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Hey, ,readers.

This is all I got left to say about what one needs in order to be a philosopher.

E = Exploration.  So, what happens when we run into questions that we cannot answer, or if we are in a situation where it looks or feels hopeless?

For me, this is why Allah and hope are the most important things in my life.  Both my life and the history of the world are littered with mistakes and no-win situations, but this is only possible because we refuse to stay beaten and accept things the way they are.  Philosophy has taught me that I must continue to search for answers, yet understand that some questions cannot be answered, and a lot of situations are beyond my control.

That doesn’t mean that I must curl up and give up.  With hope and faith, I can and will not be broken by any circumstances that I face.  I have the tools to make any situation better, and to endure.  There is a reason why miracles are so special, it is because they are beyond human purview.  They are not meant to be understood or explained.  Yet are miracles possible without faith and hope?

In moments like this I think of the Serenity Prayer:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

The study of philosophy has reinforced my faith and hope by making me realize how much I don’t know, and by extension how much humanity doesn’t know.

It is because of how small my world and life is; I have to be reminded just how strong and powerful hope and faith can be.

As I am,





I don’t remember the cause as it all seems so bizarre.

How a quiet night at home became a bloody battle ground.

They flew into my yard all packed into a single car.

Now scattered on the lawn all seven can be found.

Each thread of time is woven into rhyme.

A blanket of knowledge passing from the darkness into light.

All brain activity has ceased there are no thoughts of crime.

As I hold the empty gun and ponder wrong and right.

I moved into a neighborhood where I could afford to live.

I fixed the house up some it looked good enough to me.

A gang came knocking one day but I refused to give.

It came down to this a mess of blood and misery.

I can hear the sirens calling from many blocks away.

My neighbors are my witnesses of all that happened here.

I’m still nervous of the cops and what I should or shouldn’t say.

The truth will have to do that my family will not live in fear.

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