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Hey, Circle.

How are you?  I got your letter this afternoon.  I was glad I could call you guys for hell, you really are the only friends I have had.

I know what you guys are saying about Dark Star, but I doubt I will ever get back with Lori even though I wish that I could but Hell…

I don’t know what DHS has to say about the kids, but you can bet I will see my kids, for I will fight until I die.  I would let them keep putting me back here just to see my kids.

I guess you could say after I get out I will be okay, even if I don’t come back to Maine, for I will always land on my feet for, Hell, God has not let me down yet.

I would say that even if my mom said I could stay there, Cherokee shouldn’t matter for he is eighteen now so who knows.  But I guess you could say I will do something.

I do get out for a walk a few times a week, lifting.  I just have not had the time for that, but I should be getting more time now I am done with DEFY for next monday is the final test for my class but I also been putting a lot of time in the Church stuff as you always see.

I guess you could say I am going to close for now, but I will write you guys more.  Soon I need to find some more stamps for I used the money my mom put on my account on the phone.

God bless,

Joel Dudley


Hello to the world outside the gates!

I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone and anyone who supports a prisoner, and I mean, in any way, from postcards to prayers.  If it wasn’t for all of you and your support, I think a great deal of us would just give up, expire.

Every letter that we get in here is like Christmas, I swear to you.


And I know that you’ve been meaning to write that long letter, but you don’t have to.  I mean, I’d love the long letter, but who knows when that will get done?  It’s always cool to get a postcard, or any mail.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported and supporting me, especially, my girl, Catia.  Thank you, love.

And thank you, everyone!



(Sundog: 9/12/13)

Well, it’s been a year or three since my last Blog. Wanna guess why. That’s right. I wasn’t an inmate. So, Sundog here reporting everything that goes on inside the MCC Facility. I give you the scoop. The Low Down, the Secrets that only I can see.

Right now I’m a week into my reign here at MCC and yes I’m in A-Pad. Anyone who’s ever been to A-Pad knows it sucks.

I’ll just start from the beginning. A lot has stayed the same but a lot has changed. First, when you arrive shackled you go through a machine to see if you have anything hidden inside your body. Looks like a lot of taxpayers’ money went towards something that might actually be useful. Not sure if the laser in it is safe but I sure as hell am glad I didn’t have nothing in me or on me going through that machine.

Second, Commissary. They took out the fucking store.

That’s what’s up. I ACTUALLY enjoyed going to the store. Now they have outsourced the store to a company in Massachusetts. So, No Revenue goes to Maine. (AGAIN). What is wrong with that picture. Plus, all the products they carry are brands most of us are not acquainted with. But at least there is something. The whole set up is very stupid. Why does everything in the world need to be compromised.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it, (right.) So that’s the rant for this sessions. Bring back the store please.

I couldn’t be more pleased at How I am being treated. It seemed when I was here last time era 2010, no one paid much attention to me cause I was gay. They really Never mistreated me it was just cool to alienate me. But this time around. People (men) are really being nice to me and it’s good. I pose No threat to anyone and they See that. It’s not my first Rodeo.

I think a lot has to do with me being confident about what I am capable of doing. Standing up for what’s right.

During the Next 15 Months I’ll be writing the site and give you all an update on the change and to reach out to some penpals.

Rage, I hope you read this. I hope to get an awe-inspiring letter form you. I miss you and this time around it will be a different experience for me because you’re not here. I miss and love you, man.

To my followers and fans: WRITE ME

MDOC# 83366

I love you to my family and friends.

I am at the farm, now (Bolduc Correctional Facility, in Warren,) have been since the end of May.  It is a lot better, here.  I am in the auto body class here, and it’s taking a lot of my time up.

I also, hopefully, see my girl for the first time in two and a half years, which is really making me nervous.

Sorry I left Windham so soon.  I probably ain’t going to get a chance to get a visit with any of you in the Portland Tribe now, but it’s cool, as soon as I get more money I will try and give Rage a call.

My current release date is 10-4-14.  Still a ways away, but time will go by quickly.

Okay, Holistix, I will write you again soon, but for now, everyone take care.

Your friend,


Dear Holistic Peeps:

Mama-love always told me that nothing worth having is ever easy, and while that makes a lot of sense, it has also lead to a lot of spurned gifts.  Who knows how many blessings that I have undeserved or cheapened because I didn’t have to work for them, not knowing that if they were given to me by the grace of God, then I could never earn them?

Hmm.  Food for thought.

No wonder why I usually fuck up my relationships with women.  It has always been so easy to get women.  So I work a little to make them fall in love with me.  I mind-fuck them ’til they love me.  Plus, my dick game (excuse the vulgarity) is something else – HaHaHa!

But then, when I have their love, two things happen:  I get bored because the challenge is gone and my inner insecurities start to emerge so I drive the women away so I don’t get hurt when they leave.  Pretty stupid, huh?

I have my close male friends and then I couldn’t care less about the rest of the guys in the world.  But women are a different story.  It seems like every woman I am close to, I try to seduce.  I need their love and to me, the ultimate proof of that is them giving me their bodies.  I make it worth it.  I’ve slept with 95 women and every one has come back for more.  Making love is a gift and a talent which through hard work (HaHaHa!) and lots of reading upon and practice I have become quite good.  Yet, to me, it can be and is most of the time as casual as shaking hands.  I’ll fuck a woman before I kiss her – for some reason kissing implies more intimacy.  Anywayz, though, I’m starting to ramble.  I was starting this to tell you about my own problems with women so that maybe y’all could find something to help you.

I remain,


The weather has been pretty good.  I’ve been walking around the track, and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Guess what?  They moved all of Charlie Pod over to Alpha Pod (which used to be protective custody; they no longer have a protective custody pod at the Prison.  They did away with it.)

Things are going good and for the most part, except for some code blues and reds, people have been behaving.  I’m still writing back and fourh to my sister and she visits me from time to time.  Been reading alot and watching t.v.  There are some people in here that I talk to and to tell you the truth,  I think that I am talking a little more than I used to.  Still slowly working on my Dungeons and Dragons world, and I am still looking for some more spells from that Dragonsfoot website – mostly cantrips to 4th level spells.

Is anyone out there playing any AD&D?

Kenny “Malibu-Owl” McDonald

I am doing a little better.  I am back in the dorms – in dorm 6.  They are turning dorm 5 into medium custody.

Well, concerning my girls, it’s just one now, Erin.  We still talk a lot.  I am just letting her do what she wants and things are good with us.  We still love each other, so I am happy.

So, yeah, I am just living one day at a time, waiting to go back to the farm.

Anyways, peeps, I will be thinking of you all.  Be safe.  I hope to hear back from anyone who wants to write.


Dear viewers:

Many apologies from those of us responsible for receiving and posting the words of our prisoners here on the P.P. blog.  Suffice it to say – it has been a challenging year for many of us on the outside.  Due to unexpected changes in workspace and personel, many letters sent to us months ago, are only being posted now.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your support, not of us, the free and fumbling, but of our prisoners.


The Editors of the Political Prisoner Blog

As of this writing, 1% of the United States population is incarcerated, and 25% of the world’s prisoners are being held in U.S. jails.

Went down to the ball field behind the skinner dorms for 1.5 hours. Kind of boring, all I did was walk around. There’s still no volleyball. It sucks because that’s what I usually watch. The wipeouts and arguments are funny as hell.

Called my mother to wish her a happy B-day today. She’s 87, she told me that on friday morning she gave my cousin the address here and he mailed me a P.M.O for $80.00. Very Cool. My ex hasn’t sent the alimony yet. Holiday, she’s the one buying my jeep off me. She owes until december, I think then I’m broke. I am now.


Here comes another holiday in prison. Oh Joy, where I don’t even have a woman now they really don’t seem to mean much to me, for one day the might get a little better big deal. On the outside I eat good – healthy food. The crap in here is something to keep me alive. I really try not to pay much attention to it. I still keep thinking about the chili I make. I’d love to have a kettle of that and some cold Heinekens to go with it, that would be a real treat.


Lost another idiot to seg… There are three for the C.R.A. Guys there under suspension now. Mike Steadman, Wayne Niski, and Vaughn Scott. Vaughn was on the top bunk with the light on jerking off at 2:00 a.m. When the guard Nancy made her rounds. She told him to knock it off. She went around at 3:00 a.m. And he was still doing it, she screamed “Knock That Off” and woke everyone up. He’s inbred anyway, strange as hell. The only write I got in 15 – months was for screaming at him to mind his own business and get the hell away from me. Shit bag.


Well, this should annoy you enough for awhile. Need to write to a lawyer today too. I wish the guy would hurry up and let know what’s going on out there. Soon, don’t know any lawyer good at lawsuits do you? I desperately need one. My Bangor attorney wants me to find a Southern Maine Lawyer to get into it. Says it’s too inconvenient for him way up there. Shit it’s all electronic or by snail-mail anyways. This shit is all stressing me out way too much.


Take Care,




Dear Meriki:

I just wanted you to know that I never imagined that you’d keep supporting me and loving me for as long as you have.  Thank you.  I truly love you.



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