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Hey all, it’s Sundog reporting on the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m stayin inside MCC A-POD. I first gotta let you know the most important. If you plan on being here, plan on plan on being stuck here for a couple of months. It’s taking them so long to place us. I know that everywhere you look it’s over full. You’ll see for yourself. I am working on my fourth week so far. I can’t stand A-POD. And to think another five to eight weeks before I get to where I’m going sucks. The longer you stay in A-POD is when you start POD Jumping, because they need to circulate us.

The reason behind being so full: First us Drivers! Third of us in here are for driving. One way or another we get the most time. I could have robbed a store at gun point and gotten the same amount of time. I drove a mile and a half down the street delivering christmas presents and got robbed. They are throwing the fuckin book at me. It was all fun and games till I got classed medium for a driving offense. I’m waiting to hear back from an appeal. I’ve never been medium. This means I can either stay here OR go to MSP. I will choose to stay here if need be. I’m hoping I get to go to Charleston. Fingers crossed. There is a ton of people here for either Drugs, Driving, or Skinning. That’s been the majority of the crimes.

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(Sundog: 9/12/13)

Well, it’s been a year or three since my last Blog. Wanna guess why. That’s right. I wasn’t an inmate. So, Sundog here reporting everything that goes on inside the MCC Facility. I give you the scoop. The Low Down, the Secrets that only I can see.

Right now I’m a week into my reign here at MCC and yes I’m in A-Pad. Anyone who’s ever been to A-Pad knows it sucks.

I’ll just start from the beginning. A lot has stayed the same but a lot has changed. First, when you arrive shackled you go through a machine to see if you have anything hidden inside your body. Looks like a lot of taxpayers’ money went towards something that might actually be useful. Not sure if the laser in it is safe but I sure as hell am glad I didn’t have nothing in me or on me going through that machine.

Second, Commissary. They took out the fucking store.

That’s what’s up. I ACTUALLY enjoyed going to the store. Now they have outsourced the store to a company in Massachusetts. So, No Revenue goes to Maine. (AGAIN). What is wrong with that picture. Plus, all the products they carry are brands most of us are not acquainted with. But at least there is something. The whole set up is very stupid. Why does everything in the world need to be compromised.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it, (right.) So that’s the rant for this sessions. Bring back the store please.

I couldn’t be more pleased at How I am being treated. It seemed when I was here last time era 2010, no one paid much attention to me cause I was gay. They really Never mistreated me it was just cool to alienate me. But this time around. People (men) are really being nice to me and it’s good. I pose No threat to anyone and they See that. It’s not my first Rodeo.

I think a lot has to do with me being confident about what I am capable of doing. Standing up for what’s right.

During the Next 15 Months I’ll be writing the site and give you all an update on the change and to reach out to some penpals.

Rage, I hope you read this. I hope to get an awe-inspiring letter form you. I miss you and this time around it will be a different experience for me because you’re not here. I miss and love you, man.

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I love you to my family and friends.

Yes sir! July 1st. Because I’m sick of the town I live in, and I’m sick of Maine and I’m sick of the people who are bugging me. I’m just sick of it, so. I’ll be staying with my friend, hopefully. He’s down there.
Don’t ever give up on your dreams your hopes and your wishes. I’m jail free, living well (living better).I thought I was doomed by this depression, a lot of it post-prison-partum.
Hope and pray for me that I find my future and my purpose. That’s what I’m after.

Sorry that I haven’t written this sooner. It really sucks looking for work as a pro-wrestler while living with your parents. Not as badly as it does living with Daddy Jake and the institution, though! Instead of work, looking for a fucking stamp. Right?

I’m depressed. I just need a break, someone to give me a job. I’ll do anything for money – well, I won’t ever sell knives door to door again.

I wanna say hi to Lyssarian & Kitchen Dann & Eric Munson. I didn’t know Sweetz – didn’t know what to say about that one. Oh, and a big shout out to my former fiance Danessa Moon. One day I’m gonna win you back, you handsome non-slut!

I’m just trying to find a cool, fucking picture of Duke U. Go Duke!

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Sunny D.

Hey blog readers, it’s Sundog stil coming to you live at MCC, the kiddy camp for sex offenders.

It’s still unreal to me the special treatment they get. But my venting today is not about the skinners, it’s about another crazy roomate, well, cellmate. I come home today to find a message for me. It said, “I hate Faggots.” Yes in 2010 we still live in an insecure world. Fuckin hick named “Mike Monk” He is a lobstering fool. He is twenty-five years old with a girlfriend who looks like a man. He’s fuckin bipolar just like all the rest of them that I’ve roomed with. I have two months left. Maybe he’ll get a leg caught in a lobster trap and drown. Prejudice mother fucker. Why is haters still alive? Stop the fucking hate! I do not hate him, I loath him. I despise him! But I don’t hate him. Good luck buddy on the probation. Karma’s a bitch like I’ve said before. I strongly believe in “what comes around goes around” That goes for Mr. Back Stabber and all the ignorant workers of MCC. If you’re a bigot CO please go back to your little lives. Take a fuckin bus to the land of Fuck Yourself. I have to put up with COs making gay remarks. Not to me but standing directly beside me. Gotta have to say hey “Eclaire” lay off the free meds. I see you high all the time. Karma brings closure for me! You know, “eclaire” hasn’t been getting high any more, it was just in the summer.

Do you think they (the state workers) get drug tested? Probably not. Go away, bigots, the world doesn’t need your impure thoughts and racism anymore!

There’s always a rainbow after the rain.

Yours truly,

– Sundog

It’s X-Ray coming from MCC again! This shithole they call prison, where if you’re good enough you will earn ICE CREAM for a whole year. I’d rather pull my eyelashes out, lol.

Just writing a quick Blog telling everyone that I will now be known as “SUNDOG.” I got renamed because of the cutie I have a crush on. His name is Moonchild. So now we go together! “Like peas and carrots Jenny.”

I have found that blogging gives me an out of this place. Although I write about hos stupid this place is, I’m very glad I’m doing my first and only Bid in this kiddy camp.

What justice is out there that a 79 year old man who rapes his nine year old granddaughter gets only 18 months? I find this sentence just a little cheap.

I’m a classic drunk driver on a path to self destruction. I do believe I had to come here to get the help I needed and received.

I’m now off that miserable drug, “Prozac.” I can’t believe that it’s finally gone. I FEEL Amazingly normal. I sure have missed me. I haven’t been this happy in so long. LOVE this feeling.

NOW if only I could get a letter from MR. MOONY, it would be so perfect. Hopefully tomorrow, fingers crossed. He’s the cutest and most handsome man. (Yum) I just know we are gonna make an OUTSTANDING couple. xoxo YEAH if he ever rights. I’m so impatient in here. Not much longer.

Three very short months left. Not so bad.

I hope you all have the bestest of the best halloween night Mr. OCT 31st. As I have already mentioned I will be missing my favorite holiday this year. Boooo to that.

I’m also doing a daecopach on my cup. It has like 100 condoms stacked on each other. Adam Lambert (Yum). “If I had you.” I’ve got the goddess Gaga on the very top. I’ve got a sign that says “Wicked” with a skull cross and bones. A “Got Drugs and Sex” all spelled out. OH. I have the First Lady. No not Michelle, but the FIRST transgender woman working in the white house. Love it. Congrats first lady. And also the King of Rock “Axel Rose.” Oldie but deff a Goodie. It’s coming along.

Thanks for reading, hoped you enjoyed it. Now go smoke a joint for me!

Till next time!

Love + Peace,

previously known as x-ray

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