptop.  someone did this and someone made discs and now I am fucked.

Hey, I could use a copy of the free list.
God bless and pray,

Father Joel Dudley

Alone in the company of loners,

I call them my friends,

Thow hemmed by fears,

To face a lonely life of sorrows,

Careful, careful how you tried,

When the world wishes you were dead,

Careful on life’s long last mile,

That in that day I’ll break a smile,

And breathe my last and be free,

Of this life of misery,

Good riddance that he is dead,

Heap hot coals upon my head,

I have no people to build a pry,

What few there are will not cry,

Dancing on the window sill,

I will take one last look,

And join the company if others,

In love socked Lars,

Above this demented space,

Were we punish and torment to no end,

As if on the Devil’s errand,

Spend and spend your life,

To lay waste to the gift of God’s grace,

In the hast we lift the axe to sever,

The offending member then,

Follow his bloody trail ,

To torment him farther,

What road is better?

Which path to take?

We all must die,

It is our fate,

You who rejoice to torment,

And make it your life’s work,

Let that be what makes you who you are,

When it’s your turn to go,

Those who torment with out lament,

Have a calling you now,

With such high marks,

As is your customary pleaser,

I’m sure the higher up’s,

Will give your treasure,

Even if their just jesting and testing you,

The painful stir of longing will tell,

them how its true,

Then will come their question,

Your heart will tell all,

Like a court that is in session,

The gavel will fall,

And waiting together you and I,

In the same line,

At the same gate,

To the same fate,

To be each others entourage,

In another endeavor among the stars,

Beautiful loser how is last in line,

You might be first choice,

Raze us our hearts as cups to heaven,

The singing par,

Love struck with charms,

Become blessed with a mild burden,

Like flower garden tended by virgin.

D. Moore

Summer’s here, the hum, the beat, the chime what better day to gather in words, for to make a rhyme

This high, holy day of our ancestral line consider it still, may we, a hallowed time.

Summer holds us in her tender measured glow

Making noontime shadows to barely show, now distant memories of winter snow turn to countless healthy weeds to hoe.

Summer’s long, long days to bend to our work and reap, catch we a moment of raging life within our winter keep

Mound we up lofty piles of hay, and pull our heavily loaded carts away.

Summers reapers, vigilant keepers picking every straw, stacking nature’s gifts of abundance in the hungry maw.

We work and work in summer’s haze, remembering winter’s bite, now we enjoy the wealthy rays of summer’s golden light.

Nursing along the tender young to show them off when summer’s done.

Not every patch or line is as a scare on her earthly shine, not every tree cut is a sin, amen for a fallen friend, but here a humble home for men.

God loves his toiling crew, that paints below the sky so blue.

Sun beams on the crowns of our heads one and all,  quench us in cool summer’s water’s fall.

In memory now to turn again, to summer’s resplendent journey’s end.

Doug Moore, June 21, 2011

Well, I guess winter has come early this year.  Our first November and it’s just right before Halloween.  I have a feeling that it is going to be a long snowy winter.  Hopefully it won’t be too cold.  So how is everyone out there in the Holistic Nation?  Hopefully no one has had to shovel too much snow.  Hey, has anyone been going to any gaming conventions yet?  Hope someone goes.  Well, in honor of Halloween, I’m sending some Halloween-type D&D stuff.  Hope that everyone gets lots of trick or treaters.

Bowl of Blood: This bowl is made of some unknown black metal. When the command word is spoken, the bowl fills up with blood.  90% of these bowls fill with human blood, 10% fill up with dwarven, elf, halfling, ogre and orc blood.  Drinking from the bowl heals a vampire of five hit pointsof damage.

Cloak of the Vampire: This cloak is made from the skin of a Vampire.  This cloak gives the wearer the ability to assume gaseous form, turn into a bat, summon and control bats and wolves, and to heal 12 to 15 points of damage, twice per day.  When the wearer dies and if he is buried with the cloak, there is a 95% chance that he will turn into a vampire.

Be well,

Kenny “Malibu-Owl” McDonald

They dance so smoothly across the sky

Pars, like dancers in transit before my eye

My body worms at the thought of you

(You) how have captured our hearts

You who stands on a threshold so high

No one to deny you

Be on top, the mountain hop

I lie here on this meadow below her

Casting an eye to heavens solder

Cumulus clouds make for all things at random

Like circling dancers

Or shimmering angels


When I think of  you,

I see too of everything

Dress me in the sound

of your thousand angels company

Carried on wings renowned

Though our heads are bowed in humility

They sing and a mountain, it moves (inside me)

Their song, it thins the boundary

Between heaven and earth

They care more for our souls

Then the shells of our birth

A treasured thing

Is a wants lived in being

A life long mystery

Like an echo of a song

Who will show up for me?

Will I remember you?

Or will you, me?  And

What of them will I see?


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