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Hey bloggers and readers! This is Sundog giving you the ins and outs of MCC. When I get to Charleston, I will be giving you the rundown there as well. So, let’s get to it!

The “cops” or as we like to think of them “Rent-a-Cops,” are really taking their jobs way too serious. I want everyone to know Hussey’s Name.  He is a c/o that after lunch and dinner throws away about 40 oranges. Now it bothers me because 1) He’s throwing away perfectly good fruit. It’s usually oranges and apples. 2) He is the only shitbag c/o that does this. So the inmates that don’t leave commissary can’t have snacks. I think it’s bullshit. 3) I also think “If” the inmates themselves aren’t eating them in the first place then maybe they should think about some fruit that isn’t costing taxpayers money to be thrown away. Do some “research,” people. And to the shitbag inmates that ruin that privilege, don’t deserve them anyways. The ones making Honch, mmmm, rotted fruit. Yum.

I gotta say He is pretty much the only shitbag I’ve come across here. So far. Everyone else is chill and knows how to commisserate with the inmates. C/O Lincoln. Lincoln is the cutest c/o I’ve seen in a long time. She is tough when she needs to be, but perfect for A-POD. She holds her own. So far, so good. God knows if one of the crazy’s wanted to, they could take her out in a minute. Thank god that doesn’t happen. She’s a cool shit. I could totally see myself having a cold draft Blue Moon beer with her. Although, that will never happen.

Now about our lovely caseworkers:

Sue is doing A-L and Gretchen (illegible, name may be inaccurate) is doing M-Z. Gretchen has her shit together. She has been here longer. Sue knows what she’s doing but she her sweet ass time. She almost seems as though it’s a bother to her. Her own job. She’s been here for 4 years. Time’s cheap Sue, please go retire. As for Gretchen, cute as a button, knows her shit and is pleasant to talk with. But inmates beware: Every single Jail and Prison is completely full. People are waiting 8 to 12 weeks to leave for  minimum. No Joke. I hope I don’t have to wait that long. Fingers crossed. I’ll be glad when I do leave, I’ll know some guys who will be in the same spot as me.

They are so full here that they are actually putting people in SEG because there’s no room anywhere else. I think that’s disgusting. SEG IS A DUNGEON!!!

Now, let’s talk about why we are so full. The reason I’m in here. Driving violations. Now, I’ve met some guys in here who have robbed and burglarized homes who get less time than me. I was driving (SOBER) one mile down the road dropping off Christmas presents to an  elderly lady. I’m here for 18 months. That’s fuckin BULLSHIT. There are alot of people in here who have done way worse than me and have  less time. IT SUCKS! I’m sorry about what happened to Tina Turcotte but it’s way-overcrowded because of driving violations. The state loves that money. It’s sickening. To her parents, way to go, assholes: I understand why. I just think there’s gotta be a happy medium  about it. I am “NOT” a criminal. I just get caught driving. SOBER. Doing incredible things for people! And I get the SHIT end of the stick. I do take it like a man. 

SHOUTOUTS: I have made a couple of good friends so far. I’m happy about that. One offered me a good paying job when I leave. The other offered friendship. I like them both. Thanks for having my back guys.

TO THE MAN OF MY DREAMS: I can’t wait to be free and together. (Wherever you are.)

Take care for now.

Write me!

Raymond Munson MDOC# 83366
17 Madison Falls Rd, Windham, ME

I’ll write back!

What’s really good?

Things have been kinda hectic  here lately.  Long story short: people don’t realize that “real” muhfuckers live and die behind/over words.  Somebody said something and it had to be dealt with.  The person who said it was not prepared for the level of violence that the words caused.  So their friends stepped in so I stepped in for my man.  It was a bad situation for a while.  God forgive me but the adrenaline made me feel so alive.  Everything seems so much, well, “more: when you’re on that tightrope between life and peace on one side, and bloodshed and pain on the other.

Racial tensions here are sky-high.  I imagine it’s only a matter of time before there’s a race riot.  There is so much ignorance and prejudice here.  There’s prejudice on both sides, but in defense of the brothers, most of the whites they come in contact with are either outright racist or so ignorant of black culture that their comments and actions seem racist.  I have been blessed to have met so many amazing white people that I have been unpleasantly surprised about half the population up here.  Anyway, that’s neither here not there, just the events of the past week have brought it all back into the spotlight.

As I am,


Well, I thought I would take this Sunday afternoon and write to you all.  Well, this week we had some pretty good weather, but this coming Monday, it’s going to be kind of rainy.

Well, this week we had a little excitement in the pod.  One of the guys who was on reception got caught trying to cut himself up and got hauled out of here, and another new guy in here is walking around with two black eyes. (he got disrespectful to one of the longtimers in her and got corrected real fast!)  At least we all found out that he is not a rat.

Yes, they did away with the protective custody pod and sent the p.c.s to Windham, behind the wall.  They still have seg, but I guess they don’t like keeping people in there for any length of time.  They hate doing paperwork in here.

Got a rew new people in here and some old faces have returned.  One guy came back and is doing 2 and 1/2 years for drunk driving.  He’s a good guy to hang out with and talk with.  There are a rew people in the pod that I talk to, I keep the number of people I hang out with small.

Well, right now I’m watching “Dukes of Hazard,” but I’m wondering why they picked Willie Nelson to play Uncle Jessie and Burt Reynolds to play Boss Hogg.  Don’t know if you get the Science Fiction Channel, yet, but if you’re not you are missing some good shows.

Kenneth “Malibu Owl” McDonald

So, as I’m sure you can tell by the paper and the pen, I’m in the Box again.

So, yeah, Friday the 13th.  So it was a regular day and I was supposed to take my college readiness final.  Actually, I was supposed to take it last Tuesday, but I wasn’t ready, so I pushed it back to Friday.

So, I’m up at the yard, and I see somebody who had done something he shouldn’t have the last time I’d seen him.  So I looked at him.  He saw me.  I walked over to him, and we started shaking.  (When you shake, it’s a really good fight.  If it’s just so-so, it’s just a fight.)  So,  mind you, this is right out in the middle of the gym.  He was standing 15-20 feet from a c/o, but he, the inmate, wasn’t gonna move away from the c/o, so we got it on right there.  It was bloody.  He gave me my first-ever bloody nose (those are a bitch.  It bleeds a lot.)  and I split his eye, nose and lips.  Plus, his tooth got in the way of my hand, and split my knuckle to the bone.  It took stitches to close it.  Should’ve been more, but the doctor just pulled until it closed.  His eye got ten stitches.

We got maced with the big riot-fog cans.  They are about the size of a can of tennis balls.  That was unpleasant, to say the least.  I felt like I was on fire.

So, as you can imagine, I got lugged.  Now, they’re saying I can go back to population sometime next week, but I have to be on a behavior plan.  I can’t go to the yard for 30 days, except for school or religious purposes.  I have to have a room by the c/o’s desk.

Just some juvenile bullshit.  It is  what it is, though.  I bought it, and I’ma pay for it.  It was something I felt I had to do, so I did it.  I’m not saying I’m right, but it’s over now, and time only moves in one direction.

To change the subject, I just had the MOST AMAZING conversation I’ve ever had since I’ve been up here.  The person I was talking to was X.  He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  I could write pages on him, but I won’t.  I’ma just give you just one point of the convo.  He asks: What is a human, and what separates us from the animals.  Me, I don’t know.  Answer:  the ability to dream.  Then we talked about the difference between dreams and ambitions.  Ambitions are something you want to do, have, and see (and get this, b/c it’s mind-boggling.)  A dream is God talking to you.

A dream is God talking to you.

As I am,


I’m taking a look at myself… so to speak, I put it in words I wright them down with this pen of mine… and constitute the realm of the world.

I correlate what will and not be… Just to get a slight meshes for the print so I dig deep down inside, to places I hide, in order to unbury my unconfortable shit!!!

OHHH yeah here we go again! Shuddering stables & ink unadorned by trend OHHH yeah what have we here? Another one obscene twisted fragment of corners in other words “ Just a new born abortin’”

Sling shot your attention spared I know it to be false… (fuck fake fuck) underlining your faults and its pretense, I count a dime short and yet of course

When time for retribution is made and made not retribution is. Slick fingers find their way around your neck, you wanted to be treated a shot a kid.

OHHH yeah… here we go again!… Complex stories and nothing else everyday from start to end.

OHHH yeah… What have we here? Just another file fuck may the gods & goddess bless your souls everyone of you sluts. Blessed be “Just a new born abortion”

Constructive demolition of self pride, forgetting that my brain needs these wind so here at your feet I lay it down, Just enough for you to understand that what you wanted all along has over time turned to sand!

OHHH yeah here we go again! Shuddering stables and ink unadorned by trend OHHH yeah what have we here? Another one obscene twisted fragment of cortexes in other words “ Just a new born Abortion”

Went down to the ball field behind the skinner dorms for 1.5 hours. Kind of boring, all I did was walk around. There’s still no volleyball. It sucks because that’s what I usually watch. The wipeouts and arguments are funny as hell.

Called my mother to wish her a happy B-day today. She’s 87, she told me that on friday morning she gave my cousin the address here and he mailed me a P.M.O for $80.00. Very Cool. My ex hasn’t sent the alimony yet. Holiday, she’s the one buying my jeep off me. She owes until december, I think then I’m broke. I am now.


Here comes another holiday in prison. Oh Joy, where I don’t even have a woman now they really don’t seem to mean much to me, for one day the might get a little better big deal. On the outside I eat good – healthy food. The crap in here is something to keep me alive. I really try not to pay much attention to it. I still keep thinking about the chili I make. I’d love to have a kettle of that and some cold Heinekens to go with it, that would be a real treat.


Lost another idiot to seg… There are three for the C.R.A. Guys there under suspension now. Mike Steadman, Wayne Niski, and Vaughn Scott. Vaughn was on the top bunk with the light on jerking off at 2:00 a.m. When the guard Nancy made her rounds. She told him to knock it off. She went around at 3:00 a.m. And he was still doing it, she screamed “Knock That Off” and woke everyone up. He’s inbred anyway, strange as hell. The only write I got in 15 – months was for screaming at him to mind his own business and get the hell away from me. Shit bag.


Well, this should annoy you enough for awhile. Need to write to a lawyer today too. I wish the guy would hurry up and let know what’s going on out there. Soon, don’t know any lawyer good at lawsuits do you? I desperately need one. My Bangor attorney wants me to find a Southern Maine Lawyer to get into it. Says it’s too inconvenient for him way up there. Shit it’s all electronic or by snail-mail anyways. This shit is all stressing me out way too much.


Take Care,




It lays on my soul, a weighty black,

the lies I have told, no turning back. I make mistakes, then repeat the behavior,

I want to partake in the belief of a savior.

One that forgives, makes me feel clean,

before the grave claims the obscene.

Tossing and turning, call myself names,

guilt like a fire, searing my brain,

no end in sight, in need of closure,

the light is too bright,




Joe-Jo La Beau

I was in seg for a month.  All they five is a blue pencil to write with.  I enjoyed seg.  It took me all that time to read a 500 page book.  Did a lot of push-ups.  Like the solitude and room service.

I’m not sure what to write for the Project.

Work hard. Freedom is a second away from the illusion of freedom.

Something.  I’ll think of something.  When on probation, freedom is just an illusion for me.  Suicide and murder, always on the back burner.  Have thirteen months left.  Have been unassigned for four months.  And lost a month for seg.  Ridiculous.  All for being held accountable for helping a friend.  Just went for an eye exam.  My eyes were fine before I came in seg.  Lost every last bit of my stamina down in seg. Sux.  Gonna take me forever to get them back.  Doing a transition class.  Wish I would just die. The registry.  How could I have been so stupid?  How?  Why?  That was the best of my thinking.  Just wish someone would just put me out of my misery.  I can’t, don’t have the ca hones.

I’m scared to get out – sensory overload.  My gf’s gone.  My friends gone.  I have to start over.  New town.  New people. New life.  I hate change.  That’s life – change.

Have to close this letter not saying anything.  Well, I write again soon.


I did not grab anybody’s pole.  I asked him to show it to me.  He declined and that was it.  Stories do tend to grow tall as they spread.  I grazed my hand across his belt buckle and he wrote a statement out and told the cops.  That was a shit bag move on his part, and I am hurt, disappointed and feel betrayed.  D.O.C. Is really screwing me around.  I have been in seg. For 28 days now and I do not have any write ups.  I’m on AD-seg., so they can keep me here as long as they want.  Bullshit!

How’s everybody doing?  Not so good here, as you can probably tell by the blue pencil.  In seg. Again.  Nothing all that serious.  I don’t even have a write up, but they seem to want to keep me forever.  The did have a sweat lodge today, but I’m stuck in seg.  The commissioner denied my grievance like I knew he would.  I did write to the Spider Moon Lodge, right here in Windham.  Well, they wrote back and four or five of them want to come in to facilitate our groups.  I talked to Jim Howard and he gave me his e-mail address to send them.  One guy is a pipe carrier and two of them conduct sweat lodge ceremonies.  Anything will help our situation in here.  If we have volunteers, then they cannot deny us meeting time.

Be well, everyone, and stay out of trouble.


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