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“Deep speaks to deep.”
– Psalms 42:7

The chapter I’m reading at the moment is the best one yet – seeing your speech as your life.  This, in retrospect, isn’t that big a deal, as I said this the last time.  The three principles of pubic speaking “Spoke” to me.  Ha ha ha!  I find that these three principles can and should be applied to everyday life.

I need to focus more on” putting the audience first.”  I’m in the habit of doing many of the things which this book advises us to avoid: worrying how I will sound, how I will come across and what the audience is thinking.  I find that when I get into my speech or my talk or whatever it is I stop worrying so much about self and more about making sure the audience gets my message.

Make sense?

Deep speaks to deep.”  I love that; it means so much to me.  I found that part of the book where it talks about issues that move the heart and challenge the mind to call to my soul.

As I am,




Hey, Circle,

How is everyone?  I could be better for hell, I don’t know just how this will ll end.  As for Lori and I, we are good from what I know.

If you guys could send me a copy of the Prisoner Free List, that would be great, for yes, it was just thinking of it the other day.  And of course, you could say ULC of CC would be great working hard with a few good brothers here.  As of right now, I am at work for, fuck man, I got a job here.  I work in the school here, yeah, as of now I am out of here, 08/09/2019, for fuck, who knows, I am still working my appeal.

God, I could go for a smoke if they let me I would smoke on (LOL) sorry, my writing sucks.  Been up for three days working on lesion plans (LOL.)  As you guys found out, I am in New York for now.  I should be back in Maine in no time.  Yes, of course now I need to fight for it.  I need to put the true perp away for this crap.

God bless,

Father Dudley

Ordained Minister and Universal Priest, ULC


What’s really good?

Things have been kinda hectic  here lately.  Long story short: people don’t realize that “real” muhfuckers live and die behind/over words.  Somebody said something and it had to be dealt with.  The person who said it was not prepared for the level of violence that the words caused.  So their friends stepped in so I stepped in for my man.  It was a bad situation for a while.  God forgive me but the adrenaline made me feel so alive.  Everything seems so much, well, “more: when you’re on that tightrope between life and peace on one side, and bloodshed and pain on the other.

Racial tensions here are sky-high.  I imagine it’s only a matter of time before there’s a race riot.  There is so much ignorance and prejudice here.  There’s prejudice on both sides, but in defense of the brothers, most of the whites they come in contact with are either outright racist or so ignorant of black culture that their comments and actions seem racist.  I have been blessed to have met so many amazing white people that I have been unpleasantly surprised about half the population up here.  Anyway, that’s neither here not there, just the events of the past week have brought it all back into the spotlight.

As I am,


Well, I thought I would take this Sunday afternoon and write to you all.  Well, this week we had some pretty good weather, but this coming Monday, it’s going to be kind of rainy.

Well, this week we had a little excitement in the pod.  One of the guys who was on reception got caught trying to cut himself up and got hauled out of here, and another new guy in here is walking around with two black eyes. (he got disrespectful to one of the longtimers in her and got corrected real fast!)  At least we all found out that he is not a rat.

Yes, they did away with the protective custody pod and sent the p.c.s to Windham, behind the wall.  They still have seg, but I guess they don’t like keeping people in there for any length of time.  They hate doing paperwork in here.

Got a rew new people in here and some old faces have returned.  One guy came back and is doing 2 and 1/2 years for drunk driving.  He’s a good guy to hang out with and talk with.  There are a rew people in the pod that I talk to, I keep the number of people I hang out with small.

Well, right now I’m watching “Dukes of Hazard,” but I’m wondering why they picked Willie Nelson to play Uncle Jessie and Burt Reynolds to play Boss Hogg.  Don’t know if you get the Science Fiction Channel, yet, but if you’re not you are missing some good shows.

Kenneth “Malibu Owl” McDonald

I am at the farm, now (Bolduc Correctional Facility, in Warren,) have been since the end of May.  It is a lot better, here.  I am in the auto body class here, and it’s taking a lot of my time up.

I also, hopefully, see my girl for the first time in two and a half years, which is really making me nervous.

Sorry I left Windham so soon.  I probably ain’t going to get a chance to get a visit with any of you in the Portland Tribe now, but it’s cool, as soon as I get more money I will try and give Rage a call.

My current release date is 10-4-14.  Still a ways away, but time will go by quickly.

Okay, Holistix, I will write you again soon, but for now, everyone take care.

Your friend,


Waiting to get transferred for three months now; trying to get closer to home, practically been begging to get closer to see my ailing parents.  Mom is 65 and Dad is 80 and I haven’t seen them for almost a year due to their health.  Why do we have to go through such ignorance?  One of my parents could die and I would never get the chance to talk to them again, all cause I had to wait on a stupid list.  I say I should be put on the top and taken care of for medical reasons, but no, they would have to die for them to do anything.

What kind of people are they?


Hey Holistix,

That’s just a rumor about them taking out the vending machines so far, but they have taken the machines out of A-Pod (that’s where they keep the PC cases) because they kept damaging them.  Although I am surprised that they haven’t taken the machines out of our pod (people have found ways of getting free food out of the machines, if you know what I mean.)  Me and X are in the same pod, so yes, we do bump into each other often.  As for Madman, I haven’t seen him.  I don’t think that he is in the prison.

During rec., I do go walking around the track a lot, and I hang out at the library.  I do read the bible.  As for my gaming world, it’s going well.  Like I said, it’s going to be 98% water and I’m using New Zealand and Tasmania in it.  Most of the cities, towns and villages will be located mostly on the coast.  I ‘m going to use a touch of Freeport in it and yes, there will be a fantasy version of L.L. Beans. Plus, I am going to be using the names of some of the maine coastal cities, towns and villages, like Bar Harbor and others.  Once of the races I’m using is the Shi’ar Aliens from Marvel comics.  If anyone has any information on them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Well, goodnight, and hope to hear from someone soon.

Kenneth McDonald

I am doing a little better.  I am back in the dorms – in dorm 6.  They are turning dorm 5 into medium custody.

Well, concerning my girls, it’s just one now, Erin.  We still talk a lot.  I am just letting her do what she wants and things are good with us.  We still love each other, so I am happy.

So, yeah, I am just living one day at a time, waiting to go back to the farm.

Anyways, peeps, I will be thinking of you all.  Be safe.  I hope to hear back from anyone who wants to write.


We pray for all of the men who have passed through our circle on their journey to the free world.

I’m not chief of the group; far from it.  I play the drum and sing.  I will not conduct a smudge because the evil sister insists on mixing the bowl.  I will instruct the guys on how to do it, but I will only burn a bowl that I mix mix myself.  It’s all good; they all want to do it anyway.

The librarian thing is the least I can do to protect Two Thunder’s and Rolling Thunder’s books.

We will be having a sweat lodge in mid-April.  “Quiet Thunder” is Cikte Petak in Passamaquoddy, pronounced “Cha-gid Bed-ag”; very  cool.  This will be my fourth sweat lodge, so I am getting a spirit name.  This will also be my last four day fast (4×4).

We have no crafts, now.  None.  The sister claims to have no time and no money for it (?)  That sucks for the new guys, but, it keeps the bead thieves at bay.


Quiet Thunder ~

Today’s my birthday. I’m 32. Q.T. gave me an awesome card. Sux cause there’s a build-up before holiday events and then in a second they’re over and done with.

I’m in the gym right now; I’m pumping iron. Pushing my bench way up. Just took a minute to lay down and listen to CSN and reflect on life. My IOP lady is Sue. She’s written some unsavory things about me in my reviews which I didn’t appreciate.

I’ll expect the worse.

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