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Greetings, fleshlings.

I think we hate Emilie Autumn for the same reason she hates herself:  Emilie is starving for attention .  We think Emilie is a whore.  On the opposite end, Emilie is very honest.  I think she may have an ingrained dislike of that as well.  Emilie does what she wants; no one can tell her what is best to wear, or how to , out in public.  For Emilie, there is no difference between public and private.  I think the “the” would not enjoy life anymore if such were true for her.

Why, oh, why did I ever stop doing what the aged Empress wants?

Hope everyone’s having a happy new year.


Well went walking around the track today and picked up a book at the library that I ordered from the Bangor public library. It’s called Luthien’s gamble by R.A. Salvatore. Said goodbye this morning to Eddie, like I said, he’s a good kid and I’ll miss him. Hopefully, he can stay out of prison and jail from now on. Say a prayer from him.

Had a bit of excitement this morning, I was looking out my cell window to see what time it was, saw a large number of guards come in and search five cells. They even cut up some of the green mattresses. They didn’t find anything through. A bit exciting. Today, I plan on just relaxing and watch the science fiction channel today. Kind of cloudy and foggy today, and tomorrow is going to be a wash out. Just thought of something no matter how weird the movie are on the science fiction channel the women are all good looking. Looking out my cell window, it looks real foggy. Sort of reminds me of the Horror movie “The Fog.”

Not much to say about weather, we got rain, but not a lot. So goodnight and God Bless You!

The darkest secrets you’ve done everything to hide

are eating away at all of your selfish pride

the times you tried and failed a piece of you has died

Now the rot is spreading to every single bone inside

Before it’s through you’ll wish that you had never lied

Every bit of life is a part of a greater scheme

Every day another step closer to the edge or so it would seem

You can stop your running and hiding as this is not a dream

Your hopes are blinking out like the death of a headlight beam

Now every day the life in your eyes is losing it’s gleam

The little lies have grown and will haunt you till you die

Your woman sits there chanting oh – why oh – why oh – why

You should have told here long ago but you didn’t even try

for years you’ve walked on the edge just barely getting by

Now is the time to tell the truth not another friggin’ lie

Everything you’ve left behind is still waiting there for you

it’s far too late to run but you wonder what to do

Bounty hunters have been seen this day of this you’re sure is true

They’ll bring you back to a man who’ll give you a surely final screw

Sentenced to life in prison you’ve run til you were through

No A.C. I can see no air conditioning for maximum and medium security inmates but nothing in minimum or home confinement building is outrageous we are supposed to be the good guys. The good women at the women’s center and the super max have better accommodation then we do. Seem so good guys always get the shit end of the stick.  None of the minimum security facilities have it what it that all about really?

Hi. Yesterday me and a friend were talking about our relationship patterns. I know it sounds kind of femmy for guys talking about relationships, but here’s a guy writing about it. We started talking about how Phil Hartman from Saturday Night Live got killed by his wife, but no one called it anything. Then he brought up how Lionel Ritchies wife was kickin’ the shit out of him throughout the eighties.

There’s this myth that women aren’t abusers and this myth that guys don’t have feelings or that we’re tough or should be tough & don’t get hurt. And this big myth that abuse has to be physical or it doesn’t count. Women are abusers too, and guys just don’t talk about it. ‘Cause it makes us weak. Or it makes us seem weak. I’m not anonymous. I’m Todd Gack and my MDOC# is 04347.


– Todd Gack
MDOC# 04347

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