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Life truly is a fairy tale, my adventure setting sail.

My triumph like Hercules – I brought Goliath to his knees.

What makes victory ever so sweet, is the learning that comes with defeat.


Never life’s mamba scares me a way, never a night without a day.

Never known love without a tear; never known courage without some fear.

Never known conviction without some doubt;

Can’t have “with” unless you have “without.”

Never known magic without some rules; never seen things built without some tools.

Never a full moon that didn’t wane:

If there’s a loss, then there’s a gain.


I grew an eye to make me the beholder, so beauty is beheld as I get older.


I speak of balance – yet don’t hold back!  If it’s a noble cause, the nobly attack!

One day there will come an end; can you say that you were the world’s friend?


There is perfection in the number seven;

I walked through Hell, so that I could know Heaven.

– Kabir



I’m taking a look at myself… so to speak, I put it in words I wright them down with this pen of mine… and constitute the realm of the world.

I correlate what will and not be… Just to get a slight meshes for the print so I dig deep down inside, to places I hide, in order to unbury my unconfortable shit!!!

OHHH yeah here we go again! Shuddering stables & ink unadorned by trend OHHH yeah what have we here? Another one obscene twisted fragment of corners in other words “ Just a new born abortin’”

Sling shot your attention spared I know it to be false… (fuck fake fuck) underlining your faults and its pretense, I count a dime short and yet of course

When time for retribution is made and made not retribution is. Slick fingers find their way around your neck, you wanted to be treated a shot a kid.

OHHH yeah… here we go again!… Complex stories and nothing else everyday from start to end.

OHHH yeah… What have we here? Just another file fuck may the gods & goddess bless your souls everyone of you sluts. Blessed be “Just a new born abortion”

Constructive demolition of self pride, forgetting that my brain needs these wind so here at your feet I lay it down, Just enough for you to understand that what you wanted all along has over time turned to sand!

OHHH yeah here we go again! Shuddering stables and ink unadorned by trend OHHH yeah what have we here? Another one obscene twisted fragment of cortexes in other words “ Just a new born Abortion”

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