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Hey, Circle!

It’s good to hear from you guys.  Hope that all is well.  I’m doing alright, living the dream, you know?  Waiting on Pre-Trial to get me outta here.  It’s such a slow process, because I was using and I don’t have an address currently.  They’re putting me in a twenty-eight day rehab program on the border of Canada.

I’m having a status conference soon, and if I’m able to get out of here without Pre-trial, I’ll be back at the Preb; Pretrial won’t release me straight to there… but, yeah, I’ll be going to a sober house called “the Farm”  in LImestone, Maine.  Temporarily.  But my dad’s helping me out with an apartment and a car as soon as my court stuff is resolved, hopefully after the 28 day rehab.  I’m hoping that I can plead out at my status conference and get time served, and if not then with probation,  I doubt that, because it’s a class B felony but the jail is at max capacity.  I haven’t been indicted that I know of; my case is all hear-say.  No hard evidence.  They searched my place and didn’t find anything.

Say a prayer: I’ve been here 86 days so far.  Hope to see everyone on the outs; hope to get a place in Portland.

Hope to hear back from you guys soon,



No way –

Such a magic day..

With your hand in my hand, how I love your face.

Your so

beautiful, so lovely, so wild and sexy,

Outside of lust insight of love –

(Did you just text me?)


Euphoria… I assure you

Adoria… I want more of you..



My eyes met your eyes while I played little wing.

That I’d be yours and you’d be mine,

Some simple special thing


Euphoria… I adore you, (I do)

Euphoria… I want more of you..



Cumberland County Jail, 2/10/15

For Tessa

I only have 50 days now.  Clocks ticking.  Chris Arbor’s out of Portland, but he’s also gonna oversee Biddeford probation.  Now sure who my P.O. will be.  probably be some newby who wants to make a name for himself.

Yes, I am fat.  I started doing just strength training, and no cardio.  I’ll walk more when it gets lighter longer.  Plus, when I get out I’ll be able to go biking and I will walk around way more.  But, regardless, it doesn’t but me much; it’ll get better.

Movin’ to a new city’s kinda nerve-wracking.

Thanks for the shout-out on WMPG!



I am not sure about G.P. On the mags. I do know that C.O.’s had to fight for us to be able to keep getting our maxims, no nudity here. Even easyriders with awesome titties are a thing of the past. When guys come in from other places they can have porn, but when they search our rooms later on, any found are taken. I still have one issue of my easyriders that the shit – bags didn’t get. Just happens to be a good one. With any luck at all I’ll only be in prison a bit over 8 – more months. Then I’ll get something real.

I’d like to be able to find a pen – pal around Portland. As I’ve said, I’m not sure what’ll be happening when I get out up at Green Lake. My father may die before I get out, or worse, give all of my shit away before I can get out. He pissed me off by giving one piece of property away. We own somethings jointly so I think I’m safe. I’d like to find a woman down here. Maybe end up moving down this way. If nothing else, find one to have visits with or something. I really can’t even talk to these guys, untrustworthy! No women contact is bad enough for me, but need someone to write. I’m dying here…

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