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Dorm #3, Maine Correctional Center, Windham, ME is a joke. Most think of a “community” program they think of  a program that allows the prisoners into the community to take part in work, and not live behind fences. In most eyes the participants would live in a “House” with COs still present but they would have privileges not so associated with the prison. They could work to help support themselves as well as families at home, even if there was a 20% or so cost associated with the “House.” Almost a halfway house if you had drug/alcohol issues they were dealt with acordingly or the “House,” but as I stated, the joke comes from Dorm #3 @ Windham. Not only are we behind fences here, we are associated with sex offenders, the absolute worst of the worst, we have our “Rec” for one hour with them we eat with them and we are housed directly beside them, and just think; they say this is a “privileged” dorm.

This dorm is also called the Home Confinement dorm, well thats all well and good that and the community in the SCCP means we should be allowed to be in a “re-entry” state of our sentence. The program was started to help lighten the burden on already over-burdened system, as far as crowding, eating, clothing, housing, in my opinion we should serve 1/3 to 1/2 of our sentence. Once you’re selected for “SCCP” you come here, do the programming, then you get sent home with very strict rules / regulations. If it’s $ they’re worried about they will still receive federal dollars for you while you’re home before your sentence ends, plus they won’t be financially expensible so they’ll actually double their money, plus have open beds to put more people in to make more money. So that way everyone wins, they keep milking the money cow known as they federal government and we get to go home. Yes with rules that if we Violate we come back here in A-pod or Seg for 30 days or finish our sentence here.

So in closing, I hope the new Gov. sees, reads this, and looks into this Cash Sucking, non-experimental “Community” program and the one person responsible for it: Donald Jacobson.

So please, Mr. Governor, help us become the “Community Program” we were intended to be and help lighten the burden on the tax payers of this state. Please look into this and the whole prison in Windham. I believe for a long time, someone’s been telling the elected officials what they want to hear. It’s time you’re told the truth & see the Truth.

Thank you.

– Infra-red Eye
MDOC# xxxxx


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