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I’m Andrew Forbis, MDOC# 11365

I’ve been a member of the NRA since the 1990s, & have received numerous awards from the organization & from Senators Snow & Collins for my work in support of the rights articulated by the second Amendment. I’m a 3-time felon & was busted for my 5th & final probation violation in November of 2009, when my probation officer out of Cumberland County discovered 9 guns at my home. (They belonged to my mother, actually.) So I’m finish off 4 1/2 years here at MCC.

I was actually writing because while on probation I was court-ordered to receive counseling & substance abuse treatment which (with no insurance) was costing me $400 a month. Many kids, most not nearly as evil as me, fail to fulfill that court-ordered demand because they can’t afford to.

Please contact your senators & legislators about the dumb reasons for overcrowding in Maine.

Thank you.

– Andrew Forbis
MDOC# 11365

I am sorry about the mess I have made of my life —
I want to turn away from all the wrong things I have ever done,
And all the wrong things I have ever been —
Please forgive me for all of it —
I know you have the power to change my life and turn me into a winner.
Thank you GOD for getting my attention long enough to interest me in
Trying it your way.
GOD, please take over management of my life and everything about me.
I am making this conscious decision to turn my will and my life over to your care, and am asking you to please take over all parts of my life.
Please GOD move into my heart —
However you do your business, fill my heart with your love and Holy Spirit,
And let me know your will for me.
And now GOD, help your self to me and keep on doing it. I am not sure I want you to, but do it anyway —
I rejoice that I am now part of your people, that my uncertainty is gone
forever, and that you now have control of my life —
Thank you and praise your name —

From Miss Linda Galant in support of the prisoners.

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