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One lady came up her from the prison last week and said the prison is out of hand.  Since they closed the pods.  I wasn’t there long (three weeks) before I came here.  After next month I”ll have four months left.  I have nine years hanging and four years of probation.  And I”m scared to death.

So, I’m going to have to do some serious buckling down.  I don’t want this life, being told meds, ear lock up.  They have done’ away with waking you up in the morning so they have every room a nice alarm clock.  Saturday morning I had to be up at 4:00a.m for a big breakfast.

Please don’t make me wait too long before DarkSky Circle sends me another card.

Miss Linda

Hello everyone.

One of my names is Fritz, and my biggest challenge has been not smoking.  My whole bid, so far I haven’t really thought about smoking.  The thing is on the outs, when I do research and read a lot, I like to smoke.  A couple times this week, I was doing some reading and found myself wishing for a cigarette.  It’s crazy how close those two habits are at least for me.

Other than that, I’ve been doing well.  I’m on the cleanup crew now.  It’s $.50 an hour, buy it’s better than nothing.  I don’t have programs now, so work makes the time go by.  I keep strange hours – 3am to 11am.  No complaints, just an adjustment to sleeping habits.

I haven’t gotten any postcards from Circle of the Stars lately; don’t forget about me, bitches!  I’m in prison, but I’m not dead.

Until next time, humans,


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Hey bloggers and readers! This is Sundog giving you the ins and outs of MCC. When I get to Charleston, I will be giving you the rundown there as well. So, let’s get to it!

The “cops” or as we like to think of them “Rent-a-Cops,” are really taking their jobs way too serious. I want everyone to know Hussey’s Name.  He is a c/o that after lunch and dinner throws away about 40 oranges. Now it bothers me because 1) He’s throwing away perfectly good fruit. It’s usually oranges and apples. 2) He is the only shitbag c/o that does this. So the inmates that don’t leave commissary can’t have snacks. I think it’s bullshit. 3) I also think “If” the inmates themselves aren’t eating them in the first place then maybe they should think about some fruit that isn’t costing taxpayers money to be thrown away. Do some “research,” people. And to the shitbag inmates that ruin that privilege, don’t deserve them anyways. The ones making Honch, mmmm, rotted fruit. Yum.

I gotta say He is pretty much the only shitbag I’ve come across here. So far. Everyone else is chill and knows how to commisserate with the inmates. C/O Lincoln. Lincoln is the cutest c/o I’ve seen in a long time. She is tough when she needs to be, but perfect for A-POD. She holds her own. So far, so good. God knows if one of the crazy’s wanted to, they could take her out in a minute. Thank god that doesn’t happen. She’s a cool shit. I could totally see myself having a cold draft Blue Moon beer with her. Although, that will never happen.

Now about our lovely caseworkers:

Sue is doing A-L and Gretchen (illegible, name may be inaccurate) is doing M-Z. Gretchen has her shit together. She has been here longer. Sue knows what she’s doing but she her sweet ass time. She almost seems as though it’s a bother to her. Her own job. She’s been here for 4 years. Time’s cheap Sue, please go retire. As for Gretchen, cute as a button, knows her shit and is pleasant to talk with. But inmates beware: Every single Jail and Prison is completely full. People are waiting 8 to 12 weeks to leave for  minimum. No Joke. I hope I don’t have to wait that long. Fingers crossed. I’ll be glad when I do leave, I’ll know some guys who will be in the same spot as me.

They are so full here that they are actually putting people in SEG because there’s no room anywhere else. I think that’s disgusting. SEG IS A DUNGEON!!!

Now, let’s talk about why we are so full. The reason I’m in here. Driving violations. Now, I’ve met some guys in here who have robbed and burglarized homes who get less time than me. I was driving (SOBER) one mile down the road dropping off Christmas presents to an  elderly lady. I’m here for 18 months. That’s fuckin BULLSHIT. There are alot of people in here who have done way worse than me and have  less time. IT SUCKS! I’m sorry about what happened to Tina Turcotte but it’s way-overcrowded because of driving violations. The state loves that money. It’s sickening. To her parents, way to go, assholes: I understand why. I just think there’s gotta be a happy medium  about it. I am “NOT” a criminal. I just get caught driving. SOBER. Doing incredible things for people! And I get the SHIT end of the stick. I do take it like a man. 

SHOUTOUTS: I have made a couple of good friends so far. I’m happy about that. One offered me a good paying job when I leave. The other offered friendship. I like them both. Thanks for having my back guys.

TO THE MAN OF MY DREAMS: I can’t wait to be free and together. (Wherever you are.)

Take care for now.

Write me!

Raymond Munson MDOC# 83366
17 Madison Falls Rd, Windham, ME

I’ll write back!

I am very excited about hearing myself on the radio! This is a first for me. I am also looking forward to hearing you on the radio and the rest of the “Three More Julys” CD. I actually only have two more July’s left.

12:02 pm. – They did play Sunshine In The Wind!! That was awesome. I like the S.T.A The Knight very much and the Ferocious Reprise was very good too. I wish I could have had time to “play something pretty” in there for you. Simplicity is a good song, but like most of Matt’s stuff it is just too long and drawn out to be enjoyable all of the way through. I like the Convict Song it’s just that the recording of it was not optimal. You know the situation with that, and it is what it is. I would have loved to hear the Amerikan Rhapsody “AKA – GO” maybe next time? I will be listening next week.


note: Read about Three More Julys here

Went down to the ball field behind the skinner dorms for 1.5 hours. Kind of boring, all I did was walk around. There’s still no volleyball. It sucks because that’s what I usually watch. The wipeouts and arguments are funny as hell.

Called my mother to wish her a happy B-day today. She’s 87, she told me that on friday morning she gave my cousin the address here and he mailed me a P.M.O for $80.00. Very Cool. My ex hasn’t sent the alimony yet. Holiday, she’s the one buying my jeep off me. She owes until december, I think then I’m broke. I am now.


Here comes another holiday in prison. Oh Joy, where I don’t even have a woman now they really don’t seem to mean much to me, for one day the might get a little better big deal. On the outside I eat good – healthy food. The crap in here is something to keep me alive. I really try not to pay much attention to it. I still keep thinking about the chili I make. I’d love to have a kettle of that and some cold Heinekens to go with it, that would be a real treat.


Lost another idiot to seg… There are three for the C.R.A. Guys there under suspension now. Mike Steadman, Wayne Niski, and Vaughn Scott. Vaughn was on the top bunk with the light on jerking off at 2:00 a.m. When the guard Nancy made her rounds. She told him to knock it off. She went around at 3:00 a.m. And he was still doing it, she screamed “Knock That Off” and woke everyone up. He’s inbred anyway, strange as hell. The only write I got in 15 – months was for screaming at him to mind his own business and get the hell away from me. Shit bag.


Well, this should annoy you enough for awhile. Need to write to a lawyer today too. I wish the guy would hurry up and let know what’s going on out there. Soon, don’t know any lawyer good at lawsuits do you? I desperately need one. My Bangor attorney wants me to find a Southern Maine Lawyer to get into it. Says it’s too inconvenient for him way up there. Shit it’s all electronic or by snail-mail anyways. This shit is all stressing me out way too much.


Take Care,




There is nothing that these prison walls have left to offer me. As I have spent eleven long and tedious years under their scrutiny during my incarceration I have lost many family and friends to death. Their final regards being sent with their last gathered breath. Others have moved far away to take a chance on a new life. Uprooted from their communities were both children and wife. And, so it has gone that I have done most of my time alone. Hundreds of people to play cards with though nobody phone at one point I had become bored even with my writing going to quite well. Then the next thing I knew I was put into a prison – rehab cell. Fourteen hours a day were filled with confusing rules and routine. It took me several months to figure out what it really did mean. I was informed that the rules were to break me of my negative ways. So I crammed and I studied them all the rest of my days. In some of the meetings I related my long and pent up grief. Thus making it easier to turn over a new leaf. I sat and I listened as others told stories of their disastrous lives. The loss of their children and separation from wives. I pondered long and hard before making my final choice. It was time that the world got to hear my voice. I looked hard to find my areas that I needed attention. And, also dug out harmful thoughts that needed prevention. In time I gained an entirely different way of thinking. Gone were the old routines of spending long hours each day drinking and the mornings waking up with pounding headaches and bloodshot eyes. The new days were to be much brighter, happier, with clear skies. I had been through a process of molding my thinking habits and more it allowed my vision to see that this would be my last prison tour. I wouldn’t ever again be forced to live another man in a tiny cell or have to breathe the stench that is a prisons’ well known smell or drink water from decaying pipes long unfit for human consumption or eat food I am told is beef, atleast by the cooks assumption. No more nights laying on a plate-steel bunk wondering if I’ll get any mail. Staying out of prison is something at which I cannot afford to fail. I am learning all of the tools I will need to live my life in sobriety. While making a place for myself in a sane and rational society. Through the years that I have been sitting around in prison. Short-term and long-term goals have both fallen and risen. Today, I am not into making plans for a long and eventful life. I’ll just take one day at a time and see if I can find a good wife. All of the aches and pains that fill me will never miss this place. I could never come back here again because it would be an unbearable disgrace.


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