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It’s me again, James “Gunny” Clark. MDOC# 7493.

A couple of weeks ago, maybe a month, I saw a doctor finally about my mental illness, and I laid it all out for her right? She’s a great psychiatrist, Dr. Bevin, from Alaska. She took a lot of time with me. And I was big, big-time honest. So, she put me on some meds, & everything seemed okay until last week or a week and a half ago.

I just started losing it inside, like lots of crazy thoughts. I started putting in tons of requests to see someone, but I guess the psychiatrists are only here every two or three weeks. So I had to discontinue one med on my own, and only now am I starting to feel not sick (due to withdrawal from the med I stopped taking).

Problem is, until Dr. Bevin gets back, the only thing the others, the “mental health” workers or any body else will do to a prisoner saying he feels crazy is to lock him down, alone. I can’t do that.

That’s my story. Thank you & never give up. If I won’t, then you can’t.

– Gunny

James Clark
MDOC #7493

My name is Andrew Flood. I have anxiety to the point where it borders on schizophrenia. Agoraphobia x 10.

In 1997, when I was around 20 or 21, I accidentally (after a night of bar hopping & heavy drinking & drugging (opiates)) set a garage on fire doing moderate damage. With no prior criminal record, I was sentenced to 10 years, all but five suspended. I was not offered any alternative treatment.

So, I spent the first half of my 20s in prison (& I don’t even want to go into my education there.) I was released in 2002, went to drug & alcohol counseling, got a good job, &c. When I began to have opiate cravings, I went on suboxone (through my doctor & notifying my PO), until my PO gave me my 1st violation for using suboxone. Then I went on methadone. I’d been prescribed benzodiazapines for years for my intense anxiety – until my PO contacted my doctor & had him abruptly take me off of them. I became severely ill (as people predictably do from benzo withdrawal), even experiencing seizures. When a friend offered me a xanax, I accepted. My PO (who’d been monitoring me carefully during my detox) tested me, & violated me for a dirty urine test.

This was only my second violation in seven years, following my release from prison. For this, my probation was revoked, & I am now serving the remaining five years of my original ten.

I have lost all. For two violations.

– Andrew Flood

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