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I’m taking a look at myself… so to speak, I put it in words I wright them down with this pen of mine… and constitute the realm of the world.

I correlate what will and not be… Just to get a slight meshes for the print so I dig deep down inside, to places I hide, in order to unbury my unconfortable shit!!!

OHHH yeah here we go again! Shuddering stables & ink unadorned by trend OHHH yeah what have we here? Another one obscene twisted fragment of corners in other words “ Just a new born abortin’”

Sling shot your attention spared I know it to be false… (fuck fake fuck) underlining your faults and its pretense, I count a dime short and yet of course

When time for retribution is made and made not retribution is. Slick fingers find their way around your neck, you wanted to be treated a shot a kid.

OHHH yeah… here we go again!… Complex stories and nothing else everyday from start to end.

OHHH yeah… What have we here? Just another file fuck may the gods & goddess bless your souls everyone of you sluts. Blessed be “Just a new born abortion”

Constructive demolition of self pride, forgetting that my brain needs these wind so here at your feet I lay it down, Just enough for you to understand that what you wanted all along has over time turned to sand!

OHHH yeah here we go again! Shuddering stables and ink unadorned by trend OHHH yeah what have we here? Another one obscene twisted fragment of cortexes in other words “ Just a new born Abortion”

Read more about it on Rage’s blog: heres-a-little-behind-the-music-of-three-more-julys-for-you

“MCC for me (perhaps for all of us)  has been, productively, much akin to what India was for the Beatles. Being chem free (and free in many ways aside from the obvious sense), we’ve all written tons of tunes in just the last six months, probably at least fifty or so songs altogether. What appears on “Three More Julys” is really just a splash.”

P-6 and the Windham Philharmonics, "Three More Julys"

Note: The CD “Three More Julys” by P-6 & the Windham can be found at

With constant rhythmatic voices always playing tricks on my subconscious, not to leave out the cell of what is to be called my room and board for another fourteen months. I sit idle, sometimes, and ask myself questions like: what will I do with myself tomorrow? Is all this really behind me? What did I take and keep with me so far and will continue to do when the time comes for me to go? I’ve participated in multiple programs and classes. But, for me, as one who is very musically inclined, I concur to myself “the 12-Bar Blues Project” was the one thing that sticks to my soul the most.

“The 12-Bar Blues Project” is one that lets the incarcerated inmates, who are really into music of any kind (unlike the name of it, anyways) a chance to show, give and release how they feel emotionally at the present time, or in the past through playing music, whether it’s writing songs, playing guitar or bss in one, or singing one as well. It’s also a blast to hear and learn other people’s styles of playing or ideas. The songs don’t have to be emotional at all, either, but can be comical for a good laugh or right-out-there too.

What did the program mean to me? Well…

The program meant to me, not only an opportunity to see where I stood next to really good musicians, but also, if my music was liked by not just me. Plus the fact that I got to experience the real act of recording a real CD was astonishing, to be part of something positive, some learning and therapeautic on top of FREE was and still is, to me, one of my life’s personally proud moments. For once I was sober and clean, playing my own as well as contributing to other’s music. I can honestly say that didn’t only make me happy, and lose focus on my surroundings, but also my family’s approval and respect. And not just theirs, but the staff at MCC too, noticed the changes I’ve made since I first started my bid. And the full come-around I’ve done.

For me to finally be able to say I wrote a song without being drunk or high, or for that matter to remember what I wrote and how I played it was a huge thing for me. I was homeless for three years on and off, with my family always trying to help me out but I took everything for granted and never saw the whole picture, prior to my incarceration. Since then (2008) I’ve come to understand the true meaning of trust and respect. Also that even the smallest thing out of the ordinary every day, every week, every month redundancy is a gift and not to be taken for granted. This program and the people in it and involved behind the inside of it have my most utmost respect and thanks for allowing me to participate in it and for their guidance and corrective criticism and suggestions.

Thank you all.

Special thanks to Grendal and Rage and to #1 (Lyssarian), also to my imperfections that help make me who I am as I yet continue or to change myself for a better person I know I can be.

– Matt Moscillo, AKA “Irish”
MDOC# 82613

by Kristopher Robin Rage & Otis “Wang” Johnson.

I just scored a free pound of grass
I went fishin’ – caught 17 bass
Fell down at Exxon – got free gas
It’s like Jesus jammed a horseshoe straight up my ass

I don’t have ID but my checks get cashed
I slept with an Augusta girl – didn’t even get a rash
I walked around naked without gettin’ harrassed
It’s like Jesus jammed a horseshoe straight up my ass

With all the twisted shit I’ve been hit with,
at least I’ve got my soul
And for all the sweet gifts that I happened to miss
I finally took an Ace  in the hole
Praise Jesus!

Collected 200 bucks at go & I didn’t even pass
I scored really cheap heroin without going to Mass
I’m even graduating early from my bartender class
It’s like Jesus jammed a horseshoe straight up my ass

I don’t pay any money – they still fill up my glass
I ‘m drinkin’ O’Douts & I still get trashed
I stopped having those dreams where I’m plankin’ Mama Cass
It’s like Jesus jammed a horseshoe straight up my ass

It’s like Jesus was pitchin’ horseshoes and BAM
One went right up my sorry, stupid, unlucky, pagan ass
And now I’m a believer, thank you!

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