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Sorry my memory is such shit during that particular period of my life.  I was pretty fucked up.  sorry that it’s taken so long to write back.  Kennebec had me on suicide watch til they shipped me here.  A month and a week.  Just over a week in the turtle suit along.  When they shipped me they left all my paperwork and all.  It took a month just to get some of my shit.

I had almost forgotten your letter.  It fell out of my tome of paperwork the other day.  I was glad because I wanted to thank you for your letter.  Only a few people can realize what a piece of mail can mean to someone.  Especially someone with as much shit as I’m going through..

I can’t talk about my case at all Not only because of the severe nature of the case, but also do to the lack of info on the case.  I  don’t know what the fuck is going on.

I’m surprisingly optimistic for a guy facing life. I’m working out, reading, writing.  I”m clean of drugs.  That’s something I really wanted towards the end.  I tried to get into a detox.  There were no beds open at the time.

I don’t really want to get into the whole mess.  It really hurts thinking of Zina and our son, Loki.  He’s fine which is something, I guess.

I really wanted you to know that I appreciated that letter.  I thank you for your prayers.  You’re in mine as well.  If I ever get outta this place, I’ll give you a ring.

Again, thanks,



Hey, Circle, so how’s it going? What did you guys do memorial weekend? Did you have a good day? I haven’t actually written any poems in a long time.

Have you guys managed to get a Dungeons and Dragons game going yet? As for the weather, I guess it’s going to be warming up.

Well, this June 18th, I shall be tuning fifty years old; I don’t really feel that old. Does tuening fifty mean that I’m a half century old? Did you ever get a hold of a copy of the Golem Plate Spell form the dragonsfoot website, along with a few other spells?

Well, goodnight, and I hope that you guys have a great summer. Don’t get sunburned too much.

Kenneth McDonald

I am the invincible dragon,

who is plated with gold sheets,

and red rubies,

and a breath of fiery hearts.

I feel my challenges in full force and with empty mind.

I must be falling in love with every moment of my life.


Because I am positive of it.

And I like kidney pie

and the birds in the sky,

and the heat of July,

and that look in your eye.


That I don’t see right now,

and I wouldn’t have taken the vow,

but now I don’t see how

now that you’ve taken your bow.


I love you and me,

I just wish you could see,

that I love you and me,

and the things we’ve been through.


And I love you in red,

and the things that you’ve said,

and I love you today,

and now you’ve run away,

with me heart.


For Robin Egan

Good evening humans.  One of my names is Poley and my biggest challenge this week is self-disciplining myself to stop biting my nails.  I know how silly it sounds but I’ve done it my whole live and it is a really bad habit.  Self-motivating is something I always need to work on.  Working out, reading non-fiction stuff = learning and various other stuff.

So, I went to meditation, which happens about once a month.  Started playing basketball on a regular basis.  Read “A Man Thinketh” by James Allen.  Lastly, watched the new “Godzilla.”  Horrible disappointment.  They didn’t even get the roar right.

Well, that’s all from me.  Until next time,

drive safe.


Girl, you are on fire, girl, you burn me with desire.

Girl, I want to get you cool, girl, I want to hold you, you’re my jewel.

Each day I see in your angel eyes, each day I see a new surprise.

Now that you’re all cooled down, let’s get a frosty in our town.

Let’s go find all our buds, we can drink a few suds.

If we start to slur our speech, we can run naked on the beach.

Do not have any worry, I’ll get you home in a hurry.

Later on in the night, I will turn off the light.

Then we both will be on fire, with all our desire.

Careful with our butts in bed, we don’t want cuts in the head.

Don’t worry, we won’t do it wrong, making love together is like a song.

I like the way you move your hips, even more better when I kiss your lips.

In the summer when you get so tanny, especially on your awesome fanny.

You are my special girl, I am your special boy.

You are my girl pearl, and you fill my life with joy.

Hello everyone!

One of my names is Alex Coolidge and my biggest challenge is writing poetry again.  It took me awhile to get around to it but I finally did.  I even managed to get some of my old stuff.  I think a lot of it is just silly, looking over it.  MOt to mention I’d started writing in an unstructured, non-modernist style.  Generally I try to rhyme now, first line with the third, second with the fourth, and on and on.

I also had to really self-motivate to get this blog out.  Hopefully someone can translate my handwriting.  Ha ha ha.  Well, lover, that’s all the time I have until next week.



Hi everyone. One of my names is Poley and I have not encountered much in the way of challenges this week. I’ve been trying to focus on my poetry writing. Not much progress but I’m not giving up. Not this time.

I hear Holistics has had a new development. The news on my end is the “residents” here are not interested in the project. I do, so miss meeting up with everyone. It’s going to be nice to see how the project has progressed. Of course that is still aways away for me.

I have been really fortunate to have gotten into this programs. Considering the alternatives. I feel like I’m making some progress with self-improvement. Not to mention wood shop/carpentry is pretty much awesome. I do wish I had internet access so I could research things not found in the library here. Such is life. What can I do but make do.


Since I moved from MCC to Mountain View I do not currently have a copy of “Atlas Shrugged” I did manage to talk the librarian into buying that and “The Fountain head.” At the moment I’m working on “Path of Daggers” by Robert Jordon. I really can’t wait to get “Atlas Shrugged.” I will certainly let you know what I think of it love.

I’m always better off, not being, in jail. Now that I’m myself again, I do have some very strange requirements for a companion.

Welcome to America? Really?!? I’m moving to Mars. It’s always so nice this time of year.

Until next week keep the Revolution alive guys and gals.


Alone in the company of loners,

I call them my friends,

Thow hemmed by fears,

To face a lonely life of sorrows,

Careful, careful how you tried,

When the world wishes you were dead,

Careful on life’s long last mile,

That in that day I’ll break a smile,

And breathe my last and be free,

Of this life of misery,

Good riddance that he is dead,

Heap hot coals upon my head,

I have no people to build a pry,

What few there are will not cry,

Dancing on the window sill,

I will take one last look,

And join the company if others,

In love socked Lars,

Above this demented space,

Were we punish and torment to no end,

As if on the Devil’s errand,

Spend and spend your life,

To lay waste to the gift of God’s grace,

In the hast we lift the axe to sever,

The offending member then,

Follow his bloody trail ,

To torment him farther,

What road is better?

Which path to take?

We all must die,

It is our fate,

You who rejoice to torment,

And make it your life’s work,

Let that be what makes you who you are,

When it’s your turn to go,

Those who torment with out lament,

Have a calling you now,

With such high marks,

As is your customary pleaser,

I’m sure the higher up’s,

Will give your treasure,

Even if their just jesting and testing you,

The painful stir of longing will tell,

them how its true,

Then will come their question,

Your heart will tell all,

Like a court that is in session,

The gavel will fall,

And waiting together you and I,

In the same line,

At the same gate,

To the same fate,

To be each others entourage,

In another endeavor among the stars,

Beautiful loser how is last in line,

You might be first choice,

Raze us our hearts as cups to heaven,

The singing par,

Love struck with charms,

Become blessed with a mild burden,

Like flower garden tended by virgin.

D. Moore

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