Alone in the company of loners,

I call them my friends,

Thow hemmed by fears,

To face a lonely life of sorrows,

Careful, careful how you tried,

When the world wishes you were dead,

Careful on life’s long last mile,

That in that day I’ll break a smile,

And breathe my last and be free,

Of this life of misery,

Good riddance that he is dead,

Heap hot coals upon my head,

I have no people to build a pry,

What few there are will not cry,

Dancing on the window sill,

I will take one last look,

And join the company if others,

In love socked Lars,

Above this demented space,

Were we punish and torment to no end,

As if on the Devil’s errand,

Spend and spend your life,

To lay waste to the gift of God’s grace,

In the hast we lift the axe to sever,

The offending member then,

Follow his bloody trail ,

To torment him farther,

What road is better?

Which path to take?

We all must die,

It is our fate,

You who rejoice to torment,

And make it your life’s work,

Let that be what makes you who you are,

When it’s your turn to go,

Those who torment with out lament,

Have a calling you now,

With such high marks,

As is your customary pleaser,

I’m sure the higher up’s,

Will give your treasure,

Even if their just jesting and testing you,

The painful stir of longing will tell,

them how its true,

Then will come their question,

Your heart will tell all,

Like a court that is in session,

The gavel will fall,

And waiting together you and I,

In the same line,

At the same gate,

To the same fate,

To be each others entourage,

In another endeavor among the stars,

Beautiful loser how is last in line,

You might be first choice,

Raze us our hearts as cups to heaven,

The singing par,

Love struck with charms,

Become blessed with a mild burden,

Like flower garden tended by virgin.

D. Moore