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It’s me again, James “Gunny” Clark. MDOC# 7493.

A couple of weeks ago, maybe a month, I saw a doctor finally about my mental illness, and I laid it all out for her right? She’s a great psychiatrist, Dr. Bevin, from Alaska. She took a lot of time with me. And I was big, big-time honest. So, she put me on some meds, & everything seemed okay until last week or a week and a half ago.

I just started losing it inside, like lots of crazy thoughts. I started putting in tons of requests to see someone, but I guess the psychiatrists are only here every two or three weeks. So I had to discontinue one med on my own, and only now am I starting to feel not sick (due to withdrawal from the med I stopped taking).

Problem is, until Dr. Bevin gets back, the only thing the others, the “mental health” workers or any body else will do to a prisoner saying he feels crazy is to lock him down, alone. I can’t do that.

That’s my story. Thank you & never give up. If I won’t, then you can’t.

– Gunny

James Clark
MDOC #7493

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